Thanks from the 411!


Just wanted
to thank all of you who participated in the 411 this year, whether it be
through the blog, Twitter or e-mail. The best part of the shows, in my opinion,
were the viewer question segments, and there were plenty of great questions to
choose from throughout the season. No Network show during the offseason but the
podcasts will return in November, probably on a twice a week basis. Until then,
feel free to post your questions and/or comments right here on the blog or
contact us on Twitter @fantasy411, @schwartzstops or @jbmlb. Below are links to a bunch
of recent blog posts:

Top 10 by position for 2011

2010 All-Surprise and All-Disappointment Teams

2010 All-Fantasy Team

Zach unveils his 2010 All-Comeback Team

And last
but certainly not least, congratulations to our listener league winners:

411 league:
Zack Stair (aka Zack from Philly)

Ron Cey
league: Zach Steinhorn (Me) 

Paul C.
Smith league: Steve Burkett

league: Fred Moseley (aka Fred in Cali)





Thx dudes for the season, that had me win even the Y! mxd winner league from over here in Europe (even with Matt “Burden of the year” Wieters from start to finnish, :)).
Always great advice here, keep it coming in 2011.
Any hint where shall take my European fantasy BB wisdom?
Just kiddin.
Cu & again thx so much!!

Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for the feedback all season. Having The chance to bounce ideas off of experts is an invaluable resource in this game. I know it’s your jobs, but I’d find it difficult to take the time to answer all the questions that come through here, so kudos to you all on a job well done!


Thanks again guys for the fantasy 411 show on MLB Network and loved the coverage all season long look foward to the updates during the offseason. so kudos to you all on a job well done. Kenny From Ohio

Boys –

Flags Fly Forever!!!!….Want to say thanks for all the assistance during this past 2010 season. Been in the same 12 team mixed, 10-cat standard roto league for almost a decade now. Our non-keeper w/full redraft each season is highly competitive. This was my 2nd Championship and it was historic. I totaled 110pts of the possible 120 pts. Won hitting and pitching and my leads over 2nd and 3rd were both in the 20+ pt area. Domination to these levels have never happened before.

I want to thank you all for draft strategy, and overall projections which aided me in key selections on draft day, as well as free agency during the season; what was also amazing was that since I jumped out to an early lead by All-Star Break the other owners didnt want to trade with me (highly unusual) so I was fortunate to have acquired players that remained relatively healthy, and productive over the longhaul.

The Yoo-Hoo shower was amazing. Thanks again, and see you next year.

– BDH in DC

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