2010 All-Fantasy Team + Final Grades

C    Joe Mauer
1B  Miguel Cabrera
2B  Robinson Cano
3B  Jose Bautista
SS  Hanley Ramirez
OF  Josh Hamilton
OF  Hunter Pence
OF  Carlos Gonzalez
SP  Roy Halladay
SP  Adam Wainwright
RP  Billy Wagner


Overrated-underrated 092010.xls


Please….Keeper help
Made the finals, thanks! H2H 12team 7keeper 15hit/15pitch stat cat….I?m thinking sure keepers are M. Cabrera, Posey, Hamilton?.what final 4 would you keep from these??

Kinsler, Fielder, M Holliday, Stanton, Hanson, B Myers, CJ Wilson, Colby Lewis, Strasburg, N Feliz…

Thanks for the help, POD, articles – the whole thing.

Top 15 Players
1) Albert Pujols
2) Miguel Cabrera
3) Roy Halladay
4) Joey Votto
5) Ryan Howard
6) Alex Rodriguez
7) Ryan Braun
8) Carlos Gonzalez
9) Josh Hamilton
10) Hanley Ramirez
11) Troy Tulowitzki
12) Felix Hernandez
13) Tim Lincecum
14) Carl Crawford
15) Prince Fielder

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