Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 24

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next day. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


PoD chart August 10.pdf  


Davies @

G. Gonzalez @
Carmona – Fausto too erratic to trust right now

Moseley @

Pauley @
Beckett – M’s lineup could be perfect remedy for Beckett’s recent struggles

Pavano @

Guthrie @
Floyd – Guthrie very shaky last time out but overall he’s been pleasant surprise this year

Davis @ Big
– Might want to follow the conservative route and sit Davis for first start back but I’ll throw him out there

Zambrano @
Lannan – Big Z too wild to trust (15 walks combined over last three starts)

Norris @ Hamels – I wouldn’t blame you for pitching Norris but I don’t like this matchup

Wainwright @

Johnson @

Lilly @

Lowe @ De La

Lopez @
– Clayton looks to be back on track after rough stretch

Wood @ J.

***Siano says:

Carmona. He’s my 2 start special this week.

on Davis, first start back from DL and on the road. Not sure it’s wise just

on rest.


I currently have three catchers on my roster. Montero, Wieters and Soto. I want to drop one of these guys so I can pick up a better player off the Waiver wire. Please rate the three catchers in order of preference.

I added Manny Ramirez about a week ago off the wire because he was coming back. Do you expect nice production, or he is a bust for the rest of the season?

To replace 2 of the above guys I probably don’t need, there are some strong pickings on the wire I could add to replace them.

Alex Gonzalez, Angel Pagan, Austin Jackson,
Marlon Byrd, Gaby Sanchez.

Who would be the best two pick ups?

hey guys,

I’m in a keeper league and i need to pick between two SS’s, Rollins and Andrus.

Can you tell me why or why not i should keep either one?

The last option is Weiters, its between these 3 guys. Thanks!

Which of these closers do you like the best going forward in a points league? Street, Gregg, Axford, Jenks, Aardsma, or Lyon. Thanks

With Nolasco and Padilla injured my POD positions have grown by 2. Whatcha think about Richard and Floyd?,Duensing isalso available.
Current SP staff with no injuries
E. Jackson (original POD slot),


In a non-keeper I’ll rank those catchers Soto, Montero, Wieters. Wieters is the clear odd man out…he’s been way too inconsistent this year. As for Manny, I think he’s absolutely worth a roster spot. He might not help all that much in the HR department but he should still provide solid production in AVG and RBIs. My two choices among that FA group would be Pagan and Jackson but if you’re already very strong in speed I might lean towards Sanchez over Jackson.

That’s a real tough call as you’re essentially choosing between track record and upside. I’d go with track record and give Rollins another shot in 2011. I know J-Roll has been a huge disappointment this season but injuries played a huge part. Rollins has performed a lot better of late and is simply a better five-category player than Andrus. For at least one more season, Rollins would be my choice.

I’d be torn between Street and Axford but would ultimately go with Axford due to Street’s injury issues and Axford’s flat out dominance. At this point, I’m not all that concerned about Hoffman eating into Axford’s save chances.

Richard and Floyd are both solid options as they are PoD grads. Duensing is getting there but I’m slightly less confident in him.


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