Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 15

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.





J.Santana @ Masterson – Masterson is streaky and he’s coming off a 2-hitter, soooo…
Halladay @ Sabathia
Lannan @ Scherzer – was the 14-K return from AAA just a mirage?
Kennedy @ Buchholz – Kennedy has become extremely consistent
Cook @ Pavano
Paulino @ Davies – Paulino on a tear last 5 starts
Bush @ Big Erv
F.Garcia @ Lincoln – Garcia a strong 2-start pickup in weekly leagues, too
Price @ Kawakami
Wilson @ Johnson
Cahill @ Zambrano – Big Z far too erratic to trust even vs. A’s right now
Rowland-Smith @ TBD
Cecil @ Latos
Arrieta @ TBD – Arrieta impressive his first time and now gets weak NL lineup!
Kuroda @ Harang

***Siano says “Ditch on Masterson. Give me one more Justin, you know I’m a fan. I also say ditch on Kennedy, not in Boston. I will say pitch on Scherzer but I get Cory saying ditch.  Fine with the rest, even Arrieta.”


Think I should go with O Cab or Aybar at SS? I know that Aybar is hot now but O Cab has been pretty decent for me since I picked him up… I’m planning on using the other for PoD…Arrieta or Paulino? Which would you take? I already picked up F. Garcia.

Hi – What do you think about this trade I was offered? Yovani Gallardo and Marco Scutaro for my players David Price and Stephen Drew?

We aren’t pitching CC ? I have halladay and CC… weekly scoring should I sit CC for Jaime garcia this weeek then?

I have a hole in Outfield in my NL ONLY League
I have Dexter Fowler and looking to drop him for either Pat Burrell or Jose Tabata. (Those are the only outfielders available)
Who would you go with??
I can only pick one.
Tampa Pete


Long term I like O-Cab’s consistency but Aybar’s too hot to sit. Arrieta over Paulino. Arrieta was impressive in debut vs. Yanks and SF offense still weak even with Posey addition.

Pass. Gallardo gets the nod over Price but the upgrade isn’t that huge. I’d MUCH rather have Drew than Scutaro.

That’s a mistake. CC obviously a pitch.

I’d go with Tabata. Just can’t deal with Burrell’s inconsistency. There’s also the PT factor. Burrell’s not assured of everyday at-bats while Tabata probably is as long as his bat doesn’t go ice cold.


Cory, Mike, Zach, anyone –
What’s wrong with Nolasco? I’m concerned.

Call me crazy but I’m thinking about dropping Big Puma …… gaby sanchez, aubrey huff, and luke scott look good on paper, or perhaps smoak. good move to drop berkman and that Houston offense for any of those guys?

Hey guys, 10 team mixed roto league. I picked up Napoli since Montero was on the DL. This point forward, who should I drop? I need a free roster spot. I’m thinking extra playing time might help Napoli’s numbers (and not always catching, either). Or he could just keep whiffing, especially against righties. Thoughts? Also, time to drop Lind for someone like Kubel, Delmon Young, or Chris Young?

ok, i need some major reassurance. 5×5 12 team. i give hamilton, butler and marcum for lester, latos and panda. my rationale. i have ichiro, cargo and hart for 3 outfield spots, panda covers arod if seriously injuried otherwise he replaces butler at dh. i still have stubbs, hawpe, rausmus, alexi, beckham and laroche to rotate at d.h. my pitching staff is 9th in k’s 3rd in era and 1st (very close) in whip and toward the bottom middle in wins. did i help myself? will panda bounce back? how many inning will sd let latos pitch? does hart and rausmus continue hitting? will hamilton cool off or get hurt again? thoughts?


jeff in cleveland

I am first in my league but my pitching staff has already thrown 774 innings, projected to be 227 innings over the limit.

My starting staff is cain, liriano, garza, peavy, haren, romero, pelfrey, hudson, marcum. I only have 2 closers in Kerry Wood and K-Rod.

my hitters are solid but i could use a few impact bats.

How do I drastically reduce my innings? which starters do I trade? what would fetch me an elite closer?

Your help is much appreciated!

Isn’t Big Erv pitching Tuesday and not Pineiro?

need help w/this one. 12 team, 5×5, Keeper (4th year & after winning the 1st have struggled w/injuries every year since). Been offered C.McGehee & M.Napoli for B.Zobrist. I have no real 3B in which I have confidence & have been shuffling guys like Blake, Kouzmanoff & Headley all season (w/better results than I would’ve anticipated early). I’ve got a struggling Weiters & Olivo @ Catcher & Rollins fixin’ to get back soon as my primary SS. I’m league leader in SB so losing Ben’s speed shouldn’t hurt me too much.

should I pull the trigger on this one or go back w/a counter offer or stand put? need your expertise.

shannon in ky

On yesterday’s show, the guys gave their top 10 catchers for the rest of the year. Is there anywhere on the site where they provide their top 10 for all the other positions?

Could you rank these SP going forward:
Lester, Strasburg, Latos, Lilly, Leake, A. Sanchez…
Do you see any impact SP in minors that could be calledup in cpl of weeks? Bumgardner, Chapman, or others…
Thanks as always!


Yeah, Nolasco’s killing me too. Every year we wait for the breakout but it just hasn’t happened yet. He’s giving up way too many hits and his strikeouts are down. I’m fine with you benching him for now but I haven’t lost faith yet. Hopefully he goes on his customary second half run.

You’re not crazy to think about dropping Berkman but I still wouldn’t do it. None of those available 1Bs excite me that much and Berkman’s track record should count for something.

I prefer Napoli over Montero. He’ll give you a little more power and the Morales injury will help him stay in the lineup on a regular basis as the Angels have begun to use him at 1B in addition to catcher. As for Lind, he’s getting very close to drop status, particularly in a 10 teamer. But I still like him over Kubel and the two Youngs. Sit tight for now.

Very close but I’d make the trade. Despite Panda’s somewhat slow start, I still see him as roughly equal in value to Butler taking into account his 3B eligibility. Marcum and Latos are similar in value. Hamilton’s having a nice bounce back year but he’s a constant health risk. Lester in my opinion remains the best player in the trade.

You definitely need to trade an SP (or two) for closer help. I think Haren is a great trade chip who can net you an elite closer. Note his tendency to fade in the second half. The splits are pretty drastic. Hudson has a crazy low ERA but doesn’t strike anyone out. He’s another guy you should consider trading while his stock is this high. Target either another closer or a bat.

I’d stand pat. Zobrist will hit for a higher AVG than McGehee (who by the way is batting .170 in June) and I think Ben’s power will also pick up. Napoli does offer an upgrade at catcher but I’d just have a tough time trading away Zobrist (aka the best player in the deal).

No, we haven’t recently done a top 10 for the other positions but I’ll suggest it. Maybe mid-season we’ll go around the diamond.


Would you drop Nolasco to pick up Leake or Latos? Thanks


Lester, Strasburg, Lilly, Sanchez, Latos, Leake. As for young pitchers, it would make a lot of sense for the Giants to call up Bumgarner and I think they will promote him fairly soon. Another guy to watch is Hellickson should Wade Davis continue to struggle.

Hold onto Nolasco for a few more starts and see if he can get his act together. Bench but don’t cut.


I’m in a 12 team mixed,should I trade Hamels for Konerko straight up? Hamels is my 5th best starter.


I’m fine with that deal if you’re strong in pitching (which looks to be the case) and are in need of some pop. A fair exchange.


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