Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 27

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


PoD chart July 23.pdf 


Sabathia @ Tomlin
Millwood @ Romero
Verlander @ Shields – Shields unimpressive vs. O’s last time out
G. Gonzalez @ Lee – OK to gamble on Gio here but later in the season brings conservatism
Rowland-Smith @ Floyd
Pavano @ Chen
Lackey @ Weaver – Let’s see Lackey do it against a “real” offense
Hanson @ Strasburg – Hanson : 2009 ? Strasburg : 2010
Lopez @ Hamels
Wainwright @ Niese
Lilly @ Myers
Volquez @ Gallardo – Edinson’s beatdown vs. the Nationals scared me off for a bit
Duke @ De La Rosa – DLR has not been sharp since coming off the DL
Billingsley @ Garland – Garland does well at home and Dodgers can’t score without Manny
Johnson @ Cain

***Siano says:

I’d rather take a whirl on Shields over Gio but agree both are
Pitch Lackey I believe. 
De La Rosa with 8 Ks in 6 innings at Florida looked sharp to me and it’s
Pittsburgh so pitch. 
Agree on rest. 


How about some FAAB dollar values on the players involved in the Haren trade? I’m in an NL-only-keeper and would like to know what is reasonable to invest (and what I can expect for a return) in Joe Saunders.

Hello again,
I should i trade Matt Kemp for Carlos Gonzalez?

Hi guys,

I was just offered Cano for Ubaldo in my big 20 team, H2H (OBP vs. AVG) keeper league (we keep 5). I’m currently in 4th and am making a push for the playoffs. I’m very intrigued, especially since Maggs is now out for me. I think if the ‘good versions’ of my staff show up, I can afford to do this and Cano is a heckuva keeper. Thoughts?


My roster:

C – Suzuki
1B – Votto
2B – N. Walker
SS – Zobrist
3B – Alvarez
OF – Crawford
OF – Heyward
OF – Colvin
BN – Callaspo
BN – Crisp
DL – M. Ordonez

SP – Jimenez
SP – Liriano
SP – Romero
SP – Volquez
SP – Pelfry
SP – De La Rosa
SP – Hammel
SP – Enright
RP – B. Wilson
RP – Valverde
RP – J. Gutierrez

Hello again,
Should i trade Matt Kemp to get Carlos Gonzalez?


An absolute no-brainer for you. I have no clue why this guy would be willing to do that deal.

Well, being that Haren went for 71 (out of 100 budget) in AL Tout, I’d put an estimate for Saundo at about 10, with 15 being the absolute max. He’s just not having a good year and I think the negative of going from Angels Stadium to hitter-friendly Chase Field outweighs the positive of moving from the AL to the NL.


Hi there, So Coghlan has torn his miniscus delivering a pie in the face. Should I DL him or drop him and who should I pick up Jon Jay or Seth Smith. If I don’t DL Coghlan should I pick up Scott Olsen or Derek Holland for that DL spot? My current pitchers are,
B. Cecil P
F. Cordero P
J. Garcia P
C. Kershaw P
M. Rivera P
J. Verlander P
A. Wainwright P
C. Wilson P
D. Aardsma
T, Cahill
J. Jurrjens P
V. Mazzaro P
J. Niese P
Thanks for the help Love the show.


What should I do about Volquez? Should I drop him or stash him? Check out http://www.thefantasybaseballguru.com leave comments ask qs and tell me what you think.


Never thought I’d be saying this but yes, in a non-keeper I’d make that trade. Kemp and Gonzalez have put up almost identical numbers in everything except AVG but CarGo has been a lot more consistent. Going forward, I think Kemp has the higher ceiling but for 2010 Gonzalez is my choice.

If you have an open DL slot, sure, go ahead and Dl Coghlan. But if not, it’s OK to drop him. Either way, I’d grab Seth Smith.

I think Volquez is worth stashing due to upside alone but I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting him until he strings together a few solid outings in a row.


16 teams non-keeper h2h points. Starters can bring more points in a week with a very good start, but closers are more reliable to bring solid results and it’s hard to pitch or ditch for 2 start pitchers since the waver wire is shallow.

I give Justin Upton, Barmes, Cueto and receive Granderson, Aramis Ramirez and Andrew Bailey. by doing this I move Beckham who is on my team to 2b and Aramis to 3rd.

Is this smart to buy low on those guys now since they seem to be waking up from there slow starts? Or did I just give up the best player in the deal for too little? (Upton is also raking).



Hey guys, I’m in a 6-team league as you can tell with my stacked pitching staff.. However, after Dan Haren’s injury, I feel like it’s time to make couple of moves. Would you guys consider picking up either Josh Beckett or Pavano since they are still free agents? Also, would you guys recommend to drop Cordero for some bench? Players like Chris Young, Scott Podsednik, Shin-Soo Choo and Shane Victorino are available on the free agent market too… So, if you guys can weight in your opinions, I’d be greatly appreciate! Thanks again and have a nice day!

My current pitching staff:
Tim Lincecum
Roy Oswalt
Jonathan Broxton
Mariano Rivera
Jos Valverde
Francisco Cordero
Matt Cain
Dan Haren
Mat Latos
Ryan Dempster
Tim Hudson

Hey guys,

Love the show! You guys keep saying that “hitters hit” and emphasize offense. I have Wainwright and an owner in my league has been trying to get him. That owner has Crawford and Upton. Should I trade Wainwright for one of those two? (My other SPs: Grienke, Cain, Tommy Hanson, Beckett, Romero).

Hey question….in my league angel pagan is available…..I have Kemp, Werth, Mccutchen, Lind who is doing better lately and stubbs, C.Gonz would you drop any for him? I need power so that is why I have stubbs on reserve…..

i have zimmerman obviously for third base and a guy in my league would be willing to swap adrian beltre for ryan zimmerman therefore giving me beltre. i believe they r both pretty even. so should i take adrian beltre?


That’s very tempting considering the added value of closers but I still wouldn’t do it. In addition to Upton being the best player in the deal, Cueto’s quietly enjoying a very nice season. The upgrade at 3B looks promising but who’s to say Aramis won’t sink back into a slump? Not a bad trade but I’d lean towards no.

I’d stand pat and resist the urge to make a move just for the sake of making a move. It sounds like there’s a good chance that Haren will make his next start so I wouldn’t worry too much about him. Hold onto Cordero as there’s always a finite supply of closers while quality outfielders (particularly in this league) will always be available. Keep an eye on Latos going forward as the Pads might decide to limit his innings down the stretch. Obviously don’t drop him now but at some point down the road he may be a candidate to cut in favor of Beckett or Pavano.

I’d definitely deal Wainwright for Crawford and would think about trading him for J-Up, but try for Crawford first.

Dump Stubbs for Pagan. Yeah, he contributes in power but he’s only leading Pagan 13-8 in homers and has been nowhere near as consistent in the AVG department. Pagan’s simply the safer choice.


Thanks a ton guys! You guys are the best!!!


Zim and Beltre are very close in value but I’d lean towards Zim. Their power numbers are similar but you have to think that as a career .274 hitter, Beltre’s current .333 AVG is bound to go down. Zimmerman, on the other hand, has proven to be a consistent high AVG guy throughout his career.


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