Second Half Mock Draft

Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d share the results of a second half mock draft that I, along with several members of the fantasy department, participated in this week. The “league” is a 10-team mixed that runs from now through the end of the 2010 season. Note that we only did three rounds. Your feedback is more than welcome.

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So far my endeavors to trade Strasburg has been fruitless. I’ve already been rejected for Halladay, Sabathia, and Lincecum with no word from Jimenez (though I think the owner doesn’t check his team often. He has injured guys in his starting slots and he has not made a single move all season. Ever). I think it’s time to expand the list of possible Aces to see if I can get something useful before people begin to understand the inning limit Strasburg has. Who from this list should I go after first? Danks, Verlander, Greinke, Liriano, Lester, Price, Weaver, Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee, Dempster, Oswalt, Carpenter, Wainwright, Hudson, Johnson, Johan Santana, Hamels, Haren, or Cain. If none of these options pan out, what should I try next? It’s funny how the most sought after player is now a fantasy curse.


Hey guys, keep up the great work. Need help with a blockbuster trade.

12 team 6×6 keeper (OBP, SLG instead of BA and Holds)

I’m in 2nd place and biggest need areas are OBP and SLG, solid across the board in the rest.

Would you trade with the first place team?

I give Utley, Jeter and Rios for Tulo, Uggla and Crawford (or Kemp)? I have Barmes and Aybar filling in at 2b and MI right now. He has Polanco coming off the DL to fill in until Utley returns.

Rob in GR


I’d honestly trade Strasburg for any of those guys with the possible exception of Danks but my top 3 would be Lester, Johnson and Lee. If you can’t get one of these three, just work your way down from there. Take the best offer and cash in while you can.

Yeah, I’d absolutely make that trade. Utley to Tulo (the two injured guys) is at worst a wash but probably a gain since Tulo is expected back before Utley. Crawford has been arguably the most productive fantasy player in all of baseball this year and Uggla provides elite power at a thin position. Overall, factoring in injury status, you can say that Jeter to Tulo is a downgrade, but this is more than made up for by the substantial upgrades of Utley to Uggla and Rios to Crawford.


I think I may have a viable option to deal Strasburg. The guy in my league that owns Cliff Lee refused a straight up deal, but he did counter propose to include me giving Ryan Howard and getting Derrek Lee. Obviously, I’m not going to give up Ryan Howard, but I was thinking of countering with Paul Konerko and Strasburg for the Lee and Lee. Do you think this is a good idea? Right now, Konerko is in my Util spot which he can open up for Corey Hart or even Derrek Lee himself. I may be downgrading my backup 1B, but at least I’m solving my Strasburg problem, right?



Konerko and Strasburg for Lee and Lee isn’t necessarily a bad deal for you but I think you should continue exploring other SP trade options where you’d just have to give up Strasburg. Not all that confident in D. Lee and I’d rather trade for a lesser pitcher than Cliff and not have to take a downgrade at first base. If this is the best you can do, fine, but I’d first exhaust all other options.


love all the input you guys give. The show is great. So my hitting is great im been in first all year (13-0-1) or 88-44-8.. my starting pitching is perfect my power hitters are great my only problem is my avg is a lil low and sbs i can improve on.. my hitters in a 12 team 5×5 are

1b- howard
ss-jeter (upsets me at moment)
Util- adrian gonzalez
B- jason werth
B- huff
B- b.j. upton

so my question is.. ive been offered brett gardner for jason werth… will werth get traded and then spot started?? and will my team having 3 yankees be a bad or good idea?? How solid is Gardner? thanks so much guys
you got my dream job!

hey guys,
deal or no deal?
Receive Robinson Cano, NYY 2B from Angels to Bench
Receive Torii Hunter, LAA OF from Angels to Bench
Receive Matt Garza, TB SP from Angels to Bench
Receive Neftali Feliz, Tex RP from Angels to Bench
Send Rickie Weeks, Mil 2B from 2B to Angels
Send Matt Holliday, StL OF from OF to Angels
Send Daisuke Matsuzaka, Bos SP from P to Angels
Send Jon Rauch, Min RP from P to Angels
my only concern is that weeks has been putting up = production to cano and that holliday is better than hunter. It is a keeper 5×5 h2h league 20 team 10 keepers. Also if dice-k was replaced w/ dickey would that affect your judgement?
The Manoman
P.S. I also have brian roberts on the dl and my UT are Ordonez and Smoak


I’m OK with that deal if you need a speed boost and can’t bear to play Upton (I understand). I do expect Werth to play every day regardless of what team he’s on but he’s sitting on your bench anyway so it’s not like you’d be giving up an integral part of your offense. Overall, you really have a loaded offense and would now need to routinely bench one of Quentin or Gardner/Werth, so I might even look to deal a hitter for an upgrade elsewhere. Sounds like your team is in great shape but there’s always room for improvement!

I love that trade for you. You’re getting upgrades at every position besides OF (Yes, Cano’s still a significant step up from Weeks) and it’s not like the difference between Hunter and Holliday is enormous. Plus, Feliz is a far better keeper than Rauch. Done deal.


thanks guys for answering my question.. i was so excited when i saw my question on the show!! I woke up my girlfriend from her nap just to show her!!! lol.. i took the trade by the way!!

would it be a good trade for sin soo choo and david right for ike davis and adam dunn?

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