A Few Articles to Check Out

Hey everyone,

Over the past several weeks I’ve written a series of articles for Fantasy Goodness, a blog run by the guys at our fantasy department. Just thought I’d share these with 411 Nation!

Good luck to all of you who are still in contention. Remember, every extra run and RBI counts. 10 days left…



Thanks for a great season guys!! In my H2H I went from last to 5th and am now dominating the semifinals after going 19-1-1 in the first round. Couldn’t have done it without you guys. My last thing is I need help to finalize my keepers in my other league.

In my 12tm roto 6×6 (OPS, HD so hitters are even more valuable) the new LM just changed it from 6 back to 8 keepers even though it had been made 6 in the start of the season. I’m a little upset because I traded away Heyward to help put me in first this year, but I still have solid options and need help deciding…

Already keeping Miggy, Crawford, Tulo, Wright, Utley and Teix. I’m thinking C Young for sure for my 7th and probably Carpenter for my 8th but I also have: Ichiro, Cain, Broxton, N Feliz and K Johnson. I’m thinking of packaging some of these other guys to upgrade Carpenter or C Young because a lot of people will want these guys if we’re keeping 8. But what should I target? OF and SP the right idea? Should I use them to upgrade my first 6 also?

Thanks again for everything guys. Loved the show and DVRd it all the time.

I also have VMart. Sorry for the long post!

hey guys,

i get to keep two players for next year in my H2H 10 team league. i’m currently dominating this year, but i don’t know which two of the following three players i should keep: Pujols, Votto, Cargo. I’m keeping Pujos, obviously. But between Votto and Cargo it’s a toss-up. I want to keep Votto because I feel that Cargo is a product of COORS, but everytime i doubt cargo he goes off again. ALso, this league has two UTIL spots, so keeping two 1b isn’t a huge deal to me.

you guys are great.


First off, changing keeper rules midseason is totally unethical and should not be allowed. I would have a major problem with that. As much as I’m intrigued by Young’s upside I’d opt for V-Mart as he’s a sure-fire top 3 guy at a weak position. As for the 8th spot, Young is very tempting but I think it’s a little risky to keep no pitchers. However, I’d go with Cain over Carpenter…much younger and less of an injury risk. I’m totally on board with any trade you can make to upgrade your keeper list and would focus on OF since you’d have only one OF keeper.

Wow, that’s a nice problem to have. I’d actually lean towards Car-Go. He offers a little more speed than Votto so Car-Go and Pujols makes for a more well-rounded duo than Pujols and Votto. I know Votto has 16 steals but I wouldn’t count on him repeating that every year. Even if Car-Go is a product of Coors, it’s not like he’s getting traded anywhere so that’s not really an issue.


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