Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 6

Volquez looking to rebound from ugly '11 debut.


Haren @ Hellickson * Helloween!

King Felix @ Wilson

Buehrle @ Francis

Dice-K @ Talbot *Dice K going so late in drafts no real need to push it just yet unless you are feeling lucky.

Verlander @ Bergesen

Pavano @ F. Garcia *I’m off the Pavano train. Wait and see on Freddy.

Braden @ Litsch

Correia @ Carpenter

Galarraga @ Dempster

Billingsley @ Hammel

Lincecum @ Stauffer *Stauffer nice work on road vs. Cards so have to go with him at home.

Pelfrey @ Blanton *Going to hold off on Pelfrey here.

Figueroa @ Volquez *Owners still shell shocked from Volquez’s last start, but it is the Astros. Better options but worth keeping an eye on.

L. Hernandez @ Volstad

Minor @ Mitre *After much thought I’ll pass on Minor @MIL but still a fan.


(not in my 20 team league)

Lackey was just dopped in my league. I know about his early season troubles, but should I still pick him up and hold him through it until he regains his form or leave him be?

I have enough pitching to keep my stats up (Halladay, Verlander, J. Johnson) while he is stuggling. Which one of these would be the best to cut if I would to pick him up (Colby Lewis, Phil Hughes, Cahill, Gio, or drop Frankie Francisco [I got Bell and Papelbon for closers to])

Jon from Texas


Although I do like Lackey’s chances of bouncing back this year, I prefer all of your current pitchers and your rotation is plenty deep. Francisco is definitely worth holding onto. Stand pat.


Kelly Johnson just hit the waiver wire. How would you compare Johnson to Brian Roberts and Sean Rodriguez, particularly in terms of power? How much would you bid on Johnson if you were to pick him up? I have a budget of $1000.



Except for the fact that Roberts is always hurt, I consider Johnson and Roberts to be very close in value. Roberts will give you more SBs, but if it’s power you’re looking for, Johnson’s the clear choice. Don’t be fooled by Roberts’ early-season power spurt. I’d be very surprised if he hits more than 12 homers this season. S-Rod is the clear third-best among that group.

As for the bid amount for Johnson, $100-150 seems about right.


One of these days I’m going to feel comfortable with this team; just not yet. I’m in a 12 team, mixed, 5×5, HTH league and this is my pitching staff:

SP: Haren, Billingsley, C.J. Wilson, Hellickson, McDonald
RP: Soria, Kimbrel, Thornton, Contreras, Balfour, Sale, Venters.

I have an opportunity to pick up Ogando, who I think has an electric arm, but I’m not sure he’s better than anyone currently on my staff. (I have no position players to drop.)

Any advice guys?




Yeah, I’d pick up Ogando for Balfour, who blew a save chance last night and is clearly third in line for saves behind Fuentes and Bailey. Fuentes was out due to a blister but should be available today while Bailey is making steady progress in his rehab. I don’t see Balfour having much mixed league value going forward.


Am I silly to start benching Choo? I hate benching anyone I pick in the first 5 rounds… its either sit him or Morneau, and at least Justin is hitting. Choo has looked miserable up there, and in prime RBI situations to boot.


Yeah, you’re crazy to bench Choo. But my question is why do you have Morneau on your bench? Those are two must-start players. If you’re forced to sit one of them on a regular basis, consider trading one to get some value in return.


Well I managed to get both Morneau and Kendry in the 9th and 10th rounds…. they left them out there, I had to take him. So while Morales and Latos hold down my DL, now I have Longo occupying a bench slot until i can activate Latos, leaving me with only one guy to sit. I picked up Gaby Sanchez as my stopgap for Morales and hes been holding down first with Morneau as utility. My 4 OFers are Choo, Markakis, Pierre and Tabata, so thats why I had the tendency to sit Choo for a start or two and get some production out of Morneau, since my other OFers are doing plenty enough to keep me above water.

I do plan on making a trade once Kendry is healthy and producing, and should get a nice return from either Morneau OR Sanchez if he keeps his hot hitting up down in SoFlo.

I read what Siano posted on Choo so ill continue to start him, but it hurts having to sit Morneau on any occasion, jsut dont think he has the right trade value yet.

Dear 411,

Would you consider trading Pedroia for Holliday? Considering i have Prado and Figgins as 2B…..


It’s a fair value trade so if you feel like you have more depth at 2B than at OF, I won’t oppose it. Holliday should be back soon.


Hey guys sometimes it’s hard to know whether you should cut a guy following a good POD start, or whether to hold onto them. How about maybe including some sort of indicator next to their name of say ‘hold’ or ‘spot-start’, on the POD list (for say a standard 12 team, 5by5 league).
Take a guy like Pineda…good start yesterday but im thinking if I cut him now will I get him back for his next start? Including a ‘hold’ or ‘spot-start’ indicator next to their name would give us a general idea of their current value, and help us decide whether we can cut bait on a guy or should be holding onto him now. Just a thought.
Big Barry,
East End, England

To add to that above, forgot about the POD chart that you created, inspired by me for last season! That was invaluable, will we be seeing it return?


Yeah, we’ll definitely pick up the PoD chart this year. I’m aiming to get one up by the end of the week.


Great news. Don’t forget to plug my name as the inspiration behind it!🙂

I had and still have a man crush on Adrian Gonzalez, especially in Red Sox uni. I missed him in the my keeper league and scored Teixeira (not that I am complaining). He has started hot and Gonzo is cold. Tex for Gonzo in trade is what I am thinking, and want to offer…but is Tex about to blow up the stats in 2011? .Please agree or talk me out of it!!!!


I’m considering trading Beckett for Brandon Beachy. Really need K’s and I have trust issues with Josh. Should I do this now or give Beckett another start or two?


Beckett did look awful yesterday but Beachy is still unproven. Stash Beckett on your bench for a little while longer before deciding what to do with him. I never like to make trades this early. There’s just not enough of a sample size for us to make objective decisions.


Appreciate the responses from here and on the show today. I’m heeding your advice as always🙂


The two are extremely close in value so it really depends on whether you’re a Red Sox fan or a Yankee fan:-) I’ll take my NYY allegiance out of this and lean towards A-Gonz. He’s a bit younger and has already put up huge numbers playing at Petco so his potential at Fenway is tremendous. Can’t really go wrong with either though.

And by the way, don’t think that just because Tex has gotten off to a red hot start he’ll go 50-150 this year!


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