Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 19-21

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Category Chart #2



Pelfrey @
– Anyone who guessed
these guys would be competing for their 10th win on June 18, please raise your
hand. Yeah, I thought so.

Cain @

Padilla @

Jackson @ Porcello
– Porcello unsafe at any speed

LeCure @ King

Weaver @
– Weaver better at
home but Cubs better vs. lefties

Floyd @ Martin –
would like to trust Floyd but he’s teased us before this

Slowey @
– tough matchup for
Slowey but he’s been hot

Huff @

Lewis @

Greinke @ Medlen

Greinke fixed his slider last time out, bad news for the

Niemann @ Volstad – Niemann
starting to regress to the mean?

Sheets @

Millwood @
Richard – Richard is easy money at home vs. the O’s

Gallardo @
– I trust both of
them in Coors


Wolf @

Kennedy @ Scherzer  –
Scherzer finally showing some consistency

J.Santana @
– two best lefties
of last 10 years, awesome

J.Sanchez @
– PoD

Harang @
Rowland-Smith – Nope, don’t trust Harang here, either

Kuroda @
– Tough matchup for
Kuroda but he’s underrated

Price @

Davies @ Kawakami –
either of these guys could throw a 6-hit shutout, or get knocked out in the

F.Garcia @ Lannan –
The Chief has been pitching well but I don’t like this

Pavano @ Halladay –
I even trust Pavano here

Masterson @

Wilson @
– Paulino burned us
last time but Texas not a great road offense

Cahill @ Suppan
Cahill continues to roll

Saunders @ Zambrano –

Arrieta @ Garland
Arrieta enjoying the two-start week vs. SF and SD


 Leake @

Chen @

Burnett @ R. Lopez – I think
A.J. will enjoy being back in the NL

***Siano says:

For Saturday:Agree
on all except Slowey. Phils are feeling it again.”

For Sunday: I’ll
defer to CS on Pavano…Via Con Dios. Masterson
a blue plate special, it’s just the Pirates after
all. Pitch
on Garland. He’s beaten way better teams at home this year.”

For Monday:Agree
on all even though Livan will probably throw a gem.”


Hey Mike, your show got pre-empted yesterday so I never got that answer on Pedro Alvarez… who does he matchup with, bestcase-worstcase?

I am in a PTS style league, should I trade Troy Glaus to get AJ Burnett? My starters are Josh Johsnon, Mike Pelfrey, Scott Baker, Matt Latos, Clayton Richard, Ian Kennedy, Rick Porcello, Brian Matusz and Brett Anderson on the DL. Also for 1st I have Votto and 3rd is Longoria. Thanks.

Here is my ESPN team – keeper league. Not doing too great – 6th place out of 8 teams. Would you sub anyone for Miguel Montero, Chris Young, Mike Stanton, James Loney, Ike Davis? THANKS!

C: Buster Posey
C: Carlos Santana
1B: Prince Fielder
2B: Kelley Johnson
3B: David Wright
SS: Hanley Ramirez
2B/SS: Derek Jeter
1B/ 3B: Joey Votto
LF: Aubrey Huff
CF: Curtis Granderson
RF: Denard Span
OF: Josh Willingham
OF: Alfonso Soriano
UTIL: Justin Smoak
UTIL: Elvis Andrus

Cory, still like Garza for the Cy Young? He’s been just about as ugly as any pitcher in the AL over the last two or three weeks. Might be time to start ditching him until he figures it out?

Should I ditch Wandy completely or bench him until he turns it around?

Garza again. Hiding an injury? I wrote the previous comment before I saw what he did tonight. This one after.

HEy Guys,

I receive this Trade:
Get Longoria for J Johnson.
Maybe it’s a no brainer? I always prefer an elite player over an ace. But…….
This is a keeper league. One rule for our league is no 1st round players. Longoria should be a 1st round again.
My pitcher are: Ubaldo, Marcum, Price, Shields, Hudson and Johnson.
Shoudl i accept?

I would think Longoria for almost anybody…..pitching can be replaced much easier than one of the best in the game….I kick myself that I took A rod over Longoria….

My team has been in 1st all year but about to go on a 2 game losing streak in my H2H league…..I have Mcgehee and Alex ramirez, Uribe in my MI and wonder if picking up Kendrick for any of those 3 would be a smart move?

posey or santana?


Check the podcast. You should find the whole show there.

Some of this depends on whether or not you normally have an available slot for Glaus as it’s always a good idea to remove lineup logjams while getting something back in the process. But generally speaking, I wouldn’t do that trade. With every passing day, it’s looking like Glaus’ All-Star caliber 2010 season is no fluke. He’s healthy and is once again producing at a high level. I’m not against dealing Glaus as I can’t see his value getting much higher than it is right now, but you can do a lot better than Burnett, who’s been the model of inconsistency so far this season.

The one switch I’d make is to sub in Chris Young for Justin Smoak. Smoak’s hot right now but so is Young, and Justin’s been far more inconsistent. Young’s also the better all-around player as he’ll chip in steals as well.

I wouldn’t ditch Garza just yet. He’s got a favorable matchup coming up vs. the Padres so I do expect him to get back on track. But one more bad start would probably change my thinking.

In a 12 team mixed, I’m fine with you dropping Wandy. He’s been so awful lately that I think he might be hiding an injury. Move on and maybe you’ll be able to pick him back up should he show signs of righting the ship.

Yeah, go for it, despite the keeper rule. Unless you’re totally out of contention, always play to win now. This deal will help you do just that.

I’d MUCH rather have Kendrick than Alexei. Howie’s simply the better all-around hitter and is outperforming Ramirez in all five of the standard hitting categories. Make that move right away!

As for Posey vs. Santana, go with Santana. Posey might post the higher AVG from here on out but his power is not nearly as developed as Santana’s. That’s enough of a reason to pick Santana, at least for this season.


thx for the advice, I did get Kendrick and dropped Posey for santana need to give my offense a kick start…..

I need help. Currently I have Garett Jones at 1st, Mark Reynolds at 3rd and Elvis Andrus at s/s. I am thinking of dropping Jorge Cantu. Who should I pick up; Kouzmanoff for 3rd or Peralta to use at both s/s and 3rd? Also, what are your thoughts about picking up De La Rosa when he gets off the d.l.
p.s. I also have Cano and Kendricks for 2nd base and Montero and McCann at catcher.
Thanks. Al


Cantu vs. Kouz is close and I know Cantu’s currently ice cold while Kouz is red hot, but I’d still keep Jorge, who holds the slightly more impressive recent track record (45 HR 195 RBI from 2008-2009). Not sure if Cantu’s a regular in your lineup, but if that’s the case, maybe you can pick up Kouzmanoff to fill in without dropping Cantu? That would be ideal. As for De La Rosa, it depends on your roster situation and the quality of available starting pitchers, but generally speaking, he makes for a fine pickup. He still walks a few too many but the K rate is outstanding. Plenty of upside.


Zach, thank you for your previous answer, but I have another question. I forgot to mention that I have Nelson Cruz coming off the DL and need to drop someone. I currently have both McCann and Montero at catcher and Cano and Kendricks at 2nd. As for 3rd base, I am swooping Cantu and Reynolds depending on their previous days but because of their recent struggles, I was looking at Kouz. Thanks again, your answers really help.
p.s. I currently have Jimenez, Romero, Hughes, Shields, Jaime Garcia and Marcum as my pithcing staff and is why I was looking to add De La Rosa. Thanks again. Al


Isn’t there an OF you can drop for Cruz? If so, that would be my preference as I’d have a hard time flat out dumping any of those other guys. Really try to make a 2 for 1 trade if possible to clear out a roster spot. As for De La Rosa, I like the idea of adding him but at the same time wouldn’t take him over any one of your current SPs, so stand pat for now.


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