Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 29

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.



Category Chart #2


Braden @
Matusz – Braden inconsistent of late but I’ll pitch him here in favorable matchup

Lee @

Morrow @
Carmona – Morrow looking like a POD grad…for now

Shields @
Lackey – Shields at Fenway a little scary so can’t fault you if you opt to sit this one out

Floyd @
Bannister – Floyd on quite a roll

Galarraga @ Blackburn

Feldman @
Pineiro – Pineiro: 3 ER over last three starts

Takahashi @
Robertson – Takahashi erratic lately

Blanton @
Leake – Tough matchup for Leake but he’s earned the nod


Karstens @

Myers @

Willis @

Hammel @
LeBlanc – Still don’t fully trust Hammel but in Petco you have to pitch him

Ely @
– Ely got back on track last time out and SF lineup doesn’t scare me

***Cory says:

Matsuz. He’s been OK lately and the A’s are a weak offense.

Shields. He’s been pretty bad lately and the Red Sox are a

LeBlanc. Have to go with him at home vs. a weak road offense missing their best



Been rotating 3B since the failed Aramis experiment earlier this year. Waiver wire is pretty dry. Rank these 3B please.

Kouzmanoff, Callaspo, B.Hall, Ar. Ramirez, Beckham, Frandsen, N. Walker, Headley.

Currently dropped Kouz for Hall, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with his regular ABs. Callaspo seems to be the winner of the bunch but he was just dropped for Figgins so I will have to wait until he clears waivers Thursday. Frandsen piques my interest but not sure if it is real. Thanks.

– Derek

12 team H2H league. I’m currently destroying everyone in all hitting categories on a weekly basis, and my pitching is middle of the road, leading to a 12G lead currently. My IF is currently: Ortiz/Huff/Napoli, Cano, Longo, Jeter and I’ve been offered the following: Miguel Cabrera, Chase Headley, Clayton Kershaw for Evan Longoria, Corey Hart, Brian Matusz.

The only reason I didn’t pull the trigger right away is the dropoff at 3B. I know I’m picking up the much better pitcher, and Longo/Cabrera are essentially even, but I’ve grown pretty attached to Hart. With an outfield consisting of Ethier, Crawford, Guerrero, Bruce, Pence, Huff, and Borbon (4 OF spots, with 2 Util spots), I’m pretty sure I can cover the loss, though.

Should I just go ahead a make the trade already?


I actually like Kouz the most of that group and am not really sure why you dropped him as he’s red hot of late (.367 AVG 5 HR 14 RBI in June) while Hall hasn’t really done anything of significance since hitting 35 homers all the way back in 2006. Callaspo would be my second choice behind Kouz and my third choice would be Walker.

Yeah, go ahead and do the deal. Not a no-brainer but you’re getting both the best hitter and the best pitcher so it’s really too enticing to pass up. Hart’s also a decent sell-high guy right now thanks to his extremely high HR total.


Morrow hasn’t won a game on the road all season. Has a 7+ERA on the road. Last time he went to Cleveland 5.1 IP 6H 4BB 3ER, what’s the reason to pitch him Tuesday?

Red Sox not quite the same machine with Varitek behind the dish, Pedroia and Ellsbury on the DL.


Hello Guys,

Adam Lind is available in my 12 Team League.
Is it worthy picking him?
His K% is 9 points over from last year. Also his BABIP is way too low at .241 (.323 last year) He’s been a bit unlucky but striking out much more, also his BB% is almost the same (a bit lower this year). I think he can turn thinks around in 2nd half. what do you think?

What are your thoughts about dropping Kendricks and Jorge Cantu and picking up Adam LaRoche and Chone Figgins. I currently have Garrett Jones at 1st, Cano at 2nd and Mark Reynolds at 3rd. I would definitely use LaRoche at 1st and put Jones in the outfield and use Figgins as backup at 2nd and 3rd. Also, should I drop Jaime Garcia and Dickey and pick up Pavano and Scherezer or wait for De La Rosa and drop Dickey? Thanks for your help.

Who do you think is best option going forward…rios? Bay? Ludwick?


Hi guys need speed and av and been offered A McCutchen for C Rasmus.
It’s exactly what I need, but just before I accepted it I realised what a tear Colby’s been on recently (now on 16 bombs and 8 SB)- should I hold out for a bit more than McCutchen now?


Big Barry, East End

Ok I’m getting agita..
GET Carp&Bay
GIVE Lester, Latos, &Weiters

am I giving up too much just to move Weiters&Latos?

Bay would slip into LF, choo in RF, Rasmus in CF
ludwick&quentin are bumped to bench…
Other option discussed is Rios but I’m not sure he’s able to keep up this pace…
Rotation wud be Carp, Strasburg, Kuroda, Lilly, Floyd, PoD

I appreciate all the attention…


All that is true but it’s also true that Morrow has allowed just five earned runs combined over his last five starts and the Indians offense is still mediocre at best. I value these factors a bit more than road ERA.

Depends on who you’re dropping but if it’s just a bench OF or SP, sure, go ahead and pick up Lind. He needs to show me a lot more before my confidence in him is restored, but sticking him on your bench is a solid low-risk high-reward move. His stock can’t possibly get any lower.

Cantu and LaRoche are very close in value but I’d lean towards LaRoche…Cantu is slumping badly and LaRoche has a history of heating up as the season rolls along. As for Figgins vs. Kendrick, I’d stick with Kendrick (the more well-rounded player) for now as long as you’re OK in speed but if you feel that you can gain a bunch of points in steals by adding Figgins, make the move.

As for the pitchers, I’d drop Dickey for Scherzer immediately and then see how Garcia fares in his next start or two before thinking about dropping him.

Rios. He’s the best all-around producer and has been consistent all season.
Big Barry,

A totally fair trade that makes a lot of sense if you need speed. You’re basically dealing power and some speed for speed and some power. Rasmus has been very streaky this year so he can easily fall into another cold spell.

Pass, especially considering that you’d be benching Ludwick, so you have to theoretically add him to the trade equation. If Bay was substituted with Rios, however, I think I’d make the deal.


5×5 Roto league.
I have Wood, Jenks, Greggerson, Meek and Heilman as my relievers.
Haren, Buchholz, Latos, Oswalt, Gallardo, J Garcia, Danks as my Starters.

I’m 2nd last in Era and whip and 3rd in saves with 5 saves b/w the 1st and 6th place team.

I’m thinking of adding Bedard and dropping Heilman. I feel like instead of chasing saves with Heilman and hurting my era/whip I could possibly gain in 4 categories by adding Bedard. I know he’s injury prone but the fact Heilman might lose the closing job anyway, Bedard might be a nice risk/reward add. (Demel is already owned)

Thanks as always,


Can’t you find a way to add Bedard without dropping Heilman as Bedard is still DL-eligible? That would be my preference, but if not I say hang onto Heilman. The saves race in your league seems very close and your starting staff is very strong as is.


I think Heilman would be my only option to drop since I have Ellsbury already on the DL and Pedroia using a bench spot.


Stand pat then. Adding Bedard is a nice idea but in your situation it isn’t all that necessary. That pitching staff is already strong.


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