Updated POD Category Chart (9/2)

Top 10 by position for 2011

Hey guys,

Hot off the press, here’s our updated Pitch or Ditch category chart:

PoD chart September 2.pdf

Notice that we’re becoming stricter graders as the season winds down. As Cory likes to say, now is the time to be conservative since many of you are rapidly approaching innings limits.

Just a reminder as to how the chart works:

divided all the starting
pitchers in the Majors into four groups:
Aces, Pitch or Ditch graduates, Pitch or Ditch guys and DTM’s (players
you shouldn’t even think about starting right now). Keep in mind that these
classifications are geared towards 12-team mixed leagues. In all likelihood, we’ll be making one more update to the chart before the 2010 campaign comes to a close.

Agree? Disagree? Let’s hear from you!



I like my pitching staff going into the playoffs.. with the number one seed going in i got

Lester,Ubaldo,Weaver,Oswalt,Price- Aces
Floyd,Arroyo,Jaime Garcia,Dickey- Grads
Duensing- Pod

In a 12 team h2h I have punted saves all year and it has worked wonderfully. Im gonna hold onto all these pitchers and pitch them all week 24. Dunsing remaining schedule is great and I got 5 two start pitchers this playoff week. My question is, do i drop one of these pitchers and my only real scrub hitter (thames) for closers to compete i the playoffs? Or just blow away my opponent in ks and wins since I only need to win 5 categories to move on? (my hitting is pretty strong)

Hey Zach,

I’ve asked this via Twitter but received no response from the guys, so I figured I would post this scenario where I should have in the first place!

The trade deadline has passed in my AL-only league and I have the #1 waiver position with a load of keepers for next year (more than I can keep really), while the last place team has the #2 waiver position with few keepers and a couple of expiring contracts (Mauer, in particular). What are your thoughts on us each dropping a player the other owner wants, essentially trading them straight up when the other owner claims each dropped player? It’s within the rules we’ve established, but I want to check and make sure there’s not a moral issue I’m missing. I am the Commish in this league, if that matters.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac
Seattle, WA


Personally, I’m not a follower of the punting saves philosophy but if it has worked for you all year, I suggest you stick with it. I think that in the playoffs, you should have even more incentive to use it since, as you said, you only need to win five categories. Why not virtually guarantee a victory in as many categories as possible?
Scotty Mac,

I actually did put your question on the list for today’s show so there’s a chance that the guys will answer it on air. Anyway, I’ve never heard of that before but if it’s within the rules of your league, I don’t have much of an issue with it. Beware of a possible uproar but I don’t view it as unethical.


411 Hotline, help please. Rollins seems to be done, with Price stuck in a holding pattern and my finals campaign is starting Mon 13th. Looking for Mr Right Now, for hitting and pitching. Head to head vanilla 12 team mixed.

For Rollins:JJ Hardy, Bonifacio (pos eligibility), Keppinger, Uribe (off waivers 12th), Furcal (who may be rested).

For Price, looking for possible 2 start pitcher if a quality one is available: Narveson, JA Happ, Porcello, Nick Blackburn (?) and Duensing.
I also just dropped Broxton for Brandon Lyon as I really need someone who can pick up a save and Hughes for Myers (playing the hot hand).

Playing for the Shower,


I like the moves you’ve already made but would still have a tough time playing one of those shortstops, all of whom aren’t too exciting, over Rollins. As for Price, I have no idea why you’re giving up on him. He’s allowed a combined five runs over his last three starts and the K rate is still very strong. I’m not at all against picking up a two-start pitcher, but not at the expense of Price. Call me conservative but I’d hate for you to lose the championship round because you benched one of your best pitchers.


Cheers Zach,
You talked me off the ledge about having an itchy trigger finger. I have had a man crush all season on Price, just hope the Yankees dont rough him up too much! Alex Gonzalez will fill the hole for Rollins, when he isnt playing. Keep up your awesome work!


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