Mixed Tout Wars Recap



Hey, anytime you can put together a team leaving $19 on the
table, you gotta do it … right?

So things didn’t work out exactly the way I wanted to for my first Tout Wars adventure, but in all seriousness, I’m still digging my squad.

My entire gameplan was to get Hanley, 2 top 1Bs, 3 solid closers, pay for 1 OF, get either Mark Reynolds, Pedro Alvarez or Pablo Sandoval as my 3B, and fill out my catchers, the rest of my OF and starters on the cheap.

This somewhat went according to plan but then closers starting going crazy expensive and I was left overspending on Kevin Gregg. That’s never a good thing. I also am a bit short on steals and my saves are a little shaky. Whoops!

Anyway, let’s take a look at my squad:


C  Nick Hundley — $3 – Padres

C  Jarrod Saltalamacchia — $3 – Red Sox


Analysis:  I actually wanted to spend less on my backstops and would have been perfectly fine settling on any starting catcher that would give me production. John Jaso went for $7, I got crickets on Salty at $3. I’ll take that any day of the week. I wanted at-bats, and I wanted catchers with upside. It might be minimal upside but I like Hundley’s power potential even in PETCO and I like Salty in that stacked Red Sox lineup. This went according to plan.


1B Miguel Cabrera — $38 – Tigers


Analysis: I had 39 as my max bid on Miggy and I couldn’t feel less threatened by his off-the-field shenanigans. He’s the most talented hitter in baseball not named Albert Pujols. Will gladly take him over Votto (36) and definitely over Teixeira (37 wowza).


2B  Ryan Raburn — $11 – Tigers


Analysis: Went a few dollars extra on Raburn, but it’s not like I didn’t have them to spare. .270/25/85 seems completely doable. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Should I have opted for Nishioka at $9? Definitely. But Carty had tons of dough at that time and I was actually running on the cheap if you can believe it. Trust me, I was there.


SS  Hanley Ramirez — $47 – Marlins


Analysis:  I wanted Hanley. I got Hanley.


3B  Pedro Alvarez — $12 – Pirates


Analysis: I thought all the value in 3B this year was in the mid-tier guys, so I targeted Pedro, Reynolds and Panda. I budgeted about $14 for this spot and was totally panicking when Aramis Ramirez went for $20. Pedro proved to be a bargain at $12 along with Casey McGehee at $11 by Wiegert.


MI  Marco Scutaro — $1 – Red Sox


Analysis: This was not the gameplan. Sure Scoot Scoot will get me some runs in that lineup but I should have paid more for a 2B. If only I had more money left at the end …


OF  Jay Bruce — $19 – Reds

Analysis: My plan all along was to target Nelly Cruz or Andrew McCutchen for around $29. Bruce was someone I had interest in but figured I’d have to overspend to get and didn’t really budget for him. Then he became the opening guy on the table and I got him for $19 because I thought that
was an incredible deal. I still think that way. I love this pick and I have to
think if his name got tossed out a round or two later he woulda gone for $25. Ya know, like what Ichiro went for.


OF  Nate McLouth — $6 – Braves


Analysis: So I had money left and no outfielders and McLouth was the best guy on the board in my opinion. I needed speed, he looks good this spring and he’s shown flashes of being a productive OFer before. It’s a risk but, hey, let’s roll the dice.


OF  Alex Gordon — $2 – Royals


Analysis: Gordon is exactly the type of cheap, 1-2 dollar outfielder I was targeting. High upside, minor league pedigree, new swing this spring, I’m in. I say this every season, but I really mean it this time. I say that every season too. This analysis is giving me a headache.


OF  Will Venable — $2 — Padres

OF  Peter Bourjos — $1 — Angels


Analysis: I needed speed and I needed outfielders.


UTIL  Eric Young Jr. — $1 – Rockies


Analysis: I needed speed and I don’t want Marco Scutaro along for the ride if I can avoid it. If EYJr can lock down the starting gig this is a steal.


SP  Gio Gonzalez ($9), Ian Kennedy ($8), Javier Vazquez ($7), Mike
Minor ($4), Jorge De La Rosa ($4), Erik Bedard ($1)


Analysis: Love this staff and got them at all good prices. Definitely thought Gio and DLR would go for more. I wanted cheap strikeout pitchers and I got’em.


RP  John Axford ($14), Ryan Franklin ($9), Kevin Gregg


Analysis: Ideally I wanted another top notch guy but clearly that didn’t go according to plan. I❤ Axford so I didn’t mind spending on him. Hoping Gregg can just hold on to the job and Franklin is Franklin.


-Dave Feldman





Hey guys, I am new to NFBC and have a question about FAAB. the season hasn’t started yet, but I only got one closer in the draft(Matt Thornton) and Jon Rauch is on the waiver wire. How much of my 1000 budget should I risk on acquiring Rauch? thanks for your advice, Wim

Hello 411,

Great Show!!!

Tonight i did my Draft. It is a 7×7, 12-Mixed League. I had the 2nd pick. My Stat Categories are:
Batting: R, HR, RBI, SB, TB, AVG, OPS
Pitching: W, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP, QS

Let me know any comments. and also on the wire there still many tallent left, in piching for example: A. Sanchez, Minor, E Jackson, Peavy, C Richard, C Young, Padilla . In Batters: Magglio, Coco, Chipper, Sean Rodriguez, Freeman, Matsui……

This is My Team:
1 Hanley Ramrez (Fla – SS)
2 Dustin Pedroia (Bos – 2B)
3 Andrew McCutchen (Pit – OF)
4 Jason Heyward (Atl – OF)
5 Brian McCann (Atl – C)
6 Joakim Soria (KC – RP)
7 Neftali Feliz (Tex – RP)
8 Mike Stanton (Fla – OF)
9 Max Scherzer (Det – SP)
10 Pedro Alvarez (Pit – 3B)
11 Ted Lilly (LAD – SP)
12 Brian Matusz (Bal – SP)
13 Torii Hunter (LAA – OF)
14 John Danks (CWS – SP)
15 Gaby Snchez (Fla – 1B)
16 Daniel Bard (Bos – RP)
17 Ian Kennedy (Ari – SP)
18 Jeff Niemann (TB – SP)
19 Drew Storen (Was – RP)
20 Luke Scott (Bal – 1B,OF)
21 Edwin Encarnacin (Tor – 3B)
22 Domonic Brown (Phi – OF)
Thanks a lot!!!

JWCM, the bid on Rauch depends on how many saves people think he’ll get. If someone thinks he’s going to be the primary closer for the rest of the year, he could go for $250-300, but if he’s viewed only as a fill-in, it will probably be somewhere in the $75-100. Of course, it only takes one person to make a market, so if someone wants to bid $350 on him that’s their business and I wish them luck.🙂



Great team! Plenty of power and speed and the projected poor averages of Alvarez and Stanton are offset by Pedroia, Hanley and McCutchen, who can all bat .300. You waited until the 9th round to draft your first starter and still managed to piece together a strong staff. My only concern here is at the closer position. If the Rangers decide to make Feliz a starter, you would be left with Storen as your second closer. He’s really struggled this spring and there’s no guarantee he’ll open the season as the Nats’ ninth inning man. Be on the lookout for saves off the waiver wire. At some point, you might want to consider trading for an established closer.


Hey guys am thin in the infield and am chasing A-Rod for a number of players. Have come to me giving: A-Ram, Quentin and 2 prospects in Freeman and Lawrie…for A-Rod. I wanted to use Q to upgrade from A-Ram to A-Rod but is including 2 prospects too much? It is a keeper league obviously but I don’t think my offense will be potent enough this year as it is, would including just say Freeman instead of the 2 be fairer? I have Soriano and Coco Crisp on my bench so feel I could cover Quentins loss ok.
Dan, Sheffield, England


Try to pull off the deal without trading the prospects but I’d make this trade regardless. You’re still getting the best player and, as the 411 saying goes, “Flags Fly Forever!” Always play to win now.


Zach, thanks for your feedback yesterday on my team. I looked around for trade partners, but I think my best plan is to scour the WW for saves. Having Verlander Liriano Haren and Danks at the top should give me an advantage in wins and Ks over almost all my opponents and I want to keep that. So my RPs are currently Franklin, Hanrahan, McGee, and League. I actually think Franklin and Hanrahan will be solid sources of saves, as I think Hanny keeps the role. Obv League is a temporary fix, but do you see any chance he maintains the spot after Aardsma returns? Also what’s your read on McGee? How soon before Maddon gives in and gives the closer spot to the superior talent? I am hoping Feliz starts and am ready to pounce on Ogando. Of McGee and League, which would you drop if Ogando is named the closer? League serves more immediate help but McGee could be very valuable by as soon as May. Thanks for the help!

I am struggling to finalize my 3 three year keepers from our most recent draft. Here are my top options IMO. Stubbs, Uggla, Weaver, Werth, Prado, Markakis, McGehee, AJax, Nathan, Pagan. H2H lg, 5×5 + OPS. Have Tulo, Sandoval, AMcCutcheon for 2 more yrs. I will lose McCann, Reyes & either Votto or Bautista after this season (I can franchise 1 player from my group of 1 yr guys). Thanks folks.


I can’t really see League holding onto the closer job as long as Aardsma isn’t awful. That said, I’d still rather keep League than McGee. The reality is that we have no idea when/if McGee will be closing games for the Rays while we do know that League will be the Mariners’ closer at least until Aardsma returns. If there’s truly no way that you can keep both relievers (maybe drop Magglio instead?), I’d sooner go with League and his short-term appeal.

My choices would be Stubbs, Uggla and Werth with Prado a close fourth. I like Prado’s position flexibility but Werth is simply the superior run producer and better overall fantasy option.


Hi fellas

Need some input on my keepers. I’m in a 8 team AL only roto league 5×5 vanilla with a $300 cap. I can keep 8 players.

Currently my top 7 are..

C Carlos Santana $4
1 Adam Dunn $5
O Peter Bourjas $1

SP Brett Anderson $3
SP Gio Gonzalez $1
SP Brian Matusz $3
RP Matt Thornton $11

My other options are…

Aadsma $2
Alexi Ogando $1
Jordan Walden $2
Mariano Rivera $24

Kila Ka’aihue $1
Kendrys Morales $19
Mitch Moreland $7

Aviles $7
Brignac $2

Quentin $7
D Young $22

JP Arencibia $4

I was leaning toward keeping a 2nd closer. Ogango if he is named closer before Sat. If he isn’t I am worried when and if Aardsma comes back and how effective.

I could keep Riveria but since it is an auction, I would rather pay the extra $15 in the auction to get him then pay an extra $15 to get Ka’aihue or other cheap players. I also worry about when Kendrys will come back and view him kind of low for a keeper.

Thanks for any help.

Is there a printable cheat sheet for the MLB.com fantasy rankings similar to years past? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Draft is tomorrow.


Ogando would be my choice if he is indeed named the closer. Otherwise, I’d take a chance on Aardsma. Even if he misses the season’s first couple of weeks, $2 is a small price to pay for a proven high-quality closer. The injury risk here is minimized by the bargain price.



Once the fantasy preview applet is launched, click on the printer icon on the far right of “View Mode” on the upper right portion of the screen. I know it’s not as useful as last year’s version but it’s the closest thing to it. Not really sure why they didn’t use the 2010 model.


Hello 411,

My next draft is on sunday. It is a 12-Mixed league with Keepers. I will have pick 12 and 13, on 1st and 2nd round.
Who would you target considering that:
Votto, Troy and Crawford all 1st rounders are all keepers in other teams. Also the other 1st rounders as: Pujols, Hanley, Cabrera, Longoria, Braun, Cargo, Cano, Wright, Adrian Gon, are likekly to go before my turn.
So i’m thinking to target in my 1st and 2nd picks two of the following players: A-Rod, Zimmerman, Holliday, Pedroia, if none of the above 1st rounders players are available on my turn. Are you ok with this strategy? Witch 3B do you like the most? In what order shoudl i target those 4 players? Any other player you think should be on that list?
Also, i”m thinking of getting V-Mart as my 3rd or 4th pick.
Consider that my keeper is McCutchen on 5th round.
Sorry for all the questions, i have never pick 12 in my life, and i kind of hating it…….i prefer midle position picks
Thanks a lot!!


Sounds like a solid plan but your keepers should play some role in which players you target as you will want to build the most well-rounded team as possible. In a keeper format I’d give Zim the slight edge over A-Rod due to the age factor but it’s close. As for those four players, I’d rank them Zim, A-Rod, Holliday, Pedroia, but again, a lot depends on which positions you need to fill.


Hey guys,

Pumped about the new season! I just accepted a trade and wanted to hear what you guys think:

Got Pujols/ARod/Felix for AGon/Posey/Rasmus/Hanson

It’s a H2H 9×9 league with 10 keepers this year, 8 next year. I really like AGon and Rasmus this year and Pujols and ARod are only getting older, but I couldn’t turn this up. I have Mauer (inherited the team this offseason) and was looking to trade Posey for a stud OF to backup CarGo but I still have Choo and C Young.

I have Beltre and wanted to put him in instead of Posey but he wasn’t having it.

How did I do and what should I do with Beltre? I have 3 Util spots (and 1 for each IF, 4 OF) and I like him more than I think people are giving him credit for…

As always, thanks guys!


Zach that guy I mentioned in the trade above just bailed on it! Now says he’ll only do it if Moose (Moustakas) is included…I originally said no way but then thought he is only a prospect after all (and didnt look particularly big-league ready this spring) and Iam still getting the best player in A-Rod. We kinda settled on either A-Ram, Quentin (or Lind though think i prefer Lind) and Moose for A-Rod (and Bedard thrown in). Made sure I didn’t do the deal until I got the 411 blessing though! Am I giving up too much or do the deal?! I do need an offensive upgrade in the infield as I said above, and have Coco or Sori to fill in for Quentin.

Ill rewrite that deal from above: A-Ram, Quentin (or Lind) and Moose… FOR…A-Rod and Bedard. Let me know, thanks! Dan, Sheffield, England.


I like that trade a lot. You’re getting the best player in the deal in Pujols and one could even make the argument that, at least for this year, A-Rod is a more valuable player than A-Gon (position scarcity factor). Also, Felix is a clear upgrade over Hanson. Yeah, your team would be getting older, but we always recommend playing to win now, and by completing this trade you would be doing just that.

As for Beltre, I’m beginning to think that there’s so much negativity surrounding him (always great in contract years and won’t be able to repeat last season now that he’s signed a new contract etc) that he’s actually a little underrated. Even in Seattle he was a solid fantasy 3B and he’ll now be playing in a big-time hitters’ park. Although people shouldn’t go out of their way to draft him in the early rounds, he’s a pretty safe bet for .275-25-90. At a weak 3B position, that’s still very valuable.
The other Dan,

I’m fine with you giving up the A-Ram/Quentin/Moose package. It’s not like A-Ram is young anyway and I wouldn’t let a prospect interfere with making an immediate upgrade. I’d also prefer to hold onto Lind.


I drafted Mike Napoli as my catcher in a 12 team head to head league….I know he might play in several places, but is he going to play enough to warrant starting him??? I read where he might not catch much….Jorge Posada, Russel MArtin, and Chris Iannetta are a few names that are available. Thanks!

This is my first year in a league that honors Holds. I must say I’m not a large follower of many middle relief guys so I need some help. I have Joba but I dont think that’s going to cut it from week to week. Do you have anyone in mind you may think will be productive? The top options I see off the wire are Scott Downs, Pedro Feliciano, Raf Betancourt, Clay Hensley.. Although, these guys must still be nothing to brag about. Thanks again!


We all know that Napoli will put up solid power numbers when he plays, but you’re right that he’ll suffer from the presence of Torrealba at catcher, Young at DH and Moreland at first base. It’s always possible that Texas could make a trade that would free up more playing time for Napoli, but until then I’d sooner start Posada. We know he’ll play almost every day as the Yankees’ DH and won’t have to deal with the wear and tear of catching. He’ll need to make the mental adjustment of focusing solely on hitting but I think he’ll do just fine.

Holds are tough to predict and there’s really no “right” way to approach this, but generally speaking, the best guys to target are dominant setup men who make a large number of appearances. Take a look at the holds leaders from last year and go from there. Hensley, Betancourt, Feliciano and Downs are all, in my opinion, better options than Joba.


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