The Final POD Category Chart

Hey guys,

So here it is. One final update to the Pitch or Ditch category chart before we put a stamp on the 2010 season.

PoD chart September 15.pdf

Most of you are probably very close to reaching your innings limit so feel free to take an even stricter approach when deciding whether or not to pitch a borderline guy. But as you’ll notice, we too have raised the bar, adding a couple more DTMs and demoting a few pitchers from grads to PoD.

A reminder as to how the chart works:

divided all the starting
pitchers in the Majors into four groups:
Aces, Pitch or Ditch graduates, Pitch or Ditch guys and DTMs (players
you shouldn’t even think about starting right now). Keep in mind that
classifications are geared towards 12-team mixed leagues.

Good luck to all as you make your final push towards a title!


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