Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 3

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next guy. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


chart July 23.pdf


Buehrle @ Porcello – Porcello impressive since return but this matchup scares me
F. Garcia @ Bonderman – Garcia’s road ERA…5.73
Bell @ Guthrie – Guthrie three straight QS and better at home than on the road
Romero @ Moseley – Romero’s last start @NYY – 2 2/3 IP  8 ER
TBD @ Beckett
Duensing @ Niemann
Davies @ Mazzaro – Great opportunity for Mazzaro to bounce back
Lewis @ Vargas – If this were @TEX I’d pass on Vargas, but at home let’s give it a shot
Leake @ Maholm – Leake hard to trust right now but come on, the Pirates?
Dickey @ Lowe – Still waiting for Dickey to fall apart but let’s give him credit
Halladay @ West
Narveson @ Diamond
Norris @ J. Garcia
J. Sanchez @ Cook
Olsen @ Saunders – Saundo outstanding @TEX and @PHI…a blowup is long overdue
Latos @ Lilly


Im in a H2H league with 10 people and was wondering should i drop Juan Uribe for Omar Infante or Jerry Hairston j.r. Please let me know as soon as possible.

hey guys i need a OF who hits HR and gets RBI and has a high AVG which of these guys do u reconmend

Seth Smith
Drew Stubbs
Luke Scott
Jonny Gomes


Cory, MIKE!

I need HELP.
Big weekend for MLB transactions which has contributed to a whole lot of players to choose from on the waiver wire in my NL ONLY WEEKLY League. We run waivers every Monday.

So, could you rank these players who either came over to the NL or got jobs because of call ups
Dominic Brown
Jake Westbrook
Brett Wallace
Scott Posednick
Logan Morrison
Daniel Hudson
Miguel Tejada

I am trying to win this year but I need help. So which guy can help me the most

Tampa Pete

11 Team Rotisserie

C – Santana
IF – Butler, B. Roberts, Rolen, Alexei Ramirez, Erick Aybar, Berkman, Posey
OF – Braun, Werth, Crawford, Abreu, Gomes
Util – Soto, Chris Johnson
SP – Sabathia, Jimenez, Shields, Danks, Volquez, Anderson, Myers
RP – Papelbon, Lidge, Storen
MRP (Holds) – Kuo, Hanrahan
BN – Chone Figgins, Domonic Brown
DL – Orlando Hudson, Mike Adams

I have 164 stolen bases on the year – 33 more than 2nd place. Everyone is making offers on Crawford, but none have been appetizing enough. I received one today, an it’s the most reasonable thus far – should I take it or counter?

Crawford/Roberts for Zimmerman/Cuddyer

For reference, I’m last in HR & RBI, and hovering around 7th overall.

I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. At this point in the season would you drop Wieters for Olivo? Wieters isn?t likely to be a keeper on my team as I?ve got Youkilis, Wright, Pedroia, Tulowitzki, Utley, Kemp, Holliday, Ellsbury, Rollins, and Lester (to name a few). Once everyone?s healthy my only real weakness on offense is catcher. What do you think? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

I really low on HR and jsut put Silva a the DL opening up a free spot. Which 1 of these can i epect the most from; Johnny Gomes, Ike Davis, Seth Smith, Tyler Colvin, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ty Wigginton, or any1 esle owned in only a few leagues? By the way the show needs on more i really help.

John from Texas

I really low on HR and jsut put Silva a the DL opening up a free spot. Which 1 of these can i epect the most from; Johnny Gomes, Ike Davis, Seth Smith, Tyler Colvin, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ty Wigginton, or any1 esle owned in only a few leagues? By the way the show needs on more i really help.

John from Texas

Hey guys, please give me some advice as you can tell I have a very very tough decision to make. I’m in a 6 x 6 head to head league, now both my second baseman are on the DL and probably won’t return in 2 weeks… Should I play through this or make some pitching for hitting change? I’m currently in first place with only 3 games lead, and this lead could all be gone soon since my hitting staff is in a slump. Please advice and I do really appreciate it!

Geovany Soto

Miguel Cabrera

Mark Reynolds

Hanley Ramírez

Adam Dunn

Andrew McCutchen

Brett Gardner

Josh Hamilton

Joey Votto

Carlos González

Dustin Pedroia
Martín Prado

With Pitching staff:

Tim Lincecum

Roy Oswalt

Mariano Rivera

José Valverde

Francisco Cordero

Ryan Dempster

Tim Hudson

Matt Cain

Dan Haren

Phil Hughes

Mat Latos

Jonathan Broxton

Whazzup guys…13 team DEEP (10 man) benches, 5×5 mixed, I had Rauch, he’s now useless (for my team). I have big leads in WHIP and ERA, 2nd in saves (2 saves ahead of 3rd, 20 saves ahead of 4th). I need K’s…keep getting to within about 20 of the guy ahead of me, but then I go a couple days with just one or two starts, and fall back to about 40 behind. Also only 4 points in wins, 3 wins behind next team, 10 wins behind team after that. Absolutely NO starters worth considering on the wire…Pelfrey and Millwood top SP strikeouts on the wire. Should I go with a middle reliever like, say, Sean Marshall, Joaquin Benoit, or Edwin Mujica? They all have good to great K/BB and K/IP, won’t hurt WHIP or ERA. If so, please rank those 3. Or should I risk my lead in rate categories and (GASP!!!) chase wins???? Or is it too early for that yet? I’m 2nd overall, 5 points out of first, but have been right about there for a few months now…feel like I’m spinning my wheels. HELP!!!!

Greg in Cincy

Hey Guys,
I made a couple of trades over the weekend in my 12 team mixed points league.
I trade away Tulo, Lidge, Panda, BJ Upton and got Votto, Cuddyer and Desmond. I currently have 4 closers and did really need Lidge. I then traded King Felix, Jamie Garcia, Mark Reynolds, and Simon and got Big Erv, Oswalt, Aaron Hill, and Thorton. Kinsler was my 2B and I needed one. I also traded Kinsler for Beckham and Hanrahan. Cuddyer qualifies at OF, 1B, 3B for our league. I have Desmond and Aybar at SS. OF consist of Justin Upton, Car-go, Bruce, Gardner and Cuddyer. So what do you think of the trades?

Hey guys i was wondering in a 10 team H2H league should I trade Josh Johnson for Buster Posey and Carlos Marmol


Stick with Uribe…more power and a lot more upside.

Scott has the best AVG/HR combination and, unlike Smith, is guaranteed everyday ABs. Go with him.

Factoring in playing time uncertainties, my ranking would be Tejada, Wallace, Podsednik, Westbrook, Morrison, Brown, Hudson.
wok off homer,

I don’t think you’re getting enough value in return for Crawford. If your major need is power, why not simplify things and offer something like Crawford and perhaps a throw-in for Pujols or M-Cab? I think that would make more sense.

Yeah, sure. Take away the keeper factor and it’s as simple as this: Olivo is producing while Wieters isn’t. At this point in the season, results is what matters the most.

I’ll say Colvin as he has the lowest AB/HR ratio and is now playing every day.

Sit tight. You’ve got an absolutely loaded team that’s very balanced. No need to be too concerned. You should be able to find an adequate 2B off the wire to hold down the fort until your regulars return.


Hey guys,

I decided to ignore your advice about John Lackey and keep him on my team, predicting (hoping for) a turn around on a Red Sox team that would likely provide him with run support and wins.

For two starts there, it seemed my hunch was correct. He was really good. THEN – he gets blown up by…………..The AAA Cleveland Indians, at home!!!

It seems to me that this season John Lackey and AJ Burnett appear to be cut from the same cloth. Both are overpriced, underperforming, inconsistent veterans on a powerhouse team.

Do you think both should be dropped for a young up and comer for these last two months, or is there hope for either one?


First, see if you can trade one of your low ERA/WHIP but low K SPs for a high K SP. I think that would be the easiest way to gain a few points. If that’s not possible, I’d slightly prefer the middle reliever strategy over the chasing wins approach. I’d rank those RPs Benoit, Marshall, Mujica, but they’re all very solid options.

Hate to say it but I don’t like any of those deals. The first one is reasonable as Votto is the best player in the trade, but I still think you gave up too much. I value BJ more than Cuddyer due to his consistently high SB contribution, but let’s for arguments sake call that tradeoff a wash. I think you could’ve done better than Votto and Desmond for Tulo, Lidge and Panda.

Felix and Garcia for Erv and Oswalt is fine, but then it becomes Reynolds and Simon for Hill (who has still yet to snap out of his season-long funk) and Thornton. Simon will likely pick up at least a few more saves before Mike Gonzalez eventually takes over ninth inning duties (whenever that may be) while Reynolds, as much as we like to criticize him for his low AVG, will always hit for tons of power.

Despite Kinsler’s health status, an inconsistent 2B with some upside plus a reliever who may or may not close is just not sufficient value for an elite level player.

If you can afford the hit in starting pitching, that sounds like a fine deal.



In a league of 12 or more teams, I wouldn’t cut Lackey or Burnett just yet but rather keep them reserved and hope that they become more consistent. I’m willing to give them another couple of weeks to straighten out.


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