Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 9

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


chart June 29.pdf


Hughes @

– Hughes slumping but still trust him vs. M’s even after last

Liriano @

Lester @ Romero – Romero
got rocked last time out and BoSox owned him last year

Carmona @
– good matchup for Shields to bounce back

Matusz @ Feldman –
still like Matusz but not here

Chen @ Buehrle – Chen on
a roll!

Pineiro @

Cain @

Leake @ Blanton –
Leake slumping lately and Phils holding their own without

Hanson @
– gotta ride the
Dickey bus as far as it goes


Maholm @ D.

Correia @ De La Rosa
– giving DLR one warmup start before putting him back in

Nolasco @

Lilly @
– great matchup for
both; Cubs can’t hit righties and Dodgers hate lefties



Hughes @

Liriano @

Lester @

Carmona @
Shields – Losing patience with “Big Game James” but this is favorable matchup

Matusz @

Chen @
Buehrle – Buehrle on a nice roll of late…five straight quality starts

Pineiro @

Cain @
Strasburg – Now this is a must-watch

Leake @
Blanton – Leake erratic of late…I’m sitting this one out

Hanson @
Dickey – Pitch R.A. if you’re willing to gamble but Braves can hit

Wainwright @

Maholm @ D. Davis

Correia @ De La
Rosa – Favorable matchup for De La Rosa in his return but let me see one start before using him again

Nolasco @
Haren – Looks like Nolasco is back on track but all bets are off with this guy

Lilly @


Hey Big Z what do you make of this questionable trade made in my league: dempster, pettite and garza for g jones, e meek, b abreu and l gregorson.

Looks to me like the guy getting the starters is getting a better deal, plus the guy giving up the starters is bottom of the league and last in whip and ERA. Do ya reckon this trade is vetoeable, as it looks a bit dodgy to me?

When evaluating a trade should the teams current standings in each category have an impact, or should it come purely down to the fairness of the trade.


Big Barry
East end, England

Yeah I’m worried about Shields too, hence my next Q:
Wandy is avail. on our wire and has looked good (albeit against sketchy teams), and G.Gonzalez and J.Vargas are starting to look a bit unglued. Wandy is about the only “top end-ish” with a track record kind of guy out there (14 team non-keeper league). Not that GG and JV are on great teams, but I’m leading the league in QS and K’s, 6th in WHIP, and near the bottom in wins and ERA— Which of the three is going to be the most help in the 2nd half?

Part II:
Aramis Ramirez is avail as a FA. I’ve got V-mart (DL), Cantu, and LaPorta for 1B, Utley (DL), Figgins , and Callaspo for 2b, and then Cantu, Figgins and Callaspo for 3rd. Doumit is my FT catcher. I’m leaning towards dropping Callaspo for Ramirez, but am concerned about not having a backup for Figgins while Utley is still out. Not sure what to do here, maybe even stand pat? With Figgins, Callaspo, and Cantu all struggling, I’m getting antsy. Also, I’ve tried to make many trades to try and consolidate at 1B and 3B, but not finding to many willing partners.

Big Barry,

First and foremost I think you have to focus on the players when evaluating a deal but standings could play a part especially when the trade is questionable (which this one definitely is). Yeah, I’d much rather have the starting pitchers in that trade BUT maybe the guy giving them up figures he’s last in ERA and WHIP so why not sacrifice some wins and strikeouts in exchange for ERA and WHIP help (Meek and Gregerson) while also getting two solid run producers in Jones and Abreu. As much as you or I don’t like the deal, there’s a plausible reason why both sides would make it, and for that reason I’d let it pass.

Yeah, I’m buying into Wandy again and would take him over both Gio and Vargas.

As for A-Ram, I’d make the Callaspo for A-Ram switch and worry more about enhancing my starting roster than about my backups. You’ve already got a quality 3B option in Cantu BUT also take into account that if you use Cantu strictly at 3B you’d have no alternative to LaPorta at 1B. It’s a very tough call but ultimately I wouldn’t be able to pass up the opportunity to grab A-Ram off the wire.



Thanks for the input on the trade.

Wondering your thoughts on Daniel Bard. I have gotten a couple offers for him this week. He has great K/BB, ERA and WHIP but is still a set up guy and not going to get many save oportunities assuming Pap stays put which is I guess my question. I don’t see Bard getting a chance to be a closer this year, is that a correct assesment?


Who do you like as Tulo’s replacement, Y. Escobar or E. Aybar?
-Thanks Zach

Can you guys rank the following players for the 2nd half… Granderson, Quentin, ABreu, Bautista, Pena and Berkman. Thanks and enjoy the all star break!


Yeah, barring a Papelbon injury, I don’t see Bard having much value outside of leagues that use holds. However, if you’re a Papelbon owner in a deep league it might be a good idea to hold onto Bard just in case. But generally speaking, if you can fill a need by dealing him to some diehard Red Sox fan, go ahead and do it.

Although Escobar probably carries more upside, I’ll go with the guy who’s having the better year…Aybar it is.


I have been offered Roy Halladay for Evan Longoria. I am currently 7th in my league and doing slightly worse in hitting categories than pitching (especially Home runs).

I have David Wright as my other 3B, but my punchless lineup consists of let downs such as Derek Lee, Adam Lind, Nick Markakis, Hunter Pence, Stephen Drew, Carlos Quentin (You get the picture).

My starting staff has 4 players – Sabathia, Josh Johnson as its anchors. Matt Garza and AJ Burnett the others. My Era and whip are bad due to too many bad outings. I have 5 closers.
Should I pull the trigger on the deal?

Hey guys, how’s it going? I’m trying to pull off a big trade that would net me Longoria and Andrew Bailey (ambitious, I know). I currently have Pablo Sandoval at 3b and would almost definitely go into any deal. I have a plethora of SP that includes Greinke, Haren, Hamels, Romero, Buccholtz, Beckett, G Floyd, Big Erv, Scherzer, and Kuroda. My expendable bats include Magglio, Vernon Wells, and Swisher (although I’d like to hold swisher sweets). My other OFs are Ethier, Crawford, and Victorino, but I want to hold these three at most all costs. The guy has weak SPing and he is also looking for a bat in a deal. Here are just a couple ideas I have put together (for Evan & Bailey):
Sandoval, Greinke, Romero…Sandoval, Hamels, Wells…Sandoval, Haren, Wells…Sandoval, Greinke, Ordonez;
Do these seem like pretty fair offers or am I lowballing? Thanks for any help and please put together combos of your own that you think are fair. Thanks a ton, you guys do great work.

Team A gets: Jose Bautisa (3B elig) & Cliff Lee
Team B gets: Longoria, Hughes, AJ Burnett

Who is getting the deal here in a 12 team h2h points


To add further to my last comment. I just traded Buster Posey for Tommy Hanson. So I have another decent starter. Does this change the Longoria for Halladay trade at all?

Quick question, in a h2h league, I have been using a couple of spots for POD over the past couple of weeks and have managed to pick up Scherzer for his past 3 or 4 starts and after his most recent one decided to hang on to him. Should I hang on to him or pick up Dickey for tonight and hope Scherzer is there next time around ? My current matchup has me tied for wins and I’m behind in ERA and WHIP so I’m willing to take a chance there because I can only do better barring an unforeseen disaster. At the same time, I understand that Dickey is facing ATL which doesn’t make this a fantastic matchup for him but he’s still been on fire lately. So should I resist the urge to pick up Dickey and hold on to Scherzer for the benefit of my team in the long run?

Whats the most sure fire way to get WHIP down?

No love for Norris I see…not even a little bit?? the man is 4-0, 0.35 era, 1.038 whip lifetime against the Cards! I understand though, it’s hard to pick against Wainwright.


Granderson, Abreu, Quentin, Berkman, Pena, Bautista.

That’s a fair deal but since it looks like you need help in both hitting and pitching, I think it’s more important to hold onto the elite hitter than it is to trade for the elite pitcher. Hitters are simply more valuable.



Should i trade jimenez for braun? i know you guys like to favor the hitter over the pitcher and theres a few good arms in the waiver wire who i pick up every week to PoD. I have a solid outfield already with Rios, Kemp, Crawford and victorino but could use the hrs and rbis from braun.

James NY


Those are all fairly reasonable though I think the first one might be wishful thinking. Of course, I prefer your side in all those deals but there’s a chance you’ll be able to get something done.

Longoria’s clearly the best player in the deal and I still view Bautista as a sell-high guy, so I prefer the Team B side.

Nope, the Hanson acquisition actually lessens your need for Halladay, so I’d hold onto Longoria.

I hope you passed on Dickey and held onto Scherzer! I’d keep Scherzer for the foreseeable future. He’s definitely a POD grad.

Trade for elite closers or pick up elite setup guys. You might not see an immediate result but over time your ERA and WHIP should go down considerably.

Absolutely. There’s no question that Ubaldo is having a sensational year and will probably finish the season with outstanding numbers. But he’s been a lot less effective of late as his stats are beginning to normalize. If you can get back a sure-fire first rounder for him, pull the trigger immediately.


This seems like a no-brainer but I’d like to make sure I’m not missing something…

Trade away Strasburg and Receive Elvis Andrus&Carpenter

Is something wrong w/Carpenter?
Thanks as always,


Not to my knowledge, other than the fact that Carpenter has struggled a little of late. I wouldn’t be concerned. Yes, that trade is a no-brainer.


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