Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 5

Be careful!

CORY’S PICKS (Bold = Pitch)

Weaver @ Niemann – wait and see on Niemann

Beckett @ Tomlin

Duensing @ Sabathia

Braden @ Reyes

Pineda @ Ogando – one has a good matchup to gamble, the other does not

Floyd @ Mazzaro

Enright @ Cashner – Cashner has a live arm but command problems

Bumgarner @ Harang

Young @ Hamels

Happ @ Leake

Marquis @ An. Sanchez

Lowe @ Gallardo – cash in your profits on Lowe from last time, don’t push!

McDonald @ McClellan – great opening matchup for both

Kershaw @ Chacin – Chacin has the goods to survive Coors


***SIANO SAYS “I’m OK with rolling the dice on Niemann. Agree on rest.”


First year of a 12-team 5×5 keeper auction league.

I’ve been proposed a trade in which I give up Mark Reynolds ($8) and Clay Buchholtz ($5) for Jose Reyes ($24)

I have E5 and Alvarez at 3rd and only Uribe at SS.



Absolutely do that deal. I actually prefer Alvarez to Reynolds and even though you would be taking on 11 bucks in salary, Uribe to Reyes is a gigantic upgrade at a thin SS position.


I have Longoria and looked for a stop-gap. I see Chipper and E5. Who do you think will be worthy of a grab?


I like E5 mainly because he’s younger and has more upside. Not to mention that it’s just a matter of time before Chipper gets hurt again.


Hey fellas, would you pick up Walden and drop any one of these guys: Fuentes, Meek, Romo, Contreras? I also have Franklin and Soria as closers. As for SPs, I have Hamels, Chacin, Gio, Danks, and Cueto on the DL. Pick up Zach Britton by dropping another reliever or wait and see? Thanks, Mike


Yeah, I’d do a Walden for Romo swap. Brian Wilson is close to returning from the DL and Romo was never the clear-cut replacement to begin with. I think Walden definitely has the edge over Jepsen should Fernando Rodney get yanked.

As for Britton, I’d wait and see. All of those relievers have some value and your rotation is already fairly strong.


10 team roto, just traded Posey and Verlander, for VMart and Holliday. Still have Felix, Hudson, Danks, GioG, Bumgarner, dempter, pavano, EJax, and morrow on the DL.

My OF needed the upgrade, also in need of overall power. Ellibury, Ethier, Delmon, Cuddyer, Milton Bradley.

Big Mistake? Also, what OF would you drop if any? I picked up bradley as a FA.


Love it. Not only are you getting the best player in the deal in Holliday but you’re getting the two best players in the deal. At worst, the catcher swap is a wash, so then it becomes Verlander for Holliday, which is a no-brainer. I understand that Holliday is out right now, but it sounds like he will be back a lot sooner than the original 3-4 week timetable. Bradley is clearly the weakest link among the OFs so if you need to drop one of those guys, he’s the one.


I am curious what your thoughts are regarding Angels centerfielder Peter Bourjos. He has a reputation as an outstanding defensive OFer with a lot of speed (SB) that would have trouble hitting well enough to be of much valuable in fantasy baseball. Yet he had an outstanding Spring Training at the plate and, at this point, his hitting seems to have carried over to the regular season. Do you see enough value in Bourjos to pick him up as a 4th OFer?



The guys will answer this question on today’s show but personally, I’m taking a wait and see approach with Bourjos. While in the Minors, he hit for a solid average, showed some pop and stole a ton of bases, so he certainly has some promise. However, he struggled in limited big league action last season (.204 AVG in 181 ABs) so the jury is still out. Worth a roster spot in a 12 team mixed league? Yes. 4th outfielder? Not yet.


Is Frank Fransico worth holding on to?? Is he going to be the Jays everyday closer?? I have K Rod and Bailey looking for a nice third guy in a 12 team leauge.


Yes, hold onto Francisco. He’s expected to return very soon and he will be Toronto’s closer this year as long as he doesn’t lose the job due to poor performance. I think he’ll do just fine…a great third closer.



Who would you play at catcher tuesday night

Ianetta vs Kershaw

or go with

Martin vs Duensing

I think Iannetta is gonna be really good this year but im wondering if i should toss him out there against kershaw.


sorry forgot to put my name on it again. that question was from me..



Martin without question. He’s red hot right now and has the far more favorable matchup.


With Alex Rios struggling should I bench him for Rajai Davis?


Let’s not panic after three games. You drafted Rios to be one of your starting OFs so I’d leave him in the lineup for now. If his struggles last into late-April/early-May, then I’d think about making a switch. Remember that it takes some time for stats to normalize. At this point, the sample size is way too small.


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