Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, September 28

or Ditch is a strategy for (ideally) daily mixed leagues in which you
pick up
starters on a day-to-day basis based on how well they are pitching and
upcoming matchups, then cut them in favor of new guys the next day. The
is that the shallower the league, the more quality starting pitching is
available on the free agent wire, so rather than drafting expensive
it’s better to build a strong offense and bullpen and let the free agent
populate your starting staff during the season. As a bonus, a handful of
guys emerge each year as worth keeping all year long, like Jair Jurrjens
year or Cliff Lee in ’08.


PoD chart September 15.pdf

Top 10 by position for 2011

2010 All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams

2010 All-Fantasy Team


Scherzer @

Sabathia @

Bergesen @

@ Feldman – Felix
could lead the Majors in ERA and K’s

Lackey @ Jackson
gambling on Lackey as White Sox play out the string

Blackburn @

Braden @

Oswalt @

An. Sanchez @ Minor –
both might be toast this year, play it safe

Wandy @

Wolf @ Niese – Wolf on
fire down the stretch

Burres @

Kuroda @

Dempster @ Latos
Dempster’s last 6 starts: 3 shutout, 3 disaster. Flip the

R. Lopez @ J.

***Zach says “Blackburn cruising of late. I’d pitch him @ KC. Agree on rest.”

***Siano saysBlackburn
is red hot and it’s the Royals, pitch. Agree on rest.”



Please….Keeper help
Made the finals, thanks! H2H 12team 7keeper 15hit/15pitch stat cat….I?m thinking sure keepers are M. Cabrera, Posey, Hamilton?.what final 4 would you keep from these??Kinsler, Fielder, M Holliday, Stanton, Hanson, B Myers, CJ Wilson, Colby Lewis, Strasburg, N Feliz…Thanks for the help, POD, articles – the whole thing.


I’d definitely go with Kinsler, Fielder and Holliday for three of those slots and would lean towards Hanson for the fourth. It’s close between him, Stanton, Feliz and even Myers but I like the idea of keeping at least one pitcher and Hanson’s still on the rise. Feliz is worthy of consideration but the uncertainty surrounding his 2011 role (starter or reliever?) hurts his keeper value, at least for the time being. I think he’ll be more appealing if he remains in the closer role.


Hey Guys,

I have 30 innings left to secure at least 2 wins (moves me up 2 points) and maintain a lead with saves. I am looking towards tomorrows matchups. I have Chacin against a terrible Dodgers offense, Bumgarner against Arizon who is leading the majors in strike outs, and can pick up Lowe who has been nasty as of late. I had intended to save at least one start for Lester who is going on Sunday but that is also the last day. I can also make up a bit of ground with K’s if I can get a solid number from one of the starters (part of the reason I was saving a spot for Lester). I would appreciate any advice.


Championship week….I have Infante but Furcal is available…who would you advise to start? Furcal has steals but will he play


It sounds like you can gain more in wins and strikeouts than you can lose in ERA and WHIP, so I’m totally fine with you pitching Chacin, Bumgarner and Lowe. You’ll still have some innings left over after tomorrow to save for your “blowout day.” There’s even a chance that you’ll be able to start Lester, but the higher priority should be to go as much over the innings limit as possible in that one final pitching day.

Stick with Infante. Who knows how much Furcal will play this week. Plus, he only has one steal over his last 14 games.


zthx I will….do many of you have Alvarez from Pitt….he is tearing it up for me so much better than Rolen

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