Pitch or Ditch Category Chart Version II

Hey guys,

The wait is over! Here’s the updated Pitch or Ditch category chart.

PoD chart June 14.pdf

A reminder as to how it works:

We’ve divided all the starting pitchers in the Majors into four groups:
Aces, Pitch or Ditch graduates, Pitch or Ditch guys and DTM’s (players
you shouldn’t even think about starting). Keep in mind that these
classifications are geared towards 12-team mixed leagues and are of
course subject to change as the season progresses. We’ll be posting updated versions every two weeks.



Hey guys,
Do you have any resources on pitching/catching tandems that allow an unusually high number of SBs, something I can use as a leading indicator? I’d like to try to do a little better than just sort free agents by the largest # of SBs over the last 7 or 14 days as that’s a lagging indicator. In our league a half dozen steals will be good for a few points at the end of the season.

Jeff in Berkeley

Hey guys,
I just got offered Kevin Gregg for Brett Anderson. I would have no issue accepting this if Anderson wasn’t going to come back at some point this season, but I heard he would be back around now. Are there any updates to his status?

Thanks so much!
Matthew in Pasadena


Not sure but I’ll ask Cory “Stats” Schwartz.


Well, I hope you’d have no issue accepting it if Anderson was done for the year. Why even call it a trade?:-) Anyway, he’s scheduled for a throwing session on Friday and while his exact return date remains up in the air, I’d be surprised if he isn’t back before the All-Star break. Pass on that trade. Gregg scares me to no end.



Help me out here, because I still can’t understand why Jason Vargas continues to get the “Dream Weaver” treatment (Siano knows what I’m talking about here).

How a pitcher with a 3.05 ERA & 1.16 WHIP (29th in all of baseball currently) has been labeled as a “Pitch” only once all season despite 10 QS in 12 starts is difficult to understand, as well as the “PoD” label in the first 2 PoD charts. Given, I understand since the initial chart Vargas hasn’t pitched as well as recent graduates Fausto, Javy Vazquez, Ian Kennedy and Clayton Richard, but he’s also pitched better recently than pitchers maintaining their Grad status such as Bondo and CJ Wilson, not to mention recent graduates like Randy Wolf and Anibal Sanchez.

Consider this just a little lobbying for a pitcher I feel is not getting proper recognition.

Scotty Mac

P.S. I reserve the right to retract this comment should Vargas go “kablooey” in tomorrow’s start vs. the Cardinals.


I am in a weekly league so I have a week PITCH or DITCH question.
I am trying to decide if I should start Mike Pelfry this week at the Yankees
Aaron Harang home versus LA Dodgers.


I hate to play anyone against the Yankees but Pelfrey’s been pitching too well for you to sit him. Perhaps even more importantly, I’m not trusting Harang until he puts together a string of strong outings. In one of my leagues, I even opted to go with Kennedy this week for two scary matchups (@ BOS, @DET) over Harang and his two starts. We’ll see how that goes:-)


Is Hawpe worth owning in a 10 team mixed league? An owner just dropped him and I’m considering a waiver claim (I’m not first in line, so this may be a moot point). My outfield/utility is currently Kemp, B.J. Upton, Bruce, Quentin, Pagan, and Matsui (with Ellsbury and Rollins in DL slots). I’m thinking of dropping Pagan or Matsui for Hawpe. Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Hey guys,

what do you think of giving up Leake OR Latos for C. Santana & H. Kuroda?
I have Weiters as C but he’s been killing me all year… This move is only to upgrade C…
Do I drop Weiters or think he has trade value still?

Hey guys,

Does me giving halladay, eithier, bautista and Jaime garcia for miggy, carlos gonzalez, cain, and gallardo seem realistic. i need a good corner infielder sincd morales is injured, and i just want to make sure im not giving too much away.
Alex in LA

Hey guys,

Does me giving halladay, eithier, bautista and Jaime garcia for miggy, carlos gonzalez, cain, and gallardo seem realistic. i need a good corner infielder sincd morales is injured, and i just want to make sure im not giving too much away.
Alex in LA

Hey Zach,

Did you ever get a chance to look at those FAs I outlined back on the PoD June 12-14th entry? I wanted to add another possibility at 3B. I’m working with this guy in my league to trade a pitcher of mine for a 3B. He has both Mark Reynolds and Adrian Beltre. He first offered Beltre for Gallardo, but I’m going to try getting either one for either Niemann, Nolasco, Wade Davis, or Buehrle. Which 3B/P offer will be a good deal for me to improve my 3B spot over Kouzmanoff (or McGehee if I get another 2B)?


Hi guys,
beeing a Strasburg owner in a mx 12tm h2h league, got offered Torii Hunter and Santana. Should I pull the trigger?
Will loose a lot of Ks here, but the offensive value of hunter looks promising.
However my OF consits of McCutchen,Crawford and Werth, my 3 UTs currently are Rasmus and Gutierrez.
My real need is RP and C (I have Wieters :(). Any hint?

Scotty Mac,

Fair point but it’s mostly due to the mediocre track record and not so great K rate. He could very well be a POD grad next time. Let’s wait and see.

Yeah, I’m fine with you picking up Hawpe for Pagan or Matsui (probably Pagan unless you need his steals). Hawpe boasts a very steady track record so I think he’ll bounce back from his slow start.

Absolutely make that trade. It’s entirely possible that Kuroda outperforms Leake and Latos from here on out and despite being in the big leagues for only a few days, Santana already looks like the best player in the deal. Hold onto Wieters though. I think he could regain some value.

I’d be shocked if the other owner accepts that trade. Huge steal for you.

For catcher I’d take either Santana or Posey (in that order) over Barajas. At 2B I think you’re fine with McGehee. I think he’ll fall off some but he’s still a better option than any of those other guys. At third, I’d try to trade for Beltre but if it’s costing you too much, sit tight with Kouz. At SS, continue going with Andrus. Gallardo for Beltre is a definite No but I’d trade any of those four other pitchers for Adrian. I’ll rank the SPs in the order you listed them.

Yeah, in a non-keeper I do the trade. Assuming that you’re regularly starting Gutierrez, the upgrades you’d be getting from Gutierrez to Hunter and from Wieters to Santana make the deal worthwhile.


Hello Guys,

I’m in a 12 team Keeper league.
My roster:
C: V-Mart, C. Santana
1B: M. Cabrera, Buttler
2B: Pedroia, Callaspo
SS: Drew, Bartlett (DL)
3B: Cantu
OF: McCutchen, Hawpe, Manny, Byrd, Cruz (DL)
2 DL pos, and 1 Util pos.
Pitchers: Jimenez, Shields, Price, Hudson, J. Johnson, Marcum
RP: Mariano, Franklyn, Dotel

Now my question. Both Bartlett and Cruz, are coming soon of DL. I will have to drop 2 player. I have no clue what to do.
I have tried to make a trade. Nothing yet. Ithink because i’m in first place, and anyone wants to help. They want to wait what i’m droping.

The options:
Hawpe: Very bad start. I think he will rebound (Hope)
Bartlett or Drew: Bartlet started very slow. I don’t think he will match last season stats. Drew is been a little bit slow but no so far what i expected, but definetly better than Bartlet.
Cruz: HE is my Keeper this year. He’s been outstanding so far. But too many health problems (as ussual). I think i HAVE to give him a chance. IF he will bat the way he is doing when he plays, he worth keeping it.
Manny: Manny is Manny!!!
Callaspo: I think he will have a great year, but maybe is time to cut him?
Santana: Great Keeper option for next year. I think it worth waiting a few weeks to see.
Byrd: Great Year!!! No way I should cut him now.
My pitching staff is been very good so far. I can?t cut anyone here.
What I was thinking to do is keeping both player at DL a few days after they start playing again, until I see how they perform, and while I do this, I may tried again a trade. Any ideas what can I do here. Who should I tried to get.
Thanks a lot!!!!!


Yeah, try to stall for as long as you can in hopes of working out a deal but when all is said and done I think you’ll have to drop either Hawpe or Byrd (probably Hawpe) to make room for Cruz. As for SS, I’d normally say to drop Callaspo for Bartlett but you know what…I’d just dump Bartlett. He’s not hitting for AVG, not hitting for any power, and not even running. I think Callaspo lands up having the better year and you’re fine with Drew as your starting SS.


interesting. for the twins i would call kevin slowey a “grad” even at age 24 and scott baker a PoD. for whatever reason baker is perceived as the ace or near-ace but slowey just produces better despite the apparent disdain umpire brian runge has for him… see last sunday s 4-run braves-first on mlb gameday s strike zone here http mlb.mlb.com mlb gameday index.jsp?gid=2010_06_13_atlmlb_minmlb_1&mode=gameday

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