2010 All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams

Hey everyone,

It’s that time of year again! Time to unveil the 2010 All-Surprise and All-Disappointment teams. Be sure to watch today’s 411 to get in-depth analysis from Siano and Schwartz but here are the rosters. On tomorrow’s show we’ll reveal the All-Fantasy team and grade Mike and Cory on their preseason underrated and overrated picks.


C    John Buck
1B  Aubrey Huff
2B  Martin Prado
3B  Jose Bautista
SS Alex Gonzalez
OF  Carlos Gonzales
OF  Chris Young
OF  Andres Torres
SP  C.J. Wilson
SP  Brett Myers
RP  John Axford


C    Chris Iannetta   
1B  Lance Berkman
2B  Gordon Beckham
3B  Pablo Sandoval
SS  Yunel Escobar
OF  Grady Sizemore
OF  Nate McLouth
OF  Matt Kemp
SP  Javier Vazquez
SP  A.J. Burnett
RP  Chad Qualls


Hey guys,

First off, thanks for the help throughout the season. Now for a question – I have 80 innings left and 5 wins will gain me a point over a guy who has topped out on innings. I picked up Volquez for todays start and benched Hughes. Is this a good matchup or a waste of innings? I have 2 more starts for Lester and G. Gonzalez (Danks as well but he seems to be struggling). Thanks for the help.


I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I?ve made it to the finals, played over the next two weeks, but I?ve had to pick up a few guys I don?t have complete faith in due to injuries. My outfield is currently Holliday, McCutchen, Werth, Tabata, and Zobrist with Betemit in my utility slot. I?m playing a team that?s really light on steals so I?m thinking of dropping Tabata and/or Zobrist. Waiver wire outfielders are Byrd, Infante, Venable, Span, Matsui, Quentin, and Kubel to name a few. Would you make a change? Thanks, Damon in Seattle


I know Cory said pitch on Volquez and ditch Hughes but I actually prefer Hughes, who looked pretty good in his last outing save for 2 Dan Johnson homers. I just don’t trust Volquez, plain and simple. Note too that he got rocked by the Brewers the last time he faced them. That said, if you have just 80 innings left, why pitch either of these guys? I’d rather explore other options.

Yeah, I’d cut ties with Tabata and add either Infante (if you need AVG), Quentin (power) or Matsui (best all-around player). I’d lean towards keeping Zobrist though.


It may be because he’s on my squad, but whether you have him at second or third base, I can’t imagine any body being more disappointing than Jose Lopez has been.


BAUTISTA……….Obviously Bautista is THE great surprise. I hope he didn’t juice. His bat-speed on inside fastballs was phenomenal when I saw him last time. Just unbelievable that a fringe starting player can turn into the most powerful guy over one season. Fortunately for GM’s he will have another arbitration year. Otherwise it would have been very interesting to watch, based on which numbers the GM’s would have offered him a contract…
If you guys would have put Bautista in the OF, Beltre would have fitted at 3rd.
Deserving also a spot in the OF is Ryan Gardner. To me the Ellsbury without having Boras marketing him a celebrity and because of that an unsung hero. 42 SB so far, excellent plate discipline and a future .300 hitter.
Prado had a history of making a lot of contact, nearly Mauer-like. So no surprise to me.
And I always liked Aubrey Huff. When the Red Sox ended up signing Drew and Huff was also a free agent, I was hoping they could do a much cheaper contract with Huff. In retrospective, I would rather take Huff’s numbers over four years than Drew’s for much less money. (nearly 50%). But Theo wouldn’t listen to me. hehehe.
ALL-DISAPPOINTMENT TEAM…………………………………………………………………….KEMP…….Not a disappointment to me. Yes the .avg and .obp aren’t there, but the decent power is. Not as expected but not bad enough to call him a disappointment. MANNY RAMIREZ……….He should be in there. 9 Homeruns and the lowest slugging since 1993. That’s a disapointment for 20 million$. HELTON……………he would probably fit in there. Nearly .70 points below his career batting average. BECKETT……..He could easily take Vasquez’ place. Could of course go on and on and on. But that’s the fun of such lists. Nobody will ever convince everybody with the all eleven players who are in there…nice job anyway!

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