Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 26-28

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Category Chart #2



Hawksworth @

Banks @ Wilson –
Pads a good respite from Wilson’s command

Kennedy @
Price – still like Kennedy but scary matchup vs. tough AL

Hamels @ Marcum
moving in opposite directions…

Livan @ Bergesen –
don’t blame anyone for pitching Livan here

Silva @ F.Garcia
Big Chief quietly compiling a solid PoD season

Cook @

TBD @ Cahill
love Cahill vs. scuffling Pirates

Pavano @ J.Santana
tough matchup for Pavano but he’s earned it

Scherzer @ Kawakami – might
be Kawakami’s last start?

Fister @ Wolf
– Wolf pitching well, M’s not scoring at all

Buchholz @ J.

Masterson @

Burnett @ Kuroda
Burnett thinks his issues are only mechanical, we’ll see

Garland @


Moyer @ Cecil
– tough matchup for Cecil, but he’s earned it

Atilano @

Lopez @ W.

Dempster @


Chacin @ Big Erv –
Big Erv too inconsistent to trust, even at home

Ohlendorf @ G.

Oswalt @ Hunter –
matchup for Hunter at home

Talbot @
Arroyo – Arroyo hot + weak opponent = PoD heaven!

– Baker hasn’t picked it up like I’d hoped but I have

Verlander @ Hanson –

Vargas @ Narveson – Vargas
pitching well everywhere right now

Lester @
– so, so

Pettitte @ Kershaw


Latos @ An.



Romero @

Buehrle @ Lerew – this ain’t
interleague but Buehrle is hot

Bonderman @
– can Bonderman
carry momentum from recent easy schedule?

Strasburg @


Dickey @
– Nolasco turning
the corner lately?

Kendrick @
Cueto – Cueto hot enough to earn tough matchup

Maholm @ Wells –
Can’t trust Wells even home vs. weak Pirates

Norris @ Parra
– Parra rolling since rejoining rotation

Haren @

Jimenez @ Correia – Correia
better last time, but limited upside

Ely @ Zito
Ely needs one more to re-earn the trust




Hawksworth @

Banks @ Wilson

Kennedy @

Hamels @
Marcum – Interesting nugget: Marcum 2.52 ERA at home vs. 4.12 ERA on road

Livan @
Bergesen – Coming off dominant start vs. KC, Livan gets another favorable matchup

Silva @ F.
– Disaster alert for Silva but you still have to pitch him

Cook @
Saunders – Saundo too inconsistent to trust

Cahill – Cahill 3 ER or less in nine of his 11 starts this year and gets PIT at home

Pavano @ J.

Scherzer @

Fister @
– Wolf erratic but let’s pick on the Mariners

Buchholz @ J.

Masterson @
LeCure – Masterson worth considering in deeper formats but I’ll play it safe

Burnett @
Kuroda – I’m benching Burnett until he shows some positive signs

Garland @
– Garland’s coming back to Earth


Moyer @
Cecil – Moyer outstanding of late but this is a tough matchup…Cecil also too risky

Atilano @
Guthrie – Guthrie a decent gamble

Lopez @ W.

Dempster @

J. Garcia @

Chacin @ Big
Erv – Erv risky but quality starts in six of last eight

Ohlendorf @ G. Gonzalez – Easy matchup for Gio

Oswalt @

Talbot @
Arroyo – Might want to take a chance on Arroyo but he always teases us

Baker @
Niese – I’m sticking with Baker but passing on Niese, who’s coming off terrible performance vs. DET

Verlander @
Hanson – Can Hanson get back on track? I think so

Vargas @

Lester @
– Hopefully, this one lives up to its billing

Pettitte @
– When Pettitte made his MLB debut, Kershaw was 7 years old!

Latos @ An.


Romero @

Buehrle @
Lerew – Buehrle on a roll…Pitch

Bonderman @

Strasburg @ Hudson

Dickey @
– Dickey magic bound to run out sooner or later, no? Nolasco career vs. Mets: 4-6  5.58 ERA  1.50 WHIP but still can’t bring myself to bench him…yet

Kendrick @

Maholm @
Wells – I’ve lost confidence in Wells for now

Norris @

Haren @

Jimenez @

Ely @
Zito – Ely no sure thing but let’s take a chance here


Should Cahill be bolded in the Saturday listing? The comment makes it sound like he’d be a Pitch.

I have a waiver wire question. I am in need of wins and there are some good pitchers available to be picked up. Please list in order of preference who you think would boost my stats (especially wins, Era, Whip) the most?

Scott Baker, Gavin Floyd, Wandy Rodriguez, Ted Lilly, Scott Kazmir, Jair Jurrjens, Max Scherzer, Clayton Richard, Carlos Zambrano, Trevor Cahill, Brandon Morrow, Dallas Braden.

I’m a bit overwhelmed by the talent available on the wire so an expert breakdown would be of great help.


Yep, you’re right…I’ve made the change.

My top four, in no particular order, would be Baker, Lilly, Scherzer, Richard…but play the matchups with all of those available guys. That’s what PoD is all about.


I have another trade proposal:
GEt Jake Peavy for Ryan Franklyn.
I already have Mariano, Dotel and Mike Gonzalez (Hope he will be back from DL soon and healthy)
Would you accept?

In my other league i’ve logged way too many innings and have a surplus of good starters. However i only have 1 active closer (k-rod) and am way behind on saves. Someone who is low on steals offered me this trade –

I give k-rod, figgins and ricky romero. I get papelpon, mo rivera and ian stewart.

Should I do it?

What are your thoughts on Carlos Quentin? He’s on FA wire and he’s hot right now w/4hr in recent games…is this him figuring it out and turning it around or just a short spell? Worth picking up? I have Choo, Rasmus, Ludwick, and Koberko (UTIL)
appreciate the advice!

Hello gentleman far smarter than I,
I know I’ve asked about 5 different versions of this trade so please just indulge me one more time…
there has been a lot of trade drama in my league re: Carp. Trade vetoes, accusations, blah, blah, blah…
I’ve had 2 trades for Carp & owner last minute went with other trades…giving up too much in most opinion..
ie…carp, pelfry, loney for neimann, garza, & andrus…

Now, he has Carp back and he still wants Latos&Weiters…for Carp only.

Still a trade worth making? I’d like Carp and think he’ll have an even better 2nd half. Latos is going to start getting “Phil Hughes” treatment…Weiters is just sitting on bench while I leave Santana in…
Rotation is: Lester, Strasburg, Lilly, Kuroda, & Floyd

Thanks for everything,

FYI, I picked up Quentin cuz of Ludwicks calf but I’d still like to hear your thoughts…
Aprreciate it,

Should I throw in the towel on Curtis Granderson? Chris Young, Torii Hunter, Colby Rasmus, Michael Bourne and Rajai Davis are available in my league. My 3 starting OF’s are Josh Hamilton, Brett Gardner, and Ichiro with Carlos Quentin and Jose Guillen (who is my starting DH) on the bench. I am leaning towards picking up Young tomorrow.



I’m looking to do a few upgrades in my lineup. Let me know what you think.

1. Carl Pavano has been AMAZING of late. Should I add him and drop either Wade Davis or Nolasco? I’m leaning towards Davis.

2. Tyler Clippard hasn’t been as sharp as he used to be. Is it time to drop him and add Bobby Jenks? Or should I add a starter that can also qualify as a RP to take advantage and get another start or 2 in? Someone like Moyer, Narveson, Morrow, Jhoulys Chacin, Kawakami, Mitch Talbot.

3. Are any of the following players an improvement over Ludwick or Huff? Paul Konerko, Will Venable, CoCo Crisp, Ian Stewart, Jamey Carroll, Franklin Gutierrez, Trevor Crowe, Hunter Pence, Austin Jackson.


Hey guys. I’m just doing a little bit of upgrades to my lineup. (10 team, mixed, H2H, non-keeper). Let me know what you think of these changes.

1. Carl Pavano has been amazing lately. Should I add him and drop Wade Davis or Nolasco? I’m leaning towards Davis. Also, would Pavano be ranked better or worse than Niemann? (for reference).

2. Tyler Clippard hasn’t been as sharp lately. Is it time to replace him with Bobby Jenks? Or should I consider putting in a starter that also qualifies for RP, like Moyer, Navreson, Morrow, Chacin, Talbot, Kawakami?

3. Are any of the following guys an improvement over Ludwick or Huff? Paul Konerko, CoCo Crisp, Will Venable, Clint Barmes, Ian Stewart, Brooks Conrad, Jamey Carroll, Franklin Gutierrez, Trevor Crowe, Hunter Pence, Austin Jackson.


Need a 5th starter for week 13 – Buehrle(2 starts), Dickey(2 starts), AJ Burnett, Jaime Garcia, Anibal Sanchez. I am not thrilled about Buehrle facing the Rangers in his second start or I would throw him out there. And I don’t want Dickey to have his 2 worst starts of the year the one week I pick him off the wire. Thanks


Fair deal but if you’re already solid in starting pitching I’d lean towards no. It’s true that Peavy has been dominant of late but Franklin has also pitched very well. Outside of Mariano, I’m just not that sold on your relief corps.

Yeah, sure. You’re getting the two best players in the deal so can’t complain.

Not a huge Quentin fan but I definitely think he’s worth a pickup. That said, I wouldn’t take him over any of the four guys you mentioned so try dropping someone else…maybe an SP or bench hitter? There’s got to be someone else you can drop.

Getting Carpenter for Latos and Wieters is an absolute no-brainer.

I’m OK with you picking up Young but not at the expense of Granderson…he’s simply got too much upside for you to give up on now. Why not drop Quentin for Young? I understand why you might be hesitant to make that move now but long-term I think that both Granderson and Young will prove to be better options than Quentin. In fact, I’d pick up both Young and Hunter and drop Quentin and Guillen.

1. Absolutely drop Davis for Pavano.

2. Yes, Clippard for Jenks makes a lot of sense, particularly if your league doesn’t count holds. Jenks is getting saves while Clippard isn’t. It’s as simple as that. I’m willing to sacrifice a little in ERA and WHIP to gain in saves.

3. Pick up Konerko for Ludwick…immediately.

Yeah, in this situation I’d pass on the two 2-starters and go with Garcia. His last start notwithstanding, Jaime’s been ultra-consistent all season.


I have Justin Upton on one of my point league teams. He has done absolutely nothing against the pitchers he faces this week so I’m very tempted to sit him. I can see lots of k’s this week, which cost me half a point each. The two guys I’m considering to replace him are Delwin Young or Rasmus. Young has had so-so results against his opponets this week, while Rasmus kills the pitchers he faces but hits a lot worse at home. So what do you guys think? Thanks


Sitting Upton for Rasmus is tempting but I’d stick with Upton. He’s actually been playing real well of late so I wouldn’t over-think matchups, especially when it comes to a guy you heavily invested in on draft day.


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