Pitch or Ditch Category Chart Version IV

Hey guys,

Hot off the press, here it is:

PoD chart July 23.pdf                                                                                           

For those of you who are new to the chart, this is how it works:

divided all the starting
pitchers in the Majors into four groups:
Aces, Pitch or Ditch graduates, Pitch or Ditch guys and DTM’s (players
you shouldn’t even think about starting right now). Keep in mind that these
classifications are geared towards 12-team mixed leagues and are of
course subject to change as the season progresses. We’ll be posting
updated versions every two weeks.

All feedback is welcome. Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear it!



How would you rank the following grads? Niemann, Romero, Hanson and Kuroda

zach, where’s brett anderson?

I need to cut one player and am not sure who gets the axe: Cody Ross, Carlos Beltran, or Jay Bruce? I’m leaning toward Ross.

Anyone, feel free to chime in.




From now until the end of the season, I’d go Niemann, Hanson, Romero, Kuroda.

Tough call there as Beltran’s been just awful since returning, but on track record alone you have to keep him. Ross vs. Bruce is real close as Ross has been the more consistent player while Bruce has more upside. I’m fine with you going with the upside of Bruce and cutting Ross.


i need some insight.. due to some players recently heating up.

as of now my outfield consists of Granderson, Ethier, Pagan & Choo as my Utility since he just sprung off the DL.

My bench on the other hand contains Ortiz Abreu & Sandoval. Any Suggestions on switches @ all?

Hi Big Z 2 parter here so bear with me. Hey Big Z got a question for ya for my 12 teamer. Am looking good in pitching cats (9-11 pts in all but whip) but still struggling with the non-power hitting stats (4-6 pts in AV,runs,steals).
I have 7 starters (inc Dice-k and Morrow in PoD spots) and only 1 bench hitting spot, should I change my strat now to cut another pitcher or two on mon and thurs and pick up some more bats to get some more offensive counting stats? And if so are Dice-K and Morrow expendable as they are still

Secondly still need more speed (loaded in power since I picked up A-Ram)
and this time been offered Scotty Pods for Carlos Quentin. Now on first
glance I thought this guys avin a laugh, but checking the numbers Scottys got
like 5 bombs, over 30 steals and a 300+ av compared with Quentins low av
power. Am I right in thinking this is actually worth taking?

Big Barry
East end, England

I some questions,
I would get Corey Hart for Jose Bautista, good or bad deal?
Should i do it?

My Team:
C – Geovany Soto;
1B – Gaby Sanchez;
2B – Kelly Johnson;
3B – Pedro Alvarez;
SS – Ben Zobrist;
OF – Andres Torres, Scott Podsednik, Matt Kemp;
U – Luke Scott;
Pitching Staff – San Francisco Giants;
Bench – Pablo Sandoval, Ike Davis, Cody Ross, Drew Stubbs, Denard Span, Jose Bautista.

I would bench Kemp. good idea?

I just pulled off this trade earlier today, what do you think?

I dealt U. Jimenez, C. Granderson and J. Bruce for R. Oswalt, J. Santana and C. Hart.

Was this a good move on my part?


I agree with the way your lineup is currently set up but also think that you should try to make a trade as all three of your bench guys (particularly Ortiz) could net you a decent return. It’s a waste to have them on your bench if you can get value back in a deal.
Big Barry,

If you feel that you’re strong enough in strikeouts and wins that you won’t lose too many points there, I’m fine with picking up the extra hitter but maybe you can work a trade for Dice-K or Morrow for a hitter who’s at least slightly above waiver wire material? If I had to choose just one pitcher to drop, I’d lean towards cutting Dice-K. As for the Quentin-Pods deal, given your needs I think it’s very reasonable.

I like that trade a lot. Hart’s a little banged up right now but I see him putting up better numbers than Bautista from here on out. Bautista’s been incredibly streaky this year and I can’t help but think that he’s due for a prolonged cold stretch (stat correction). As for benching Kemp, don’t do it under any circumstances. He was probably your first round pick and while he’s been a tad disappointing, particularly in the AVG department, I never like to bench my top guys as elite players can go on a tear at any moment. Plus, he could easily go 30-25 which is pretty darn good for a down year. I’d bench Torres instead. He’s nowhere near the power hitter that Kemp is and only has two more steals.


Hi guys,

I was just offered Cano for Ubaldo in my big 20 team, H2H (OBP vs. AVG) keeper league (we keep 5). I’m currently in 4th and am making a push for the playoffs. I’m very intrigued, especially since Maggs is now out for me. I think if the ‘good versions’ of my staff show up, I can afford to do this and Cano is a heckuva keeper. Thoughts?


My roster:

C – Suzuki
1B – Votto
2B – N. Walker
SS – Zobrist
3B – Alvarez
OF – Crawford
OF – Heyward
OF – Colvin
BN – Callaspo
BN – Crisp
DL – M. Ordonez

SP – Jimenez
SP – Liriano
SP – Romero
SP – Volquez
SP – Pelfry
SP – De La Rosa
SP – Hammel
SP – Enright
RP – B. Wilson
RP – Valverde
RP – J. Gutierrez

Should I drop Joel Pineiro or Freddy Garcia? I am trying to make room for Victor Martinez who should be coming off the DL this week. I have John Buck as my Catcher and would put Victor as Utility.

Also, I think I get him to throw me Brett Myers my way in the deal (and I’d throw in Callaspo). Now is it a no-brainer?



Yeah, I’m fine with that trade. Ubaldo looks like he’s falling off a cliff and the window to sell high is almost closed. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Johan outperforms him from here on out. I like Bruce for Oswalt and Granderson to Hart has to be considered an upgrade…at worst a wash. All in all, this is a good trade for you.

That’s an absolute steal for you. Accept immediately!

I’d drop Garcia. He’s been decent lately but I have more trust in the more consistent Pineiro.


which picthers should i keep and which picther should i drop.

Josh Beckett
Tommy Hunter
Colby Lewis
Jamie Garcia
Jeff Niemann



That’s tough. If I had to drop one it would be Lewis as he hasn’t been that sharp of late. But definitely try to make a trade here so that you can get some value back rather than flat out dropping a quality pitcher.


hey guys
i need to get a better hr, rbi and avg guy
which of these guys should i get
juan pierre
Angel Pagen
Austin Jackson
or should i keep josh willingham


Hey guys,
It’s time for me to lobby for one of my pitchers again… where’s the love for Brett Cecil? In the past 28 days, his numbers are: 4 starts (all QS), 26.1 IP, 2.39 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 14 K. Cecil’s numbers are comparable to recent graduate Tommy “Undefeated” Hunter: 5 starts (all QS), 33.0 IP, 2.45 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, 15 K. The only difference between the two pitchers is the 4-1 advantage Hunter has in Wins, but we don’t chase Wins now do we? PoD is all about favorable matchups that will give you good stats, and Wins are simply a bonus as they’re unpredictable. All in all the chart looks great, but I feel Cecil is getting snubbed here (like Vargas did earlier in the season) due to lack of track record and Wins. If you’re going to call Pavano an “Ace” (a title he has earned this season), then it’s fair to reward other pitchers with similar less-than-impressive track records (excluding his anomalous Cy Young season of course).
Scotty Mac
Seattle, WA


Willingham’s by far the best HR/RBI option and his AVG isn’t a killer, so he’d be my choice.
Scotty Mac,

Yeah, Cecil is a close call but personally I still need to see a little more than four starts. I don’t think Hunter’s a fair comp as he’s been flat out dominant ever since making his season debut in early-June. Tommy’s 9-for-10 in quality starts, his only non-quality start being the game he left early due to injury. In my book, there’s a significant difference between four starts and 10 starts. But who knows, Cecil might just be a grad next time. You called it with Vargas so I wouldn’t be surprised!


Hey Zach,
I’m not giving up on this one yet… let us dig a little deeper into Cecil since a disaster start in mid-May against the Rangers. Next 5 starts (all QS): 36.1 IP, 1.49 ERA, 0.77 WHIP, 21 K. Keep in mind, before the disaster start he was performing decently. Then came interleague, where in 3 games against playoff contenders the Padres, Cards and Phillies hit him to the tune of a 9.19 ERA and 1.85 WHIP. A return to the AL left him with the numbers presented in my previous comment.
Meanwhile, Tommy Terrific had his 3 interleague games against the Marlins (the start he left early), Pirates and Astros (the only 2 teams in the NL who haven’t scored more than 350 runs on the season… everyone else has broken 400 runs).
So let’s make this comparison since the start of June and exclude interleague:
– Tommy Terrific: 7 starts (all QS), 48.0 IP, 2.25 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, 24 K
– Cecil: 6 starts (all QS), 41.0 IP, 1.98 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, 21 K
Now I’m not lobbying for a change in the chart, but I believe Cecil is getting unfairly punished by facing 2 of the better offenses in the NL while Tommy is getting unjustly rewarded for his romp over the NL’s offensive doormats. Just something to consider when the chart is next updated…
Scotty Mac
Seattle, WA

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