Fantasy Preview + Notable Show Dates

The wait is over! The 2011 Fantasy Preview has arrived. Click Here to start sifting through the more than 800 player blurbs and projections. This should keep you busy for awhile.

Our next podcast will come next Thursday (February 17th) and the annual overrated/underrated show is set for March 1st.

And don’t forget about the MLB Network preview show slated for the evening of Sunday, March 20th.



Is there going to be a printable version of the rankings again this year? I always print or copy and paste them to make my draft cheatsheets. It has worked great in the past, hope I can do it again this year!!!!


I?m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I?m looking for some keeper selection input. The first seven are pretty easy (Tulowitzki, Utley, Holliday, Pedroia, Wright, Howard, and Posey), but then I?ve got to pick two from McCutchen, Werth, Lester, Hamels, Rivera, Papelbon, and Marmol. Starting pitchers tend to be readily available in my league and each of my closers has questions marks (age, consistency, and walk rates), so I?m considering keeping the bats of McCutchen and Werth. I?ll have the last pick in round 1 (essentially round 10 with the keepers) of a snake draft. What do you guys think? Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Mike, Cory and Zach

Keeper Question
gotta keep 5 of these 6 players

Tulo is given, Uggla,dunn,ichiro,cc and weeks
there is a 2b and a IF position in this league. ty ahead of time guys.

14 team league , 10x 10
categories being

Runs (R), Hits (H), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Walks (BB), Strikeouts (K), Fielding Percentage (FPCT), Batting Average (AVG), Extra Base Hits (XBH)
Pitchers Stat Categories: Wins(W), Losses (L), Saves (SV), Hits (H), Earned Runs (ER), Home Runs (HR), Walks (BB), Strikeouts (K), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP)

Am I crazy to think Jose Reyes finishes the year as a top 5-10 player I can get much much later in drafts this year? Are there any other players you think may be drafted late that can provide that much value by the end of the year?

Like everyone else I have to decide on keepers. Mixed 12 team league $260 cap. I have one space left to choose between Teixeira $36, Utley $33, A-Rod $31. I know the 411 wisdom says to shop them and see what deals I get, but I am getting nothing, so I am leaning towards Utley?


If you click on the printer icon on the upper right side of the page to the right of “View Mode”, you’ll get a printable cheat sheet. The only problem is that when I tried to print something out, it only allowed me to print one page for each position…still trying to figure that out but there’s a start!

Rivera is tempting but I’d lean towards passing due to his age. McCutchen is a definite but I think I’d keep Lester over Werth. Lester’s a bona fide ace so I view him as an exception to the “wait until the 10th round to draft your first starting pitcher” rule. Chances are slim that you’ll be able to get him back. I’m not high on Werth at all this year. I view a lot of his success over the past few years as a product of Citizens’ Bank Park…just look at the splits! Personally, I’m avoiding him in drafts. Although he’s certainly worthy of a pick in the first nine rounds, Lester’s simply the better option.



The commish cut the categories in our league down to 6×6 with hits being the extra cat on both sides. im still struggling with who to keep out of those 5 guys. i can keep 4 of them. we keep 5 total but of course tulo is the only for sure keeper.

so out of these 5 which 4 would you keep?

uggla, weeks, dunn, cc and ichiro.

again this league has a 2b slot and a IF slot

thanks zach


Got an offer to trade my Michael Young for his Sandoval, Y. Alonso and Conger. It’s a Dynasty league, H2H 7×7 (+TB and K). Whats ur opinion on this offer? Should I gamble on Young declining while Sandoval bounces back? Thanks.


The 2B + IF factor makes it tough to give up Weeks but that’s what I’d lean towards doing. Despite coming off his first fully healthy season, he remains an injury risk. He doesn’t hit for a high AVG and stole just 11 bases last year. Uggla’s the safer MI and I just couldn’t bring myself to let go of Ichiro, Dunn or CC.

No, you’re not crazy but the key, of course, is health. It’s a contract year too so I can see Reyes putting together a monster season. I generally shy away from injury risks early in drafts but if Reyes is available in the third round (current ADP on Mock Draft Central is 26), I’ll take the chance. I view Utley (ADP = 18) in very much the same way. He could definitely provide top-5 value. It’s just a matter of your risk tolerance level.

Utley vs. A-Rod is extremely close but I’d actually go with A-Rod by the slimmest of margins. He’s slightly cheaper and 3B is looking like a very thin position this year, probably even thinner than 2B.

Yeah, in a dynasty I like Panda a lot more than Young. He’s still only 24 and has already shown great potential. He’s also said to be in much better shape than last season…just needs to cut down on those cheeseburgers!


Your composite projections have been awesome in years past. Can you give any insight on when you will be rolling them out this year? It’s typically been right around this time and I was hoping you could give a clue as to how close it might be.


Cory has said that the target date is Feb 20. They should be available by then.


Hey Zach im back🙂 . Amazed to see youre still doing this, even during the offseason, great work!

Right interesting Q here for ya, 1st year keeper lg just done a prospect draft and drafted Freddy Freeman. What should my approach to drafting be now, should I avoid drafting a corner man until very late and just sign a 1bucker (auction draft) and get Freddy in there for opening day, or do you think Fred will take a year of getting jis feet wet before he’s properly fantasy relevant.

I also drafted moooose (Moustakas), do you think he’ll make the bigs on opening day, if so again how would you draft, and if not when do you reckon he’ll make the show.


Big Barry
East End, England

Is there a way to get the fantasy dollar values from their preview in pdf format? i cant find it this year.

thanks guys
Rokhed Brett

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