Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 3-5

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


chart June 29.pdf



Romero @ Pettitte
W. Davis @ Liriano – Davis bounced back last time but this is a very tough matchup
Braden @ Westbrook
J.Vargas @ Verlander – Vargas has graduated
Guthrie @ Lester
Danks @ Hunter – Hunter very impressive since coming off DL
Chen @ Big Erv
Cueto @ Wells – Wells too inconsistent to trust right now
A. Sanchez @ Hanson – Hanson too good to not bounce back
Dickey @ Strasburg – have to start Dickey the way he’s been going
Parra @ Carpenter – Parra racking up K’s and has handled Cards before
Kendrick @ Maholm
Zito @ Jimenez
Norris @ Correia
Kershaw @ Lopez


Mazzaro @ Carmona
A’s a manageable matchup for Fausto

Lee @
– Bonderman cooling
off but should handle M’s at home

Morrow @ Hughes –
Hughes cooling off
but so are Jays… Morrow is not though

Matusz @ Lackey –
Lackey heating up with the weather

Shields @ Blackburn –
Tough matchup for struggling Shields

Buehrle @

Lerew @

Takahashi @

Blanton @

Gallardo @

Leake @ Lilly
– Leake may be coming back to earth

Cain @
– Hammel still worth
using even at home

Myers @
– Good matchup for
Myers to bounce back from season-worst start

Billingsley @

Nolasco @ Hudson –
Nolasco turning it



Millwood @ Galarraga
– Perfect shine gone from Galarraga

Kazmir @ Floyd
– Kazmir not quite DTM but not in consideration now

Matsuzaka @
– do you trust Dice-K? I don’t, but who knows

Laffey @

Vazquez @ Sheets – Sheets
not improving much

Bannister @ King

Gorzelanny @ Kennedy
– Reverse the venue and I pitch both, but not here

J.Sanchez @

Lowe @ Halladay
Lowe cooling off but worth a shot vs. banged up Phillies

Harang @

Robertson @
Ely – Ely bouncing back, looks like he’ll stick


Happy holiday, y’all…thanks as always for the insights…

Question, how (if at all) would you change my rankings for these sat POD starters?


-J from BG


Who do you think is gonna have a better second half? Victorino or Adam LaRoche?


My ranking would be Vargas, Hunter, Anibal, Parra, Dickey.

Depends on which categories you’re looking for…LaRoche is a proven second half stud but I’d rather have Victorino due to his across the board contributions.


Would you trade felix/cargo/olivo for cano/andrus/street?
I’ve lost utley/tulo and have santana at catcher.
I have a pretty solid of w/ j upton, quentin, coghlan, ross, granderson, ludwick
1b fielder 3b zimmerman
Aybar and hudson are filling in at 2b and ss
My p is stras, latos, peavy, garcia, jurjens, hanson, oswalt.
Rp valverde, rauch

12 team, non keeper w/ 16 cats including avg,obp,ops, h,hrs, sb, rbis, ip, w, l, k, bbs, era, whip

This trade is hurting my brain
Happy 4th

I hate to be negative but I’ve lost touch with the fantasy411 – something about the podcast has lost its zest. There just doesn’t seem to much useful content. Maybe its because on TV has to be too mainstream and only 21 minutes? There isn’t enough info and there is no context to make the little info useful.
Today info – 1)Chase Utley is hurt 2) Matt LaPorta hit 2 homers and MIGHT be useful (more useful then who?) 3) CarGo is good 4) The Dback are playing at home next week which is hitter friendly 5) Milwaukee is playing at home 6) Cubs are playing in AZ and LA 7) Marlins are playing in AZ and LA …..

and then I tune out – I like you guys but your show is too remedial. Fantasy Baseball is for stat heads. ALL leagues use web sites – if you have player hurt – you don’t listen to (watch) this show to hear about it.

I miss you guys. You are funny and smart but your show just doesn’t seem helpful or relevant.

Hey guys long time no talk! I just inherited a first place team in a 12tm 6×6 (OS, HD) and am looking to make at least temporary improvements because I have Heyward, Utley and Tulo all injured. Good news is I have Miggy, Morneau, Tex, Crawford, & Wright (sadly only 6 keepers). Pretty stacked team with strong young pitchers in Hanson, Billingsly, Latos, Richard, Shields, and WIlson in addition to Dempster, Broxton and a bunch of Middle Relievers.
I just grabbed Pennington but am looking to trade for Stephen Drew as a filler with more potential (offered Guzman/Boesch/McClellan for Drew/Adam Jones). I also want to trade for an ace. I’d like to move Boesch, Dempster and Morneau while they’re hot. Any advice on how to handle losing two monster MIs and who I should target to improve?

Thanks guys!

I think Vargas got piss drunk at his graduation party. Or maybe he just wanted to be patriotic and wanted to give the fans a fireworks show.

Boys….its been a crazy season. 12 team weekly mixed, nk…10 bats, 10 arms each week 8 reserves. So, I have put together a dominant squad (mix of fortune and luck for me, bad luck for others) that has created 107pts total, 22.5 lead over 2nd, 28.5 lead over 3rd following week 13 1/2 way point.

Wondering this week about taking risks or playing it safe when it comes to my staff and matchups.

My planned active rotation:
Bailey, Andrew RP OAK vs NYY and ANA
Bell, Heath RP SD vs @WAS and @COL
Garcia, Jaime SP STL vs @COL
Garza, Matt SP TB vs BOS and CLE
Hughes, Phil SP NYY vs @SEA
Hunter, Tommy SP TEX vs BAL
Kershaw, Clayton SP LA vs CHC
Sanchez, Jonathan O. SP SF vs @MIL and @WAS
Valverde, Jose RP DET vs BAL and MIN
Wilson, C.J. RP TEX vs. CLE and BAL

My planned Reserve Pitchers:
Bedard, Erik SP SEA vs. KC and NYY
Cahill, Trevor SP OAK vs. NYY and ANA
Davis, Wade SP TB vs CLE
Gonzalez, Gio SP OAK vs NYY
Gorzelanny, Tom SP CHC vs @ARI and @LA
Hellickson, Jeremy SP TB Minors
Oliver, Andrew RP DET vs BAL and MIN
Volquez, Edinson SP CIN Minors

So, should I sit any of my planned active and replace with anyone from my planned Reserves?

In case you are wondering my Bats are:
Montero, Miguel C ARI
Pujols, Albert 1B STL
Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN
Reynolds, Mark 3B ARI
Furcal, Rafael SS LA
Gonzalez, Carlos LF COL
Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA
Upton, Justin RF ARI
Votto, Joey DH CIN
Young, Chris B. DH ARI

– BDH in DC

Rosters lock at 1pm today….sorry for late question.

– BDH in DC

Hey guys. Billingsley just hit the waiver wire, which I find shocking since the guy dropped him for Nolasco (the guy I dropped previously). It seems like such a downgrade on his part, and I’d like to exploit it if possible. Is Billingsley an improvement over any of my other POD grads? Kershaw, Hanson, Niemann, and Pavano. If so, then who should I drop?



That trade is a no-brainer in my mind. Cano’s the best player in the deal, Andrus is an upper-tier option at a thin position and dominant SB guy and Street, though somewhat of an injury risk, has proven to be a top-shelf closer when healthy. Losing Car-Go is tough as you are a little thin at OF (Ludwick injured, Granderson, Quentin, Coghlan inconsistent), but your starting staff is strong enough to withstand the loss of Felix.



Yeah, I definitely think it’s important for you to upgrade at MI but I don’t really see Drew as the answer (inconsistent, a bit injury prone this year). Why not aim higher and maybe even think about dealing Morneau or Tex (though he might not net you much right now). You’ve got enough depth at the corners to afford this type of move. As for pitchers, I personally like your staff as is and wouldn’t trade a top hitter to get a “ace.” Focus on MI for now.

I know it’s too late now, but good thing you benched Bedard! As for changes, I probably would have subbed in Cahill and his two starts for Garcia’s one start but I agree on the rest.

I like the idea of picking up Billingsley but wouldn’t do it at the expense of your current guys, all of whom (with the exception of Hanson) have been more consistent. Unless there’s someone else on your roster who you could drop, sit tight.


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