Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, August 21-23

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next day. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


PoD chart August 10.pdf  




Vargas @
Vazquez – Bench Vargas only if you’re running out of innings

Lee @

Bell @
Slowey – Slowey pitching better lately and has been very good at home

Tomlin @

Romero @
Dice-K – Romero has struggled vs. BOS this year so not an automatic start

F. Garcia @
Bullington – I’ve lost all confidence in Garcia…Bullington approaching the PoD radar but not yet

Price @ Anderson

Hanson @
Gorzelanny – I’ll take the conservative approach and ditch on Gorzo

Strasburg @

Niese @
McDonald – Pirates can’t hit, Mets can’t hit

Correia @
Narveson – Narveson decent lately but I don’t like this matchup

Wandy @
Volstad – Volstad sputtering and Astros bats finally starting to show some life

Lincecum @

Jimenez @
Enright – Enright could be a ticking time bomb but I’ll say pitch here

Cueto @




Gomez @
Verlander – Start Gomez at your own risk…I’m passing

French @

Hunter @
Millwood – I’ll give Hunter one more shot

Marcum @

Danks @

Garza @
Braden – Braden outstanding recently

Weaver @
Baker – I’ve given up trying to figure out Baker

Figueroa @

Olsen @

J. Santana @

Garland @
Parra – Garland turning out to be one of the best off-season signings

Zito @

Minor @

Arroyo @

Chacin @ D. Hudson




Chen @

Moseley @
Morrow – Leave Morrow for deeper formats…Yanks have roughed him up this year

Pauley @
Lackey – Little faith in Lackey but this is a nice matchup

Liriano @ Holland

Shields @
Kazmir – Shields a tough call but he’s coming off impressive outing vs. TEX

Coleman @
– 69-year-old Livan keeps getting it done

Myers @
Blanton – Blanton continues to tease us with his inconsistency…YPNM

J. Garcia @

T. Hudson @

Volquez @
Cain – Banking on Volquez is asking for trouble



Who do you prefer for tomorrow: Scherzer vs. Indians or Slowey vs. Angels?


Both have favorable matchups but Scherzer’s got more general upside, particularly in the K department, so I’d go with him.


I have Kurt Suzuki as my catcher in a couple of point leagues. In one of them, Ruiz is available and in the other, Ruiz and Soto are. Soto was hitting well before his DL stint and is supposed to come back Sunday. In my minds eye, either one would be an upgrade at this point, but if Suzuki heats up, I might not get him back. Would you make either of these moves? Thanks


I’m still a believer in Suzuki but would lean towards dropping him for Soto once Soto plays a couple of games and proves healthy. Pass on Ruiz.


how many starter picthers should you have in ur team? how much would you recommend?

I watch fantasy 411 on tv to get pitch or ditch. Sat. you said pitch on Niese & McDonald. I don’t understand when they are opponents Sat.

I have 4 Starting pitchers going tonight (Oswalt, Garza, Garcia, Buchholz) but with the outing both Cliff Lee and David Price had last night, who would be a pitcher or even a batter that could boost me up in the rankings?

I own Strass, want to make sure I have enough SP. Homer Bailey just got picked up. Somebody dropped Hellickson, is he worth stashing on my bench? How would u rate the chances of him beeing back in the rotation in September?

thx, Danny

hey all,

I am done with my league this year and I can only keep 5 players.

here is my team, please tell me who you think i should keep or drop. Thanks.

Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI
Bautista, Jose LF TOR
Gardner, Brett CF NYY
Upton, B.J. CF TB
Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
Pena, Carlos 1B TB A

Beckett, Josh SP BOS
Hernandez, Felix SP SEA
Rodriguez, Wandy SP HOU
Wieters, Matt C BAL A
Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY
Reynolds, Mark 3B ARI
Heyward, Jason RF ATL

Dickey, R.A. RP NYM
Kuroda, Hiroki SP LA
Lackey, John SP BOS
Roberts, Brian 2B BAL

Who would be better to keep for the rest of the year?

Jake Westbrook, Brian Duensing, or Clayton Richard?

Or should I just keep these 3 in a PoD rotation?


Totally depends on your league’s roster size/layout but generally speaking, in the standard structure of 23 starting players (14 hitters, 9 pitchers), I like to own about seven starting pitchers. But if you pitch or ditch on a regular basis you could probably get by with six.

The Pitch or Ditch blog posts simply advise you whether or not to start a certain pitcher if you own him on your fantasy team, so you’re not restricted to just one pitcher per matchup. In the above example, if you owned Niese, I recommended that you start him (good advice!). Likewise, if you owned McDonald, I recommended that you start him (in retrospect, bad advice!)

Sounds like that question was time sensitive so if you have a follow-up question let me know.

Barring an injury to one of the Rays’ other starters, I doubt that Hellickson will be back in the rotation this year. They’ll be very careful with him and I think he’ll prove to be a very effective weapon out of the bullpen (a la David Price in ’08). In a non-keeper league, it’s fairly safe to leave him on the wire unless you have an already open roster spot and want to hold him for about a week until we’re convinced that both Niemann and Davis are fully healthy.

Tex, Heyward, Rollins, Felix, Upton. B.J. isn’t quite keeper worthy but I’d give him the edge over Roberts. It’s very close though. If you’re allowed to keep fewer than five in exchange for the extra pick at the top of the draft, I’d actually just keep the first four. I think you’ll be able to get both B.J. and Roberts back if you want them.



All three of those guys are outstanding PoD options and even borderline grads but to conserve roster space I’d probably just keep them in a PoD rotation. That said, if I had to pick one it would be Richard, who seems to have righted the ship after struggling throughout most of the past month. Remember that at the start of July he held a 2.74 ERA, so that ought to count for something.


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