The Grady Twitter Debate

Hey guys,

We here at the 411 thought you might enjoy reading this sequence of recent comments on Cory’s Twitter page. It starts out with CS answering a question relating to Grady Sizemore and then quickly evolves into more…..Zach

@brandonwarne52: Deal Kubel for Sizemore in
dynasty league? Currently rebuilding, in 16th place out of 19

@schwartzstops: Grady is to 2011 as Beltran
is to 2010? Not interested in finding out.

@ckrez: Grady same as Beltran? Age difference
and Beltran injury history make that an unfair

@schwartzstops: Oh? Grady has no injury
history? Microfracture = all bets are off.

@brandonwarne: Still, on 2 year plan
Sizemore brings speed, Kubel doesn’t.

@schwartzstops: Will he? Show me a
successful return from microfracture in MLB

@asperusual: Andrew Bailey had

@ schwartzstops: Very true, fair point!
Though I don’t think he’s a good comp for Grady/Beltran (not CF, no


Hey guys, love this little sequence here and would enjoy seeing more. Now onto my question, Mike Napoli for Jay Bruce straight up? Fair value?

I’m planning on moving BJ Upton for either Liriano or Grienke. Which sp would you prefer for the rest of the season? I’m leaning towards Liriano…

2 questions. Is it time to give up on Jose Lopez? Traded Polanco for him week 2 and have been waiting for him to heat up ever since. Callaspo, Peralta, Betancourt, OCabrera, Hudson, Guzman, Theriot available. Any of those guys worth dropping him for?

Also, BJ Upton just became available on Waivers. My OF/UTIL: JUpton, Rios, Mccutchen, Hart, Gomes, Abreu, Coghlan, Stanton, Cuddyer, Matsui. Is it worth dropping any of them for BJ?

Ive been offered Miggy, B.Phillips and Hart for Utley, Rolen and Werth. Fair value trade?

Can we trust Jeff Suppan to have the Magic Duncan Dust on him the rest of the season? I’m in an NL-only with Zach Duke on my active roster and Rodrigo Lopez on my reserve roster. I don’t trust either one of those guys, and was wondering if I should pick up Suppan, whom I may be able to trust just a wee bit more. Thoughts?


Yeah, I like that deal for you as long as you have a decent fallback option at catcher.

Never thought I’d be saying this entering the season but I agree. Liriano it is! Would be shocked if you could pull that deal off by the way. B.J. has just been awful in everything outside of SBs.

I’ve just about lost patience with Lopez and would dump him for Callaspo.

As for B.J., as bad as he’s been, his SBs still make him valuable so I’d take a chance on him and hope he can somehow get that AVG up to the .260 range. Matsui or the struggling Cuddyer are two guys I’d think about dumping for Upton.

Yep, fair value but I like the deal for you. The downgrades from Utley to Phillips and Werth to Hart are made up for by the huge upgrade from Rolen to Miggy.

Sure, take a chance on Suppan for Duke, who’s having a wildly inconsistent season.


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