MLB Network Press Release!

FANTASY PROGRAMMING TO RETURN TO MLB NETWORK FOR 2011 SEASON’s Fantasy 411: 2011 Fantasy Draft Preview to Air on Sunday, March 20 &’s Fantasy 411 Begins April 4

Secaucus, NJ, March 17, 2010With Opening Day only two weeks away and fantasy baseball drafts in full swing, MLB Network will air’s Fantasy 411: 2011 Fantasy Draft Preview on Sunday, March 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Hosted by MLB Network’s Matt Yallof and Harold Reynolds along with’s Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano,’s Fantasy 411: 2011 Fantasy Draft Preview will provide detailed player rankings and position-by-position analysis, including potential ‘breakout, bargain and bust’ candidates. The two-hour preview show, which will be simulcast on, will discuss different strategies for draft day and which injured stars will recapture their elite fantasy status this season.’s Fantasy 411 will once again be simulcast live on MLB Network and on weekdays at 2:30 p.m. ET, beginning Monday, April 4. The program, hosted by’s Jeremy Brisiel, will provide key insights from Schwartz and Siano to help keep fans informed on the latest fantasy news, notes and trends in Major League Baseball.




In the last couple of days I have made 2 deals and was wondering if I could get your take on how i did. remember strikeouts is a stat for us in this league.

Trade #1

I gave Dunn and Nolasco

I got Panda and Price

Trade # 2

I gave Price Rasmus and Alvarez

I got Gio Gonzalez , T.Hunter and Arod

I realize i may have given a tad much to get Arod. Do you think Gio will continue his tear once the season starts? he looks like the best pitcher in the league right now? thanks again Zach I’m starting to feel like you’re my personal Adviser ha ha.



Your personal adviser likes the first trade, especially considering the K factor. You’ll lose some power, but I think the SP upgrade makes it worth it. I’m staying on the Nolasco bandwagon for one more year but he’s burned me so many times that I’m starting to get tired of him. As for Gio, I’m a fan but best pitcher in the league? Not a chance. He still needs to work on his control (92 BBs is simply too many) but he’s definitely a pitcher on the rise. You gave up a lot in Trade 2, but A-Rod is the best player in the deal and Rasmus to Hunter is not as much of a downgrade as one might think.


Hi Guys!
Great show, as always. I recently did a mock draft (5X5 Mixed 12-team) and I had the first overall pick. I’m preparing for my league draft next Sunday. Would you mind weighing in on my picks? I really appreciate it.


1. Pujols
2. Holliday
3. Reyes
4. Werth
5. Weeks
6. Wilson
7. Latos
8. Ellsbury
9. Papelbon
10. Mig Montero
11. Marcum
12. Wandy
13. Papi
14. Carlos Lee
15. Adam LaRoche
16. Jorge De La Rosa
17. J. Zimmerman
18. Sean Rodriguez
19. Asdrubal
20. Eddie Encarnacion
21. Homer Bailey
22. J.P. Arencibia
23. Ty Wigginton

Mike and Cory,

Congrats on getting the show picked up on-air for another season. I’m psyched and can’t wait for the podcasts (not home from work in time to watch the show). I’ve listened to every in-season podcast for the past three years and follow many of the strategies laid out by the 411.

With regards to the show, I really hope the producers will scale back on the “production” of the show this year. Some of the most useful (not to mention most entertaining) information from the old 411 shows (going back 3-4 years now) came from great back and forth dialog from the two of you on various topics. I understand the show needs to be more “buttoned up” and “professional” now that it’s simulcast on live TV, but I’m just hoping they allow for more point-counterpoint discussion as opposed to letting Mike speak about one player and Cory speak about another player. I feel there is currently too much of a push (not JB’s fault I assume) to push the show along to get to the next pre-planned topic when I feel both of you have more to say – especially to each other. To me, that’s what made the show so great in the past.

Regardless, I’m excited for the upcoming season and look forward to the daily podcasts. Keep up the awesome work for your loyal listeners. We appreciate it!


Love this blog, thanks for keep the baseball nerds afloat!

14 team mixed 5×5 head to head with obp instead of average
I’m hot for mike morse right now, the hype machine is building and he plays in the NL, has three great table setters in front of him, etc. etc.

worth grabbing if I drop one of the following? or am I tripping?

in that order, my other OF are nelson cruz and curtis granderson so I’m not against dropping clippard and grabbing another OF as a in injury stop gap. my RP are thorton, feliz, and madson. Thanks guys

– clif

I have a real need for help here. I am in a 7 x 7 nl only. extra categories obp and doubles plus tripples on offense and innings and in pitching. we have 6 keepers so we start in the 7th round. I will have a choice of greinke and utley at my pick. they can be a 3 year keeper. I have hanson as my arm and 5 bats. Who would you keep. Is Utley going to be healthy enough to help alot this year? will he be worth keeping once he gets this knee injury past him or is he starting his decline at age 32. Greinke will miss at least the first 3 starts of the year. I am torn what to do as they both have upside but what makes the most sense?

Hi 411,

5×5 roto Keeper. I have Votto, Wright, Pedroia, J Upton, Gallardo and Haren.

I draft 7th, 14th and 27th first 3 picks.

Who should I target of these players who will be available around 7? Rollins, Ethier, Werth, J Weaver, possibly D Price

and of these players around 14th? Ale. Ramirez, B Upton, C Santana, Rasmus (but may slip to me with my 3rd pick (27th overall?

I’m hesitant on Rollins and may just aim for Desmond or someone else.

Thanks and sorry if hard to understand.

Mays Ways

Have been offered a trade in a 12 team points League: I get Tex and Snider for Braun. I already have Morneau at 1B and my OF consist of Braun, J Upton, J Bruce, Manny, Venable. Tex could play DH. I have the Panda at DH already. What do I do. He as also offered Adrian Gonzalez for Braun. Help me descide.

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