Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 6


Arrieta @ Galarraga
Pavano @ Litsch
Doubront @ Niemann
Masterson @ Wilson
Weaver @ Peavy – Jake back to ace form
Sabathia @ Cahill – Pitch Cahill despite tough matchup…9 quality starts in last 10 outings
Greinke @ Bedard – Not against pitching Bedard but I’ll play it safe for his first start of ’10
Jurrjens @ Hamels
Richard @ Livan – Livan too erratic to trust right now
Wood @ Johan
@ Wandy – Let’s continue picking on the Astros and, with some trepidation, throw Wandy back out there
Bumgarner @ Wolf – Wolf inconsistent but so is SF offense
Hawksworth @ Francis – Francis solid at home (3.58 ERA) but this is a brutal matchup
Silva @ Enright
Volstad @ Padilla – Volstad a decent gamble but has struggled on the road


I posted late in the July 3-5 thread..but would be interested in your take anyway.

— BDH in DC

Weird, the time stamp on my last few messages seem to be off by 1hr (noticed that in the July 3-5 when I posted approx noon before 1pm deadline) …must be this site or application, cause my clock on my computer is correct with EST and DST, etc.

– BDH in DC

Hey guys got a reliever question for yall.

10 team, H2H points league AL/NL…

I have R. Soriano and Carlos Marmol as my relievers and have been happy with them, but because of injuries someone had to drop Neftali Felix. Do I drop Marmol for Feliz? In our league Feliz is only 20pts ahead of Marmol so far and Marmol has been great but the Cubs dont offer tons of opportunity for him to get in the game and saves while the Rangers are playing great and are giving Feliz more opportunities to give me points.

I guess Im asking do you go with the better pitcher (marmol IMHO) on the worse team or do I go with Feliz on the super Hot team with more opportunity? Will the Rangers stay hot or do you think Marmol who can be wild go crazy and lose it all? LOL sorry but im stumped on this one. Thanks and love the show and Blog =)

Zach –

thanks….yeah, was trying to figure a way to get Cahill in (although vs. CC (Yanks) and Weaver (Anaheim) I dont love…was debating sitting Bailey and going with 8 SP and 2 CL for week…or sitting Hughes vs Lee (Seattle) but in the end, just went with my gut and stuck with plan A.

Sitting Garcia vs. @ COL probably would have been a nice play, but really like what I have seen from him but hindsight this could have been the smart play. Will see.

thanks –



Just answered your question on the other post.

Absolutely not! Pick up Feliz but drop someone else besides Marmol. Both of those relievers are upper-tier guys and really shouldn’t be dropped in any format.


Hi Guys,
Granderson seemed to be so hyped last year, and now is in the gutter. Do you see him improving? Ryan Braun for Lester/Granderson was offered, and I would be very happy to get Lester, but I have doubts over Granderson heating up + playing time. Keeper league too.

Ive been offered Stephen Strasburg for Derek Jeter. I already have Rollins as my other SS. Should I do this trade? Im a bit worried about how many innings Strasburg will pitch. Im in a H2H league so Ill need him in the playoffs.


Well, Granderson’s season cannot possibly get much worse, so yeah,he will almost certainly improve, but I still think he’ll be an AVG liability. He’s been flat out awful vs. lefties and is striking out even more than he did last year. I’m not against trying to buy low on Curtis but I don’t think you’re getting back enough in that trade. Braun is hands down the best player/keeper in the deal and is simply worth more than a solid ace plus a high risk medium-reward OF. Not an unreasonable offer but still pass.

Pass. Even if it were a roto league I’d hang onto Jeter, but the H2H factor is huge. The Nats have already said they’ll shut down Strasburg at some point in September so it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be of any use to you come playoff time.


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