Pitch or Ditch Category Chart Version III

Hey everyone,

Here’s the third installment of the Pitch or Ditch category chart, put together by the 411 brain trust of Cory, Mike and myself:

PoD chart June 29.pdf

Some of these decisions were tough but after much deliberation we think we got them right!

Just a reminder as to how it works:

We’ve divided all the starting
pitchers in the Majors into four groups:
Aces, Pitch or Ditch graduates, Pitch or Ditch guys and DTM’s (players
you shouldn’t even think about starting). Keep in mind that these
classifications are geared towards 12-team mixed leagues and are of
course subject to change as the season progresses. We’ll be posting
updated versions every two weeks.



With Kuroda’s recent promotion to Ace, should I pick him up and drop Nolasco, my only POD guy? This would leave me with an entire staff of Aces and Grads (Aces: Strasburg, Gallardo, Kuroda (pending). Grads: Pavano, Niemann, Hanson, Kershaw). Also, how would you rank the previously mentioned Grads for reference? This chart is a major pitching lifesaver. Thanks guys.



Yeah, I think that’s a wise move. Nolasco might have more upside but Kuroda’s been the far more consistent pitcher. That swap makes a lot of sense.


Hi Zach thanks for responding to my question the other day, just in addition though have one thing to throw out there in regards to the same topic (PoT strategy).

I think the innings limit really is a huge factor, with no innings limit in my league I can pick up a PoD guy every day, and as a result am dominating in wins and k’s, without having my ERA and WHIP affected too much.

Now I totally agree that ‘graduates’ should normally be kept, but don’t you think that in no innings limit (or starts limit) leagues, you have to make room for a PoD spot at all times (provided the leagues not too deep), so that you can load up and top your league in punchouts and W’s? I get the feeling that an extra 4 starters every 5 days, would be more beneficial than just keeping the graduate guy (Bonderman)- what do you reckon.

Oh and if you did decide it would be worthwhile to drop a player to free a PoD spot, who out of Scherzer, Bondo, Smoak and Gio would you cut.


Big Barry
East End, England

Big Barry,

Fair point on the PoD strategy. Any possibility that you can work out a deal to unload one or two of those grads? That would probably be the best solution. But if I had to pick one to cut it would be Gio, who’s still having some command issues. He still doesn’t really deserve to be dropped but I prefer Bonderman and Scherzer.


Thanks again for the advice Zack. Would love to offload one of those grad starters by means of a 2 for 1 but seems noones biting! In terms of evaluating a fair 2 for 1 trade, would Quentin and Bonderman for Hunter be about fair value?

Thanks again Big Z

Big Barry,
East End, England


Yeah, I think so. Hunter’s definitely an upgrade over Quentin in my mind (more consistent) and you’d be freeing up a roster spot in the process.


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