2011 AL LABR Draft Results

Hey guys,

To help him prepare for his upcoming AL Tout draft, Siano asked me to put together this list of dollar values from the recently completed AL LABR expert league draft. So I figured I’d post this on the blog as a handy resource for those of you in AL-only auction leagues. The players are broken down by position and listed alphabetically. I’ve also spaced it out so that it should print rather neatly.


2011 AL LABR $ Values final.xls 


I am the reigning 2010 champion thanks to you guys.

But it’s a new year. So the question is who should be my 4 keepers? I am in a 14 team H2H league.

Here are the guys I am debating between.

Derek Jeter, Jose Bautista, Brian McCann, Ian Kinsler, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt

Last Year I Kept: Jeter, McCann, Kinsler and Lee.

Who do you think I should keep for this year?


Just answered your question on the earlier blog post.


(In terms of overall season) Who do you think will have the best season:
Seth Smith, Travis Snider, Alfonso Soriano, or Maggilo Ordonez?
(different league)

Jon from Dallas (you think Tejada is bad I have to start Kevin Kouzmanoff at 3rd, luckly I got Hanley for SS)


The way Panda is hitting this spring do you think he can match or exceed his 09 numbers?

What is your take on Colby Rasmus? I heard that LaRusa wants to platoon him with jay in center instead of platooning him in right with Berkman. Will this hurt his value going forward or do you think he has the allstar type year hes capable of?


I dislike asking these types of questions, and I’ll take answers from anyone who cares to give them, but . . .

I’m in a 12-team, mixed, 5×5 roto league and our draft is Sunday. I have Pick 1.3 which means I won’t have another pick until 2.10. This is a league that values closers and they are usually taken early and often (fourth round on).
Pujols seems like the sure #1 pick and someone just traded up to 1.2 and made it clear that Hanley Ramirez will be his choice. Originally I had planned on taking Miguel Cabrera at 1.3 but am wondering if Tulowitzki (position scarcity) or some other player may not be the way to go. (Remember, I won’t have another pick for a long while.) Any advice is welcome on this pick AND overall strategy as I have not played straight roto for many years. Thanks!


I need an answer to this one in the next 2 days and will listen to advice from any and all.
I lost Utley as a Keeper in my 12 tm mixed. So I have to chose from: E5 or G.Beckham either for $1.
Which would people rather have for 3 years. I already have A-Rod at 3B and no other 2B options.
Kevin from England


I’m no expert but here’s my opinion. You have a need at 2B and not 3B. Encarnacion is 28 y/o and Beckham is 24 y/o. Encarnacion hits for power and does little else (including field which is why he will be Toronto’s DH). Though Encarnacion may have a better season this year, I think Beckham’s long term prospects are better. I’d go with where your need is at and take Beckham.


Thanks Curtis. I was leaning the same way, so it is good to hear that from others. With all the hype surrounding E5 on 411 lately it is good to remember that it is all relative and to know just how good we expect E5 to be especially over a positional need and a younger player also with unproven talent.


I’m not sure how cory and crew would answer. But remember a 411 moto. Flags fly forever..win this year and don’t worry about next years keeper.

Now, since I am thinking of keeping JP Arencibia due to his contract…I might not be one to talk. But just a reminder.

Boys –

Some quick questions. 2 time Champion in a decade long 12 team Mixed 5×5 Roto weekly non-keeper (10 bats, 10 arms). Bench was 8 of any mix.

However, come opening day 2011 a brand new format change is causing me concern.

The new system is 12 team Mixed 8×8 H2H Points weekly non-keeper. 12 bats (1 Catcher, 4 from standard Infield positions, plus 1 CI and 1 MI, and 4 OF, and 1 Wild Card) and 9 Arms. Bench is 4 of any mix.

And the H2H record each week is simply total pts accumulated from the 21 Active players for the week from all Categories. Goal is to finish in top 6 of the 12 teams after 22 weeks to advance to 3 week big money playoffs. Bottom 6 teams play in a loser’s consolation 3 week playoff too.

Batting Categories:
Singles = 1 point
Doubles = 2 points
Triples = 3 points
Walks = .5 points
Home Runs = 4 points
Runs = 1 point
Runs Batted In = 1 point
Stolen Bases = 2 points

Pitching Categories:
Complete Games = 5 points
Earned Runs = -1 point
Hits Allowed = -.5 points
Innings = 1 point
Strikeouts = 1 point
Losses = -2 points
Saves = 8 points
Wins = 10 points

So while I totally felt comfortable of drafting ROTO hitters early, pitchers later, etc and did very well with that; now with this new format when I run the Composite Stats against these points it sure seems that Arms are Earning big Points.

Being a novice to this format, can you provide assurance to just stick to the same old formula of bats over Arms, or do I need to totally re-think strategy and draft Arms early and often to grab the points?

Or do I just grab Best Points (Projected of course) avail regardless and simply work to fill in bats and arms as the points tell me too?

P.S. Cory does your latest Composite provide Complete Games?

– BDH in DC (HELP!!!!!)

When is the fantasy 411 coming back??????
Tampa Pete

mmsox, thanks. I fully agree with you and I have the flags from the last two years to show for it. I want to win this year and for the next 3 years, but you never answered the question. Which would you keep to win this year E5 or Beckham?


I had hopped the experts would have chimmed in… I think it depends on who else is being kept on other teams. Not sure if you know that now or how much you will know when you have to announce your keepers.

Looking at Cory’s composite projections..they are both very close and I think it comes down to what will be harder to get in the auction…HR or SB.

If a lot of power is going to be gone when the auction starts.. you should probably keep E5…but if you think you can get the HR’s by spending the extra money…keep Beckham.

Sorry I couldn’t say more.

Hi guys what do you think of a couple of post hype sleepers this year in Matt Wieters and Justin Smoak.
Wieters I think could be particularly valuable at a very weak position, and in that new offence his counting numbers should be up aswell. And Smoak was meant to be the next big first baseman when he came up, and there aint many switch hitters with big time power around.
What are your expectations for both numbers wise and roughly where would you be looking to draft them (12 team, snake draft)?
Big Barry, East End,


While I like Smith’s chances of putting together a strong season, the fact remains that Spilborghs will take away some ABs. I love Snider’s power potential and he faces very little job competition. I’m pretty confident that he’ll finish with better counting stats than Smith.

I’m very high on Panda (already have him on the two teams I’ve drafted so far). While I considered him overrated going into 2010, he’s underrated right now. It sounds like he’s lost a lot of weight and although I’m not ready to predict a return to ’09 form, 20 homers and a .300 average is a very reasonable expectation. Don’t forget that 3B is very thin this year.
As for Rasmus, I wouldn’t put too much stock into what the Cards are saying right now about platooning him. He’s simply a better player than Jon Jay and I fully expect him to serve as the club’s regular CF. I see him as a solid third OF with upside in 12-team mixed leagues.

I’ve always been a big position scarcity believer so yes, I would take Tulo over Cabrera. Don’t get me wrong, Miggy is a stud, but 1B is plenty deep. After Hanley and Tulo, the SS position is an absolute disaster. Generally, my advice for roto leagues is to spend the early rounds stocking up on as many power/speed guys as you can. Keep in mind that steals are a little more important in roto than they are in head-to-head formats, and it’s always a huge plus to have speedsters who can also hit the home run.

Everyone here is right on with the E5 vs. Beckham analysis. Personally, I’m not sold on E5 and I’m sure even Cory would say to keep Beckham. E5 is running out of time to prove himself while Beckham is on the way up. The position factor only makes this decision easier.



I wouldn’t totally rethink the strategy as hitters remain a lot more reliable from year to year but I might consider drafting one elite high K starter within the first three rounds (Halladay, Felix, Lincecum etc.) as he will put up big point totals on a fairly consistent basis. Elite closers also seem to be very valuable in this format.

New blog post coming up with that info.
Big Barry,

I like both of those guys, particularly Wieters. Just drafted him for $10 in a mixed auction keeper and am pretty happy about it. The position factor also comes into play. I’m a little concerned that Safeco will limit Smoak’s power potential but I can see him racking up 25 homers this season regardless. He hit for a terrible average during his time in the Majors last year but has posted solid averages in the Minors so I definitely expect improvement in that area. Figure Smoak is worth taking somewhere between rounds 16 and 20 while Wieters shouldn’t last past the 12th.


I have been offered a trade in a 12 team points League: I get Tex and Snider for Braun. I already have Morneau at 1B and my OF consist of Braun, J Upton, J Bruce, Manny, Venable. Tex could play DH. I have the Panda at DH already. What do I do. He as also offered Adrian Gonzalez for Braun. Help me descide.

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