Pitch or Ditch for Monday, April 4

He's baack!


Porcello @ Arrieta

Baker @ Nova

Bedard @ Holland – I’d start anyone against the Mariners; enjoy Bedard while he lasts

Jurrjens @ Narveson – wait and see on both

Enright @ Wells

Morton @ Lohse


“I’ll agree. Curious to see about Lohse but no real reason to play with fire on him right now. Watch Cust hit 3 HR.”


12 team, mixed, 5×5, HTH league limited to 50 moves during the season. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated please.

1. (8) Adrián González 1B
2. (17) Matt Holliday OF
3. (32) Joe Mauer C
4. (41) Jacoby Ellsbury OF
5. (56) Jayson Werth OF
6. (65) Pablo Sandoval 1B,3B
7. (80) Joakim Soria RP
8. (89) Dan Haren SP
9. (104) Chad Billingsley SP
10. (113) Matt Thornton RP
11. (128) Stephen Drew SS
12. (137) Craig Kimbrel RP
13. (152) Howie Kendrick 1B,2B
14. (161) C.J. Wilson SP
15. (176) Mark Reynolds 3B
16. (185) Chris Sale RP
17. (200) Jonny Venters RP
18. (209) Javier Vázquez SP,RP
19. (224) Aaron Harang SP
20. (233) Nyjer Morgan OF
21. (248) Jon Rauch RP
22. (257) Kenley Jansen RP
23. (272) James McDonald SP
24. (281) Lance Berkman 1B
25. (296) Alberto Callaspo 2B,3B


Great pitching and solid power but this team is light in speed…very heavily dependent on Ellsbury. Werth can give you 15 or so steals, but other than that the only other speed guy on your roster is Morgan, who isn’t even an everyday player at this point. He wasn’t in the lineup yesterday.


Given Howie Kendrick’s great start, how would you receive a Kendrick for Figgins trade offer? (Figgins would give me the additional speed I am lacking.)


I’m fine with that. Fair value and addresses your needs.


Trade dilemma for you guys if you have a minute. 14 team mixed 5×5 head to head.

I have 4 2B eligible players (infante, prado, figgens, weeks). I drafted prado and figgens, infante is my waiver man crush, and I’m shopping weeks cause much like most audi’s he’s overpriced and fragile.

I’m sitting on Ryan Howard and Andrew Bailey for Weeks and McCann

I feel good about my 2B options, got wieters off waivers, (post hype?) happy to put another CL on the roster (feliz and thorton), and Ryan Howard in my DH spot. (votto 1st pick, current 1B)

Lot of x factors in this – weeks, wieters, etc. so I would love some input if you have a minute, thank you.

If I had to cut ties with any of those guys it would be your man crush Infante. He’s clearly the fourth best player of that group. Although I have no problem with you trading Weeks, as he would bring back the most value, I don’t like that trade at all. Weeks remains a top-tier option at a middle infield position and McCann is an elite option also at a thin position. Sure, Howard is the best player in the trade, but I’m not high on Bailey. He’s reportedly making progress in his rehab but the A’s still haven’t laid out a timetable for his return. He’s a huge injury-risk and hasn’t exactly been a model of good health throughout his career. I think you can do better for a Weeks/McCann package.


Thanks Zach

When using the pitch /ditch strategy should you always ditch another SP? The reason I ask is because my bench is pretty solid and I’m still waiting to see how my bats start the season.


Don’t think I fully understand this question. Can you clarify?


What are your thoughts on Jayson Werth? Will he be able to put up the same production numbers that he did last season now that he’s batting behind Ian Desmond in the Nationals’ batting order? I’m not too concerned about my OF though. I have 4 starting OFs and a Util spot which are currently occupied by Bourn, Werth, Bruce, Torii Hunter, and Rajai Davis respectively. Not to mention that I have a healthy dose of power with Fielder, A-Rod, and Mark Reynolds with some speed from Elvis Andrus and Brian Roberts. I also have Gaby Sanchez, Edwin Encarnacion, Nate McLouth, and Sean Rodriguez on the bench who could all fill in the Util spot if I have to bench Werth and move Davis into the OF slot if Werth’s production drops. I’m just curious if Werth will be a guy I should try to improve upon or will he perform well for my team.



Nope, I don’t see any way that Werth puts up the same type of power numbers he did in Philly. Just check out his home/road splits from last year. They’re very telling. Not to mention the inferior supporting cast in Washington. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still a top-25 OF, but owners who drafted him as their #1 OF will be extremely disappointed. Rather than benching him if he gets off to a slow start, why not try to trade him while his perceived value is still relatively high? I’m sure you could net a nice return…maybe take a slight downgrade at OF (which might not turn out to be a downgrade by year’s end) but get an upgrade at another position.


Thanks for the advice. To replace Werth, I’d like to try and find a guy who would be able to put similar numbers particularly in power categories like RBIs and SLG. The areas that I think could use a little improvement are C (Miguel Montero) 2B (Brian Roberts and Sean Rodriguez (bench)), SS (Elvis Andrus), and maybe OF (Bourn, Bruce, Rajai Davis, Torii Hunter, McLouth (bench)). I think I have plenty of speed with Bourn and Davis, so I may be able to afford parting with Andrus, and I don’t think my 2Bs are remarkable compared to other 2Bs. Who from this list would be a good fit for my needs that I would have a good chance of making a deal for?

Kemp, Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, Justin Upton, Brandon Philips, Rickie Weeks, Andre Ethier, Hunter Pence, Alex Rios, Drew Stubbs, Shane Victorino, Chris Young, BJ Upton, Mike Stanton, Kelly Johnson, Zobrist, Bobby Abreu, Carlos Lee, Huff, Swisher, Cuddyer, Soriano, Ibanez, Uribe, Alex Gonzalez, Kendrick, Stephen Drew, Vernon Wells, Shin-Soo Choo, Jason Kubel, Delmon Young, Victor Martinez, Brian McCann, Mike Napoli



Okay for some reason a guy (in my 20-team league) Dropped his two closers (Soria and Gregg) and I picked them up off the wavier wire to go along with (who I drafted) Bell and Broxton.
(If there is any) Who is trade bait?

Jon from Texas


Drop Soria in a 20-team league? Are you kidding me? Honestly, I’d trade anyone for the right price but what’s so bad about keeping all four closers for awhile? You could build up a big lead in saves and then maybe make a trade mid-season. Unless you get blown away by an offer, that would be my approach. I think all of those guys will be more highly coveted in July than they are now.



Just lost Longoria for the next 3 weeks with the oblique strain. He was my first pick. I have E5 and just picked up bloomquist (thought I might get a few steals). Any advice on how to make up some power in the short term?

Thanks for the help,


E5 should be able to hold down the fort for now, but if he struggles I’d go to the waiver wire and simply sort by last year’s HRs or use Cory’s 2011 projections. I really don’t see much value in Bloomquist, particularly if your main need is power.


Guys noticed Holland’s down to pitch today for the Rangers not Ogando. Would you give him a shot?

Big Barry,

Yeah, pitch on Holland. Mariners’ lineup is awful.


I’ll try to clarify. When playing pitch & ditch strategy should you discard another SP to pick up a SP rather than discard a position player. ie bats are more valuble.


Yeah, it’s preferable to drop another pitcher as the idea behind PoD is to constantly play the matchups. But if a pitcher you pick up for PoD gets on a roll, you might want to hold onto him for awhile and consider dropping a hitter instead. Generally speaking though, try to hang onto your hitters if you can.


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