Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 22

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Category Chart #2


An.Sanchez @

J.Garcia @
– great matchup of
two impressive lefties

Latos @ W. Davis –
Hellickson watch is
on but Davis was better last time out

Ohlendorf @
Hunter – hoping Hunter’s hip is healthy

Hanson @
– Danks 11 of 13

Arroyo @ Braden –
don’t trust either right now

Kershaw @ Big Erv
Don’t like the whole DTM thing but simply do not trust

Dempster @
– Vargas a
must-start at home

Talbot @

Lerew @

Verlander @
– Gotta ride Niese
while he’s hot and throwing strikes

Baker @

Lester @

Pettitte @
– The K’s are still
there so I still trust Haren

Lincecum @ Oswalt –
great rematch of Lincecum’s
3rd MLB start, remember?


I know I’m jumping ahead a bit but….can you rank a cpl of starters for Wed.?
Nolasco@ BAL


Love your show!
Since fantasy All-Stars normally don’t match up to the starters in the All-Star game becuase of fan voting I was hoping you could have a spot in a future episode in one of your shows on the AL and NL fantasy all stars at each position.

Hi guys,
Quick question. I really need HR, RBI, and AVG. and I have a wealth of closers (Feliz, Rauch, Bailey, Lidge). I’m being offered Ethier in exchange for Feliz. Would you do this trade? My other OF’s are Ichiro, Choo, Hawpe, Matsui, Austin Jackson. My mashers haven’t delivered thus far: Teixeira, D. Lee, Pena and I’m starting to get worried. Should I make this trade?


I’m finally moving up the ranks after a season of cellar dwelling and I have one last big decision to make for my roster. My offense reads as follows – John Buck C – Mark Reynolds 1B – Chone Figgens 2B (with Carlos Guillien Lurking on the bench) – D Wright 3B – Scutaro SS (skeptical) – Ludwick, Gomes, Granderson, Holliday – OF. Mean while big puma rots on my bench and I’m happy kicking him to the curb since he holds no trade value in my 14 team mixed league right now. What would you guys do with the big cat? I’ve made some pretty brash moves to climb the ladder out of desperation and I have no problem dropping Puma. Some one in my league just dropped beltran who is DL eligible what about him?********************************************************************** thanks as always for the advice, you are my yoda


I’d go Bonderman, Cueto, Nolasco. Bonderman’s got the toughest matchup but he’s also been the most consistent of late (outside of that one blowup vs. the Royals). Long-term I still like Nolasco the most but I don’t trust him right now.

Absolutely make that trade. You’ve got the closer depth and would be receiving a legit #1 OF.


Edwin Encarnacion cut by the Blue Jays and Cory Schwartz sheds a tear…. RIP

I have a surplus of both nick swisher and michael cuddyer (1b/of) on my team. I need to turn one of them into a trade for a decent starter. Who should I trade, and who should I keep?

Buster Posey or Miguel Montero? Montero’s been on a tear since he got off the DL

AJ Burnett!!!! Ahhh!!!! Frustrating… What should I do with him if he blows up again this week? What do I do if he comes out and throws a ND, or a win? I have to keep him active since lineups lock for the week. The rest of my staff is: Halladay, CC, Hughes, Marcum, Jaime Garcia, Anibal Sanchez. I’m thinking of benching him since I obviously can’t get anything for him in trade can I?


Depends on who you’d be picking up but I wouldn’t drop Puma just for the sake of dropping him. After all, he does sport a “robust” .257 AVG in June! Far from great but at least a little better.

I’d lean towards keeping Swisher due to his slightly more consistent track record when it comes to power but if you’re already somewhat weak in AVG, go with Cuddyer. Swisher’s a career .249 hitter so one would think his current .296 AVG is due to drop considerably. All in all though, make both available and see which one would net you the better return.

In a non-keeper, I’ll pick Montero. He already has a very productive season under his belt and I’m more confident in him avoiding prolonged slumps. For all of Posey’s upside, let’s remember that he’s a rookie and rookies tend to be more prone to cold spells. I think Montero will prove to be the more consistent hitter of the two, at least in 2010.

Bench but don’t cut. I’ve never been a fan of Burnett as he’s totally unpredictable from start to start and often battles with wildness. That said, he doesn’t deserve to be on the waiver wire and like you said, his trade value is limited right now. Just hope he gets back on track and maybe you can deal him then. There’s a reason why he’s not on any of my teams!


Hey guys, how we doing? Quick question – drop mike leake for Ervin Santana? He just came off waivers and leake is starting to show his true colors (avg pitcher).

This actually is a 5-player keeper league. Do you still think Montero over Posey or do you think it’s worth keeping Posey for his potential next year?


Yeah, I’d make that move. Leake has tailed off lately and Erv has an advantage in both experience and K upside.

That makes the decision really tough but I’ll stick with Montero. Posey could very well outproduce Montero in 2011 but I highly doubt he’ll be a top-5 rounder on draft day. You probably even have more appealing keeper options than Posey, and chances are you can get him back in the draft.


Hey guys! I’m a huge fan of the show and a big fan of the network. I am in an 8 team rotisserie league and am looking to trade a pitcher and one of my outfielders for a better outfielder. I have Dunn, Heyward, Granderson, Rasmus, and D. Young. Which three of those outfielders would you start and which one do I want to trade up on? I also am curious which one of my starting pitchers I should trade…I have Price, Sabathia, Romero, C. Lewis, Buchholz, and J. Sanchez. Let me know what you think please!


From now until the end of the season, my preference would be to keep Dunn, Granderson and Heyward, and the fact that Granderson and Heyward are really struggling while Rasmus and Young are hot will only help in your negotiations. As for the pitchers, I see Lewis as the guy most likely to fall off. He’s really come out of nowhere this year and his current stats are simply too good to be true. I’d try to cash in now.


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