Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 24

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Category Chart #2


Cain @
Wandy – Wandy’s not
exactly DTM but has to show some signs before I’ll pitch

LeBlanc @
Garza – Garza coming off an awful start but still worth using at home vs.

Lowe @ Floyd
Both are hot, but I only trust one of them to keep that up

Lilly @ King

Robertson @

Wainwright @
– Morrow is on a
roll and throwing strikes

Karstens @

TBD @ Kazmir
Kazmir gradually improving and Dodgers struggle vs.

Carmona @ Blanton – I
could go either way on Carmona but my gut says “ditch”

Blackburn @

Galarraga @ Takahashi – giving
Galarraga a pass for the last one

Dice-K @ Hammel
– Dice-K never seems to do well in his DL returns

***Zach says “I’ll take a chance on Carmona in Philly. He’s been very consistent and has allowed just six homers in his 14 starts. Longballs are the main concern when pitching anyone at Citizens’ Bank Park, so this stat is encouraging.”



hey guys i was thinking about offering teixeira bay and callaspo for pujols and boesch u think that is a good offer or is someone giving up 2 much. the rest of my team consist of
C- pasada
1st- teixiera
2nd- kendrick
3rd- young
SS- gonzales
2nd/SS- drew
1st/3rd- dunn
OF- bay
utl- hart
on my bench callaspo
do u think i should offer someone else or stick with my team thanks for the advive

What’s up my good friends of the fantasy world? I just picked up G Floyd, as he has a trend of heating up around this time of year (which began 3 starts ago). My question is, of him, Fausto, or Clayton Richard, who do you think is the better pick to ride for the rest of the season? I’m already dominating K’s so that isn’t a huge factor. Moreso, I’m looking to keep my ERA & WHIP down. Right now my gut leans towards Carmona (possibly traded to a contender…?), but I’m equally intrigued by Floyd’s upside and Richard’s consistency and division/ballpark..Any strong feelings or am I splitting hairs?


Not a crazy lowball offer but I really doubt that he’d agree to it. You’re selling low on both Tex and Bay so expecting to get Pujols back, let alone Pujols and Boesch, is probably wishful thinking. Tex is a guy you should probably just hold onto as it’s unlikely you’ll get fair value in a trade.

It’s mostly just a matter of playing the matchups with those three but if I had to pick one it would be Carmona…best combination of 2010 performance and history…inconsistent I know, but the 2007 season proved that he can dominate at the big league level over an extended period of time.


hey guys another question should i try and sell high on buchholtz based on his remainning schedule. another guy in my league has carpenter and according to espn the cardinals have the easiest schedule to the end of the season and boston has one of the toughest bases on the fact they are in the AL east. should i try and deal buchholz straight up or in a package deal for him or just hold tight thanks again

I am in a standard h2h 6×6 (extras are OBP and losses)league. I was offered furcal and weiters for gardner. i am a tulo owner and i picked up yunel escobar to fill in for him. what do you think? is weiters even a factor in this trade, do i want him, will he turn it around? he has a couple of pitchers that interest me, but again i am not sure of their value (t. hanson, a. sanchez, j. sanchez, c. lewis, j. de la rosa). should i try to get furcal in a package with one of these pitchers? or is furcal too much of a risk to go after? thanks, as always, zach. also, my catcher is mcann.


Ok, I had a GM reneg on the Carp for Latos deal..he wants to modify it…
I’d give Latos&Weiters
and get Carp & (choose one: theriot, Loney, Butler or G. Jones)
my roster is:
C C. Santana
1B R. Howard
2B Kinsler
SS A. Ramirez
3B Youk
LF Choo
CF Rasmus
RF Ludwick
UTIL P. Konerko

Based on needs the only player I’d put in my starting lineup would be Theriot…not sure it’s an upgrade really from Ramirez at this point…Loney or Bulter would turn into bench guys…so questions: Would you even do a deal…getting carp worth ir? which 4th player would you pick? Are any of them real upgrades over my current roster or better used as trade bait for something I really need…
Please let me know what your thoughts are…
Thanks as always,

Hi Zack,

Got a different league question for you and again value is not the same as standard 5×5. It is a mixed Keeper 10 team H2H 7X7 (K,SLG and L,HD are the extras). I have had some troublesome injuries with 2 DL spots (currently Tulo,Aramis Ramirez, Chad Billingsley, and Jorge De La Rosa). Currently have:

C: Wieters

1B: Todd Helton

3B: A-Rod

1B/3B Freese

2B: Uggla

SS: Alcides Escobar


OF: Soriano

OF: Choo

OF: Pence

OF: Brett Gardner

OF: Bourn

DH: Ortiz/Damon

U: Adam Jones/Orlando Hudson





Jared Weaver

Brian Mutsz

Mark Buehrle

Wade Davis





I’ve been offered this trade:

Pence, Damon, Weaver for Teixera ,Adam Lind, Felix Hernandez

Am I missing something or is this a gift?


Which of these outfielders would you recommend for my last spot. Have Crawford and kemp and rios in 3 of them and have an open utility spot.

Ludwick, Victorino, Gnomes, Coghlan, or Bruce?

The hitting stats are hits, runs, rbis, hr’s, xbh and sb’s. Its a head to head league…

-Thanks, James NY


I wouldn’t necessarily actively shop Buchholz as I think he’s definitely for real. But at the same time, if you can get Carpenter, a proven ace, for a guy who’s already just one inning shy of his career single-season high, that’s a deal I’d make in a second.

Although Furcal is a step up from Escobar, I still don’t make the trade, especially since you already have McCann. Wieters remains a great prospect but whether or not he can start to realize his potential this season is anybody’s guess. Gardner is a known commodity and the best player in the trade. Now if Wieters was replaced by either Hanson or J. Sanchez, I’d strongly consider that offer.

Latos and Wieters for Carpenter and Butler is a trade I’d definitely make, regardless of roster format. While it’s true that Butler would probably become a bench player behind Konerko at utility, the Butler acquisition would offer you the choice of dealing Konerko (a streaky player who’s value is very high at this point) to address another need. Also, the loss of Wieters doesn’t hurt you that much since you already have Santana.



Yep, that is pretty much a gift. Lind has been flat out awful but he’s basically a lottery ticket here. If he figures things out, great. But even if we removed him from the trade, it’s a deal worth making. Weaver to Felix is an upgrade and I like the Tex side of a Pence/Damon for Tex trade.

From now through the end of the season, I’ll rank those OFs Victorino, Ludwick, Bruce, Coghlan, Gomes.


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