Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, July 31-August 2

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


chart July 23.pdf

De La Rosa.jpg


Westbrook @
Cecil – Cecil four straight quality starts

Scherzer @
– Both very risky but I’ll take the chance

Braden @
– Braden a league average pitcher since perfecto and this is a tough matchup

Bergesen @

Vazquez @
Garza – Vazquez no lock but he’s been pitching well enough lately

King Felix @
Slowey – If you want to start Slowey here go ahead…I’m just not a fan

Feldman @

Jurrjens @
Arroyo – Bronson’s a sleeper down the stretch given his brilliant second half history but let’s sit this one out

Billingsley @
Zito – Billingsley is hot

Bush @
Wandy – I’ll roll the dice on Bush in favorable matchup

Blanton @

Enright @


Gorzelanny @
Hammel – This isn’t the place to gamble on Gorzelanny. Hammel great at home (3.18 ERA) so pitch

Nolasco @
Correia – Correia close to earning back my trust but not yet




Tomlin @

Verlander @

Sabathia @
Shields – Shields solid last time out but too inconsistent to trust vs. Yanks

G. Gonzalez @
– Fresh off impressive performance @ TEX Gio has proven that he can handle the tough matchup

Millwood @

French @

Lee @
Weaver – A duel worth watching!

R. Lopez @

Hanson @
Volquez – Edinson has a lot to prove

Hamels @

Wolf @
Wright – Wolf 12 ER blowup has scared me off for awhile

Duke @

Silva @ De La
– Two straight outstanding starts and I’m back on the DLR bandwagon

Johnson @ Garland – Garland + Home = Pitch

Kershaw @




Morrow @
Burnett – I’ll play it safe on Morrow but feel free to pitch…Burnett back to fantasy relevance

Carmona @

Pavano @

Bannister @
Cahill – Cahill a great play here

Wood @
Ohlendorf – Ditto for Wood

J. Santana @ T.

Gallardo @
Lilly – Will Ted still be around for this one?

Myers @ J.

Livan @
TBD – Livan @ Chase Field scares me

Richard @



hi guys,

12 team mixed 5×5 rotisserie league…

I’ve been offered Crawford for CC and Gardner… I’m leading most of the pitching but this will leave me with Cahill, Sanchez, Floyd and Shields as I’ve traded a couple of pitchers.

Should I accept?

Thanks for the advice guys! As Dotel was traded I dropped him and picked up Bartlett.

I also traded Adrian Beltre for Zach Grienke. I needed pitching and was covered at 3B (A. Ramirez, Prado, Cuddyer). However I still have a pang of regret at leaving Beltre go.

Did I do the right thing and do you think Grienke will finish the season strongly?

In a need for pitching I have traded adrian beltre and Alex Rios for Adam Wainwright and Zach Grienke in the past 2 weeks.

I know you guys favour hitters over pitchers. My question is were those the right guys to target to help out with Whip and Era (my 2 worse categories)?

Hey guys, Intriguing question for you. I am in first place in a head to head and I have been very disappointed in Matt Kemp and Ubaldo Jimenez as of late, Kemp just isnt hitting anymore and Ubaldo finally put up a quality start. I have been shopping them recently. Am I giving up on them to early? Will they be able to right the ship? I got offers for C.C. and Chris B. Young and a different offer to recieve Yovani Ellsbury and Swisher. What should I do? My offense can afford to lose kemp. Thanks so much for your great wisdom.

Trying to decide on my starting pitchers. I’m in 4th place so I’m thinking mainly about next year – mixed keeper league. Who would you ditch when Stras comes off the DL?


hey fellas,

at this point, is there any reason at all to keep Rauch on the roster? while he wasn’t amazingly efficient during his time as closer, neither is Capps. I don’t really see Capps losing the job though because of what they gave up for him.

should i just drop Rauch completely and pick up another player? closer is the one spot i’m not so strong in and have Street, Lindstrom and Marmol. i should be ok just throwing those guys out.


Ok guys,Howard looks likes he’s gonna be out for at least a week w/ankle sprain. Should I make a trade for a 1B? I already have Kinsler on DL and no one to drop for a waiver wire 1B. I have depth at OF…I have Rios, Quentin, C Young, Choo, D Young.
I’m looking at Butler, or Huff…GM trades a lot and needs OF help…
What do you think would be fair offer? Am I jumping too soon?

I’m thinking Quentin for Butler…he doesn’t want to give up Huff…
What do ya think?

I’m thinking Quentin for Butler…he doesn’t want to give up Huff…
What do ya think?

With Kinsler on my DL, and the extent of his injury is unknown, I am looking for a replacement. I am in a H2H, AL only league. As of now, the three that are on my radar are at Gordan Beckham , Cristian Guzman, and Ty Wigginton. Who would you advise picking up?

Now that Lilly’s gone, are we pitching or ditching on Randy Wells tonight vs. MIL?


Call me crazy for passing on the best player in the trade but I’d lean towards no on that deal. Crawford’s main attribute is his speed but by going from Gardner to Crawford you won’t be gaining much in that category. So the question becomes whether or not CC is too high of a price to pay for the home run, RBI and probably Runs upgrade you’d be getting by swapping Gardner for Crawford. Considering Sabathia’s traditionally dominant second halves and the fact that your pitching staff without CC is questionable, I would reject this offer.

A totally reasonable deal. Certainly helps that A-Ram has finally woken up.
As for your second post, Wainwright is about as consistent as they come and I do think that Greinke will pitch better down the stretch (also note that a few blowups have skewed his ERA). That said, if I knew that I could do Rios for Wainwright, I probably wouldn’t have went ahead with the Beltre for Greinke deal. I think giving away two solid hitters might have been one too many.

Depends on the offer but I wouldn’t be overly eager to deal them. I’m not in love with either of those deals, particularly the second one (I’m assuming that you’re giving up both Ubaldo and Kemp).

Close call between Shields and Bumgarner but I’d probably ditch Shields as he’s been very inconsistent over the past several seasons. Long-term, I have more faith in Bumgarner.

If you can afford the roster spot, it’s not a bad idea to hold onto Rauch for at least a couple weeks. He was very effective this year as Minnesota’s closer so it’s certainly possible that he reclaims the job at some point and collects a few more saves by season’s end.

If you regularly start all of those OFs, I wouldn’t be so inclined to make a panic trade just because Howard might miss a week, at least until we know more. If, however, one more of the above outfielders sits on your bench anyway, sure, go ahead. In that case, Quentin for Butler sounds good to me.

I’d go with Wigginton. Beckham’s red hot right now while Wigginton is slumping of late, but on the whole Wiggy’s been the most productive player of that bunch.


Somebody please help me stop this madness.
10 team full keeper OBP and SLG included with normal 5 hitting categories.
I have had Russell Martin since he was called up and won the starting job. Grabbed Wieters when he was called up. With Wieters on DL I picked up Soto. I shouldn’t keep all 3 on my roster, who to drop? My head says Martin but my heart is having trouble letting go. I need an intervention.


I regularly start D Young, Rios, & Choo. I use C Young & Quentin in Utility Spot. I’ve been going back and forth with those 2…I plan to use Butler in 1B for Howard then put him in rotation for Utility. Still seem like a panic trade? It’s a H2H league and right now I’m in 7th of a 6 team playoff. Team I’m facing this week has Big Puma…
Thanks for advice

Hey Fantasy 411 Gurus,

My friend and I are leading our league and we’ve had a contentious dialogue about who will win the league (H2H, 12 category, 10-team mixed, and I’m only 5.5 games behind him). Each of us says our lineup is better than the other, and according to me, the only reason he beat me last week was because 4 out of 5 of his starters went twice and my offense wasn’t performing (ie Howard, Kemp). To settle this dispute, I’m appealing to you guys as a neutral 3rd party. Who has the edge per position? And what are some areas of mine that need improvement? I’ll list my guy(s) and then his. If there are multiple guys per side, the first guy is the starter (3 for the OF and 5 for SP). For the long lists of OFs and SPs, I’ll separate the two.

C–Carlos Santana vs Mike Napoli
1B–Ryan Howard/Paul Konerko vs Joey Votto/Carlos Pena
2B–Casey McGehee/Brian Roberts vs Rickie Weeks/Ian Kinsler
3B–Kevin Kouzmanoff/Casey McGehee vs A-Rod
SS–Elvis Andrus vs Jose Reyes
My OF–Carl Crawford, Aubrey Huff, Vernon Wells, Matt Kemp, Corey Hart, Jacoby Ellsbury.
His OF–Nelson Cruz, Carlos Quentin, Adam Lind, Jason Bay, Adam Jones, Jay Bruce.
My SP–Yovanni Gallarod, Carl Pavano, Clayton Kershaw, Jeff Niemann, Hiroki Kuroda, Tommy Hanson, Ricky Romero.
His SP–Cole Hamels, Matt Garza, Roy Oswalt, Max Scherzer, Ricky Nolasco, Shaun Marcum, Brett Anderson.
RP–Brian Wilson/Bobby Jenks vs Billy Wagner/Carlos Marmol

I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me figure out what areas to tweak for the last few weeks of the season. I’m so close to the finish that I don’t want to stumble at this point.


I’m debating on whether to keep Placido Palanco or pick up Scott Rolen. What do you advise?

Do you guys think aramis ramirez will continue dominating like he has lately and is his fantasy value still going to be high?

Better to start at second base?
Brian Roberts or Gordon Beckham


Pitch on Wells. He’s been solid of late and deserves the nod.

Yeah, if you have to cut one, I think it has to be Martin. Soto is clearly having the best year between the three and at this point I’d rather bank on Wieters eventually reaching the elite level than on Martin rediscovering his ’07 form.

Since you’ve got the two utility spots at your disposal, I’m fine with making the Quentin for Butler trade. Positions aside, I prefer Butler to Quentin anyway, and you’d still have Young to rotate in at OF.


Here is a recent change to my friend’s lineup for consideration in my previous question. He just traded Garza and Pena for Halladay. I’m sure that tips the scales somewhat in terms of pitching. I know I’m asking a lot, but I would like to know what I’m up against and what I can do. Thanks.


Both Trevor Cahill and C.J. Wilson are available in my league.
I placed Silva on the DL so I have an open spot on my roster.
Who is the better long term pick up?


In my opinion, the winners:

C – Napoli (obviously, in light of Santana injury)
1B – Howard/Konerko
2B – Weeks/Kinsler
3B – A-Rod
SS – Reyes
Your OF
SP – Very close but I’ll lean towards his side
RP – Wagner/Marmol

***After making that trade, he definitely wins at SP but your advantage at 1B clearly increases.

Now that Rolen is back, he’d be my choice. Both hit for a high AVG but Rolen’s power production is considerably greater than that of Polanco.

Well, Aramis is certainly making up for his dreadful start and I do think he’ll be solid from here on out. But at the same time, let’s not forget how awful he was for the first two-plus months of the season. If you can find someone who is overly optimistic about him to the point where they’re willing to make an appealing trade proposal, I’d definitely listen.

As for Roberts vs. Beckham, go with Roberts. Beckham’s been red hot but Roberts is also performing well of late. I’ll take the guy with the longer track record.

Cahill and Wilson are very close but I’d lean towards Wilson. He’s got the higher strikeout rate and pitches for the better team. Run support won’t be as much of a problem.


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