2011 411 Listener League Results

We just completed our annual listener league draft where Cory and I compete against ten listeners from the radio days. Very competitive and fun league. We had a little turnover this year but brought in champs of other leagues and long time friends Neighbor Steve, Fred in Cali and Dave in Delaware.

12 team mixed 1500 innings max, 2 DL, 2 bench, 2 catchers.

Here are the results with comments on my picks. I’m going to get killed for this but at least I have a reason.

Round: 1
(1) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Albert Pujols 1B
(2) KFred inCal – Hanley Ramirez SS
** (3) South Larson  Hamptonians – Troy Tulowitzki SS -pretty easy choice, get the SS and the big numbers.
(4) Havalina  Lumber Co – Miguel Cabrera 1B
(5) The Canexicans – Carl Crawford LF
(6) Schwartz Stops – Carlos Gonzalez LF
(7) Manhattan Marauders – Joey Votto 1B
(8) Team Gluttons – Ryan Braun LF
(9) Nathan’s Dogs – Evan Longoria 3B
(10) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Roy Halladay SP
(11) mancrushes united – Robinson Cano 2B
(12) Bloo Meenies – Adrian Gonzalez 1B
Round: 2
(13) Bloo Meenies – Felix Hernandez SP
(14) mancrushes united – Alex Rodriguez 3B
(15) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Tim Lincecum SP
(16) Nathan’s Dogs – Matt Holliday LF
(17) Team Gluttons – Prince Fielder 1B
(18) Manhattan Marauders – David Wright 3B
(19) Schwartz Stops – Matt Kemp CF
(20) The Canexicans – Jose Reyes SS
(21) Havalina  Lumber Co – Josh Hamilton CF
** (22) South Larson  Hamptonians – Dustin Pedroia 2B—Have to take my MVP pick and get a stud MI with first two picks. Laser Show anyone?
(23) KFred inCal – Kevin Youkilis 1B
(24) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Mark Teixeira 1B
Round: 3
(25) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Ryan Zimmerman 3B
(26) KFred inCal – Jose Bautista 3B
** (27) South Larson  Hamptonians – Justin Upton RF—Was sitting on J Upton here, expect big things. Solid power/speed balance first three picks.
(28) Havalina  Lumber Co – Ryan Howard 1B
(29) The Canexicans – Joe Mauer C
(30) Schwartz Stops – Andrew McCutchen CF
(31) Manhattan Marauders – Nelson Cruz RF
(32) Team Gluttons – Jacoby Ellsbury CF
(33) Nathan’s Dogs – Cliff Lee SP
(34) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – CC Sabathia SP
(35) mancrushes united – Adam Dunn 1B
(36) Bloo Meenies – Victor Martinez C
Round: 4
(37) Bloo Meenies – Dan Uggla 2B
(38) mancrushes united – Brian McCann C
(39) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Ichiro Suzuki RF
(40) Nathan’s Dogs – Jon Lester SP
(41) Team Gluttons – Clayton Kershaw SP
(42) Manhattan Marauders – Shin-Soo Choo RF
(43) Schwartz Stops – Ian Kinsler 2B
(44) The Canexicans – Adrian Beltre 3B
(45) Havalina  Lumber Co – Ubaldo Jimenez SP
** (46) South Larson  Hamptonians – Jason Heyward RF–Thought for a minute I had a shot at Choo but happy with this pick as well. Kept the balance theme going and got MI and two OF done in first four picks.
(47) KFred inCal – Alex Rios CF
(48) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Jayson Werth RF
Round: 5
(49) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Brandon Phillips 2B
(50) KFred inCal – Buster Posey C
** (51) South Larson  Hamptonians – B.J. Upton CF–This is where it turned for me and we’ll see if it was for better or worse. I wrestled between going big speed and other cats potential with BJ or starting the CL run. If BJ has a big year won’t matter but you’ll see where my CL strategy unravels before my eyes as I am stuck waiting for it to come back.
(52) Havalina  Lumber Co – Hunter Pence RF
(53) The Canexicans – Mike Stanton RF
(54) Schwartz Stops – Derek Jeter SS
(55) Manhattan Marauders – Justin Verlander SP
(56) Team Gluttons – Jay Bruce RF
(57) Nathan’s Dogs – Chris Carpenter SP
(58) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Neftali Feliz RP
(59) mancrushes united – Curtis Granderson CF
(60) Bloo Meenies – Aramis Ramirez 3B
Round: 6
(61) Bloo Meenies – Heath Bell RP
(62) mancrushes united – Andre Ethier RF
(63) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Jimmy Rollins SS
(64) Nathan’s Dogs – Tommy Hanson SP
(65) Team Gluttons – Joakim Soria RP
(66) Manhattan Marauders – Carlos Marmol RP
(67) Schwartz Stops – Chris Young CF
(68) The Canexicans – Jonathan Papelbon RP
(69) Havalina  Lumber Co – Mariano Rivera RP
** (70) South Larson  Hamptonians – Brian Wilson RP–I came extremely close to getting one elite guy. Obviously Wilson dropped due to the oblique so if he heals up ok I’m fine and could argue huge value. Medium to high risk, high reward but not how I roll.
(71) KFred inCal – Cole Hamels SP
(72) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Rickie Weeks 2B
Round: 7
(73) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Elvis Andrus SS
(74) KFred inCal – Jered Weaver SP
** (75) South Larson  Hamptonians – Kendrys Morales 1B–Wilson seemed lonely on DL. You know what I don’t care if people don’t like this pick. Kendrys health has improved and I think it’s much ado about nothing. he plays 1B! Again came down to bat or CL. Get ready for more madness.
(76) Havalina  Lumber Co – Josh Johnson SP
(77) The Canexicans – Justin Morneau 1B
(78) Schwartz Stops – Matt Thornton RP
(79) Manhattan Marauders – Alexei Ramirez SS
(80) Team Gluttons – Carlos Santana C
(81) Nathan’s Dogs – Michael Young 3B
(82) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Martin Prado 2B
(83) mancrushes united – Francisco Liriano SP
(84) Bloo Meenies – Paul Konerko 1B
Round: 8
(85) Bloo Meenies – Michael Bourn CF
(86) mancrushes united – Delmon Young LF
(87) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Francisco Rodriguez RP
(88) Nathan’s Dogs – Zack Greinke SP
(89) Team Gluttons – Casey McGehee 3B
(90) Manhattan Marauders – Colby Rasmus CF
(91) Schwartz Stops – Drew Stubbs CF
(92) The Canexicans – Roy Oswalt SP
(93) Havalina  Lumber Co – Shane Victorino CF
** (94) South Larson  Hamptonians – Kelly Johnson 2B–Thought K-Rod would make it back to me no problem when he didn’t I said I’ll take a bat I really like and K-Jo was that bat. Never makes it back to me. Cory told me so.
(95) KFred inCal – Dan Haren SP
(96) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Chase Utley 2B
Round: 9
(97) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – David Price SP
(98) KFred inCal – Ben Zobrist 2B
** (99) South Larson  Hamptonians – Yovani Gallardo SP–Considered Latos but DL was crowded. Went NL, high Ks here even though I love Scherzer, little did I know……
(100) Havalina  Lumber Co – Mat Latos SP
(101) The Canexicans – Brett Gardner CF
(102) Schwartz Stops – Stephen Drew SS
(103) Manhattan Marauders – Matt Cain SP
(104) Team Gluttons – Gordon Beckham 2B
(105) Nathan’s Dogs – Juan Pierre LF
(106) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Pablo Sandoval 3B
(107) mancrushes united – Chone Figgins 2B
(108) Bloo Meenies – Aaron Hill 2B
Round: 10
(109) Bloo Meenies – David Ortiz DH
(110) mancrushes united – Rafael Furcal SS
(111) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Billy Butler 1B
(112) Nathan’s Dogs – Corey Hart RF
(113) Team Gluttons – Gio Gonzalez SP
(114) Manhattan Marauders – Aubrey Huff 1B
(115) Schwartz Stops – Chris Perez RP
(116) The Canexicans – Huston Street RP
(117) Havalina  Lumber Co – Geovany Soto C
** (118) South Larson  Hamptonians – Max Scherzer SP–pretty surprised he made it back. Not taking a SP until 9/10, having to wait quite a bit and still getting Gallardo/Scherzer makes a man feel good. If he wasn’t there I probably go Billingsley thinking Broxton,Nathan or Valverde make it back.
(119) KFred inCal – Adam Lind DH
(120) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Jonathan Broxton RP

Round: 11
(121) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Joe Nathan RP
(122) KFred inCal – Nick Markakis RF
** (123) South Larson  Hamptonians – Chad Billingsley SP
(124) Havalina  Lumber Co – Brian Roberts 2B
(125) The Canexicans – Rajai Davis CF
(126) Schwartz Stops – Miguel Montero C
(127) Manhattan Marauders – Howard Kendrick 2B
(128) Team Gluttons – Jose Valverde RP
(129) Nathan’s Dogs – Wandy Rodriguez SP
(130) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Carlos Quentin RF
(131) mancrushes united – Jonathan Sanchez SP
(132) Bloo Meenies – Francisco Cordero RP

Round: 12
(133) Bloo Meenies – Torii Hunter CF
(134) mancrushes united – John Axford RP
(135) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Vladimir Guerrero DH
(136) Nathan’s Dogs – Ted Lilly SP
(137) Team Gluttons – Ryan Dempster SP
(138) Manhattan Marauders – Neil Walker 2B
(139) Schwartz Stops – Pedro Alvarez 3B
(140) The Canexicans – Carlos Pena 1B
(141) Havalina  Lumber Co – Mark Reynolds 3B
** (142) South Larson  Hamptonians – J.J. Putz RP–Ugh, really? look at how many closers went in first 135 picks. Then Hanrahan goes. This is what I mean when I say predict all you want, put twelve people in a room and anything can happen.
(143) KFred inCal – Joel Hanrahan RP
(144) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Bobby Abreu RF
Round: 13
(145) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Tim Hudson SP
(146) KFred inCal – Leo Nunez RP
** (147) South Larson  Hamptonians – Ian Stewart 3B–Love the upside and didn;t have a 3B.
(148) Havalina  Lumber Co – Angel Pagan CF
(149) The Canexicans – Colby Lewis SP
(150) Schwartz Stops – Craig Kimbrel RP
(151) Manhattan Marauders – Nick Swisher RF
(152) Team Gluttons – Mike Napoli C
(153) Nathan’s Dogs – Shaun Marcum SP
(154) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Carlos Lee LF
(155) mancrushes united – Andrew Bailey RP
(156) Bloo Meenies – Clay Buchholz SP
Round: 14
(157) Bloo Meenies – Josh Beckett SP
(158) mancrushes united – Matt Wieters C
(159) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Matt Garza SP
(160) Nathan’s Dogs – Vernon Wells CF
(161) Team Gluttons – Hiroki Kuroda SP
(162) Manhattan Marauders – Daniel Hudson SP
(163) Schwartz Stops – Gaby Sanchez 1B
(164) The Canexicans – Brett Myers SP
(165) Havalina  Lumber Co – Adam Jones CF
** (166) South Larson  Hamptonians – Ian Desmond SS–Was hoping for Wieters but once he went I abandoned catcher and took the high upside guy I am big on. he went into UT for me and that’s ok.
(167) KFred inCal – Ryan Franklin RP
(168) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Brett Anderson SP
Round: 15
(169) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Grady Sizemore CF
(170) KFred inCal – Brandon Morrow SP
** (171) South Larson  Hamptonians – Manny Ramirez LF–Wanted to keep going after power and how do you pass on Manny here? If E5 goes big I’ll tip the cap to Cory who took him three picks later.
(172) Havalina  Lumber Co – Brad Lidge RP
(173) The Canexicans – Travis Snider LF
(174) Schwartz Stops – Edwin Encarnacion 3B
(175) Manhattan Marauders – Drew Storen RP
(176) Team Gluttons – Coco Crisp CF
(177) Nathan’s Dogs – Adam LaRoche 1B
(178) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Fernando Rodney RP
(179) mancrushes united – Denard Span CF
(180) Bloo Meenies – Nate McLouth CF
Round: 16
(181) Bloo Meenies – Ryan Raburn LF
(182) mancrushes united – Jason Kubel RF
(183) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – John Danks SP
(184) Nathan’s Dogs – Jeremy Hellickson SP
(185) Team Gluttons – Jonny Venters RP
(186) Manhattan Marauders – Jose Tabata LF
(187) Schwartz Stops – Ricky Nolasco SP
(188) The Canexicans – J.P. Arencibia C
(189) Havalina  Lumber Co – Phil Hughes SP
** (190) South Larson  Hamptonians – Michael Cuddyer RF–With Kendry in doubt loved this pick. Cuddy qualifies at 1B/OF.
(191) KFred inCal – Austin Jackson CF
(192) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Kurt Suzuki C
Round: 17
(193) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Jason Bay LF
(194) KFred inCal – Dexter Fowler CF
** (195) South Larson  Hamptonians – Ervin Santana SP–BIG ERV!!!!!!
(196) Havalina  Lumber Co – Jhonny Peralta SS
(197) The Canexicans – Juan Uribe 2B
(198) Schwartz Stops – Frank Francisco RP
(199) Manhattan Marauders – Jorge Posada C
(200) Team Gluttons – Will Venable RF
(201) Nathan’s Dogs – Derrek Lee 1B
(202) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Brandon Lyon RP
(203) mancrushes united – James Shields SP
(204) Bloo Meenies – Tyler Colvin RF
Round: 18
(205) Bloo Meenies – Alcides Escobar SS
(206) mancrushes united – Chipper Jones 3B
(207) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Jon Rauch RP
(208) Nathan’s Dogs – Starlin Castro SS
(209) Team Gluttons – Mike Aviles 2B
(210) Manhattan Marauders – Kevin Gregg RP
(211) Schwartz Stops – Jose Contreras RP
(212) The Canexicans – Chase Headley 3B
(213) Havalina  Lumber Co – J.J. Hardy SS
** (214) South Larson  Hamptonians – Chris Iannetta C–Needed my first catcher, why not make it a high upside Rockies?
(215) KFred inCal – Ike Davis 1B
(216) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Yadier Molina C
Round: 19
(217) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Carlos Beltran CF
(218) KFred inCal – Jhoulys Chacin SP
** (219) South Larson  Hamptonians – Alfonso Soriano LF–Manny and Sori to fill out my OF. What is this 2004? Could be a very nice value in 19th.
(220) Havalina  Lumber Co – Russell Martin C
(221) The Canexicans – Randy Wells SP
(222) Schwartz Stops – Madison Bumgarner SP
(223) Manhattan Marauders – Erick Aybar SS
(224) Team Gluttons – Edinson Volquez SP
(225) Nathan’s Dogs – Mitch Moreland 1B
(226) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Placido Polanco 3B
(227) mancrushes united – John Lackey SP
(228) Bloo Meenies – Javier Vazquez SP
Round: 20
(229) Bloo Meenies – Miguel Olivo C
(230) mancrushes united – Jordan Zimmermann SP
(231) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Raul Ibanez LF
(232) Nathan’s Dogs – Sean Rodriguez 2B
(233) Team Gluttons – Jorge De La Rosa SP
(234) Manhattan Marauders – Edwin Jackson SP
(235) Schwartz Stops – Trevor Cahill SP
(236) The Canexicans – Lance Berkman 1B
(237) Havalina  Lumber Co – C.J. Wilson SP
** (238) South Larson  Hamptonians – Ricky Romero SP–Gluttons made this easy when he took DLR. Couldn’t pass him up in 20th. My ace in AL Tout.
(239) KFred inCal – Luke Scott DH
(240) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Aroldis Chapman RP
Round: 21
(241) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Brian Matusz SP
(242) KFred inCal – Michael Morse RF
** (243) South Larson  Hamptonians – Brandon League RP–Chase those saves Mikey, yah yah.
(244) Havalina  Lumber Co – David Aardsma RP
(245) The Canexicans – Koji Uehara RP
(246) Schwartz Stops – Nick Hundley C
(247) Manhattan Marauders – Carlos Ruiz C
(248) Team Gluttons – Alex Gordon LF
(249) Nathan’s Dogs – Andres Torres CF
(250) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Magglio Ordonez RF
(251) mancrushes united – Erik Bedard SP
(252) Bloo Meenies – Daniel Bard RP
Round: 22
(253) Bloo Meenies – Matt Capps RP
(254) mancrushes united – James Loney 1B
(255) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Asdrubal Cabrera SS
(256) Nathan’s Dogs – Tsuyoshi Nishioka 2B
(257) Team Gluttons – Alexi Casilla 2B
(258) Manhattan Marauders – Anibal Sanchez SP
(259) Schwartz Stops – Sean Burnett RP
(260) The Canexicans – Yunel Escobar SS
(261) Havalina  Lumber Co – Brian Fuentes RP
** (262) South Larson  Hamptonians – Ian Kennedy SP–OD starter means nothing in this league.
(263) KFred inCal – Kila Ka’aihue 1B
(264) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Jake McGee RP

Round: 23
(265) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – A.J. Burnett SP
(266) KFred inCal – Cliff Pennington SS
** (267) South Larson  Hamptonians – John Jaso C–Like my second kicker I take my second catcher last. Like this pick.
(268) Havalina  Lumber Co – Joel Peralta RP
(269) The Canexicans – Carlos Zambrano SP
(270) Schwartz Stops – Johan Santana SP
(271) Manhattan Marauders – Josh Willingham LF
(272) Team Gluttons – Scott Rolen 3B
(273) Nathan’s Dogs – Hong-Chih Kuo RP
(274) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Garrett Jones 1B
(275) mancrushes united – Joaquin Benoit RP
(276) Bloo Meenies – Kenley Jansen RP
Round: 24 (RV)
(277) Bloo Meenies – Julio Borbon CF
(278) mancrushes united – Ryan Madson RP
(279) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – Ramon Hernandez C
(280) Nathan’s Dogs – John Buck C
(281) Team Gluttons – Rafael Soriano RP
(282) Manhattan Marauders – Freddie Freeman 1B
(283) Schwartz Stops – Omar Infante 2B
(284) The Canexicans – Chris Coghlan LF
(285) Havalina  Lumber Co – Sergio Romo RP
** (286) South Larson  Hamptonians – Clay Hensley RP–Yah Yah
(287) KFred inCal – Alex Avila C
(288) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Chris Sale RP
Round: 25 (RV)
(289) Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Jaime Garcia SP
(290) KFred inCal – Gavin Floyd SP
** (291) South Larson  Hamptonians – Jordan Walden RP–Have I mentioned Yah Yah???
(292) Havalina  Lumber Co – Carlos Gomez CF
(293) The Canexicans – Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
(294) Schwartz Stops – Tim Stauffer RP
(295) Manhattan Marauders – Johnny Cueto SP
(296) Team Gluttons – Brandon Belt 1B
(297) Nathan’s Dogs – Rod Barajas C
(298) Bitter Old Dodgers Fan – A.J. Pierzynski C
(299) mancrushes united – Grant Balfour RP
(300) Bloo Meenies – Justin Smoak 1B


In a 10 team H2H points league would you rather have alvarez or E5, I can pick up E5 but I don’t need any hitters on my bench so I would have to drop Alvarez, too hard to trade. It’s the best strategy to win this points league.


As much as the 411 (mainly Cory) loves E5 this year, I’d still rather have Alvarez. He’s a top prospect who’s on the way up while Encarnacion has already been given numerous chances to hold onto a big league starting job. Maybe he finally succeeds in 2011, but I’d sooner turn to the guy who has yet to to (and perhaps never will) go through a prolonged period of big league failure.


What’s the ratio of RP to SP in general for you?


In a league that uses 9 active pitchers, I usually go 6 SP, 3 RP. But in weekly leagues it could be either 6 SP, 3 RP or 7 SP, 2 RP…depending on which categories you need the most help in.


Boys –

Ok, just wrapped up my 12team mixed league draft (new format) weekly H2H points league. 12 bats w/8cats; 9 arms w/9cats. Total pts takes the given week. Had the 4th overall snake pick – non keeper.

C = Posada (19th rd)
1B/3B/CI = Fielder (2nd rd); Reynolds (6th rd); Huff (13th rd)
2B/SS/MI = Uggla (3rd rd); HanRam (1st rd); Reyes (4th rd)
4 OF = Pence (7th rd); Stubbs (9th rd); Granderson (11th rd); Lind (12th rd)
UT = Hunter (14th rd)
Bench Bat = Infante (27th rd)

Was thrilled to have Reyes fall in my lap to close out the very weak 2B/SS/CI combo. That alone could give me the edge is most weekly H2H matchups. Not thrilled with gamble on Reynolds, and Huff from 3B and CI standpoint, but could be worse right? OF felt I made up for lost time but not sure how trustworthy they will be week to week. And Infante is near perfect insurance for every Bat (except catching). 15games prior season; 5 games this season for elig rule. Maybe he gets 5 games behind the plate…hahaha.

9 Arms = Price (5th rd); Garza (8th rd); WanRod (10th rd); Broxton (15th rd); Nolasco (16th rd); EdJack (17th rd); ClayRich (18th rd); JChachin (20th rd); Nathan (21st rd)
Bench Arms = Buehrle (22nd rd); RWells (23rd rd); Duensing (24th rd); JSantana (25th rd); Narveson (26th rd)

Feel grabbing Broxton and Nathan with upside this late could pay off especially during many 1 SP weeks where their pts should be more consistent.

This this is my first H2H total pts rodeo, even though I drafted 2 CL, I plan on benching them this week as all my 9 SP are 2-start point earners. Hope this pays off.

All in all, per Cory’s composites I have tallied the most total pts – but barely; and that might not mean much each week. Goal is to finish top 3 H2H records for quick payoff; and top 6 teams make big payoff/playoff push…bottom 6 teams fall into the lesser tourney so to speak.




Yeah, 6th round for Reynolds is early but 3B is so weak this year that I don’t fault you for reaching there. I’m annoyed that I had to take him in the 8th in one of my leagues. Alvarez got taken with the pick right before me and my main target, Panda, went way earlier than I expected. But hey, maybe Reynolds hits .240 with 35 homers…then it’ll be worth it!

Broxton and Nathan were flat out steals by the way.


Hey Guys,
Thanks again for all the information and advice you provide. Looking forward to another exciting season. I’m in a 12-team mixed 5X5 “vanilla.” What are your thoughts on these AL starters? What order would you rank them?
Brett Anderson
Ricky Romero
Phil Hughes
Jeremy Hellickson
Brian Matusz

Hello Zach,

Just finish my H2H 7×7 12 Team Mixed League
I wonder if it was to risky to get this player who will begin at DL?
Chase Utley 12 (124)
Brad Lidge 15 (172)
While they are on DL, i got
Chone Figgins 12 (141), Beckham 18 (213) and Contreras from the Waiver.
I also got Soria 6 (69) as my 1st closer.
Thanks a lot!!!!


I generally avoid drafting any player who is a serious injury risk but 12th round is still very good value for Utley. Lidge in the 15th is OK but it depends on which other closers were available at the time. But I like how you backed up Lidge with Contreras.



On a keeper league, Starsburg has some value? It is worth getting him and put him on DL? Is it too early? Is there a chance he will play in September?
I have 2 DL spots available……


You can’t go wrong stashing Strasburg if you’ve got an open DL spot but at some point during the season you might need that spot for someone else. Go ahead and pick him up for now but be ready for some tough decisions down the road.


Follow up:

5×5 roto keeper (with obp instead of BA) and we just had our draft. We have 3 OF and 2 util. spots

My roster is Montero, Votto, Pedroia, Wright, Rollins, J Upton, Ethier, T Hunter, Rasmus, Ad. Jones, J Pierre and my pitchers are Haren, Gallardo, Billingsley, Lilly, Scherzer, Myers, Matusz, Lackey, Bedard, C Perez, Hanrahan, Nathan/Capps

Already I’ve been offered this trade:

I would give up Ethier, Pedroia, Billingsley, C Perez and I wouild receive Longoria, Weeks, J Shields and Jh. Chacin. I don’t lilke making trades this early but whenever you get a chance at a top player you have to consider even if it may hurt your depth. What should I do?



A real close call there. You’re giving up a lot but I’d lean towards accepting the offer. Like you said, Longoria’s the best player in the deal and the dropoff at 2B from Pedroia to Weeks isn’t that steep. You’ve got a ton of rotation depth so I wouldn’t be too concerned about losing Billingsley. Plus, Shields is a nice bounceback candidate. I’d be hesitant to trade Perez, especially since Hanrahan (will he be effective in closer role?) and Nathan (is he 100 percent healthy?) both come with question marks. But ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons.


Mike I didn’t realize that was you picking after me. You really threw me for a loop in the 8th when you took Kelly Johnson. Couldn’t recover in enough time and ended up taking my 3rd pitcher in a row.. UGH

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