MLB Network Preview Show Date and Tout Wars News.

Hey everyone here is some info for upcoming Fantasy 411 related news.


The 2011 preview show on MLB Network is slated for the evening of March 20th. It’s part of a huge fantasy weekend for us because that is also Tout weekend. Below is some info about Tout Wars that you’ll be interested in including some new rule changes you may want to use in your leagues, I love them.



toutwars.gifMarch 18th is Tout night at Foley’s in NYC so come by say hello and buy us beers. Due to space limitations we won’t be able to have fans attend Tout drafts this year but Sirius/XM’s fantasy channel is planning on broadcasting some if not all of the drafts live so keep an ear out for that.


Here’s the rest of the info make sure if you want to get into writing or get noticed that you read all the way to the bottom……..Siano


Tout AL: March 19th at 9am.

Tout Mixed: March 19th at 3pm.

Tout NL: March 20th at 10am.


The league lineups are as follows (#=new league, *=Tout rookie):



Jason Grey

Larry Schechter #

Jeff Erickson

Todd Zola #

Dean Peterson

Steve Moyer

Mike Siano

Jason Collette

Rick Wolf/Glenn Colton

Ron Shandler

Matt Berry

Lawr Michaels



Nate Ravitz

Brian Walton

Lenny Melnick/Paul Grecco

Mike Gianella

Peter Kreutzer

Phil Hertz

Rob Liebowitz #

Scott Pianowski

Tristan Cockcroft

Scott Wilderman

Cory Schwartz

Chris Liss

Steve Gardner #



Andy Behrens

Charlie Wiegert

Scott Swanay *

Fred Zinkie *

Eric Mack

David Feldman *

Nicholas Minnix

David Gonos

Derek Carty

Tim Heaney *

Paul Petera 

Nano Di Fino

Seth Trachtman

Gene McCaffrey #

JP Kastner




We want there to be something at stake apart from the SABR Trophy and bragging rights for winning, so we’ve added a couple of wrinkles (effective 2012):


Reserve round draft order will be based on the previous year’s finish. Last year’s first place team gets first reserve pick, second gets second, and so on. Players who change leagues will be slotted into the spot they finished in the league they played. Rookies will have the last picks. Ties will be broken by a random tiebreaker.


Teams will be penalized one FAAB-dollar for each point (rounded down) that they finish below league-specific thresholds. The thresholds are 60 points for AL, 65 points for NL and 75 points for Mixed. For instance, a Tout NL team that finished with 52 points would start the following year with 87 FAAB dollars, rather than 100. 


So, some small incentives to keep pushing for points all season long.




We seek interested fantasy baseball writers to cover the Tout Wars action. This can be on a regular or semi-regular basis. All ideas will be considered. This is an excellent chance for young writers to meet and suck up to industry veterans, and get on the radar for future Tout Wars invitations. Make recommendations or have interested parties send proposals to

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