Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 7 + Closer Thoughts

Be patient with Marcum.


Lester @ Carmona

Cahill @ Romero

Liriano @ Burnett – not sold yet on AJ’s resurgence

Price @ Jackson

Penny @ Tillman – don’t trust either

Myers @ LeCure

Rogers @ Maholm

Hanson @ Marcum – Marcum was rusty first time, but 7 Ks                               tell a story, too

Niese @ Halladay

Lannan @ Johnson

***SIANO SAYS “I’m OK with Burnett vs. Twins.”


Less than a week into the season, we already have messy closer situations. First we hear that Sean Burnett, not Drew Storen will, at least for now, be the ninth inning man in Washington. But the bigger news comes out of Hollywood, where Jordan Walden has supplanted the awful Fernando Rodney. The Angels say the move is temporary but we all know better. As long as Walden continues to get the job done, he will continue to close. Note that Rodney sports a mediocre 4.30 career ERA and 1.45 career WHIP. His habit of walking the ballpark (3 BBs in 1/3 of an inning on Sunday) simply doesn’t translate well to the closer role.

The 411 draft strategy regarding closers is clear: Draft elite guys early so that you won’t have to deal with the constant turnover throughout the season. But the opponents of this strategy do have a point. Rather than spending a 5th round pick on Mariano Rivera, use that pick on a top-tier hitter and be the first to snatch up the Jordan Waldens and Sean Burnetts. Don’t expect this debate to go away anytime soon! Now let’s get to Thursday’s Pitch or Ditch.



In a 12 team, h2h points league (no categories), would you trade Ricky Romero for Ian Desmond. My Current SS option is Alcides Escobar and Peralta (MI) who I’m not a fan of either. We start 9 pitchers and my staff looks like, Oswalt, Scherzer, Daniel Hudson,Gio Gonzalez, Romero, Thorton, Street, Hanrahan, Travis Wood, Staufer, Carrasco,Masterson, Mclellan, Britten, and Homer Bailey.


H2H points leagues tend to value steals a little less than roto leagues, and outside of SBs, I don’t see Desmond as enough of an upgrade over Peralta to warrant losing Romero. I’d pass on that deal.


Would you do this trade? Get: Carlos Quentin. Give: Jayson Werth, James Shields. I’m thinking this is a fair deal especially if Werth won’t be putting up the same numbers like he did in Philly and I think Quentin will be a good fit in terms of power. What are your thoughts? Yes I would be trading Shields as well, but there are a lot of starters on the Free Agent list for me to add in his place. Which do you like from this list? Oganda, E Jackson, Buehrle, Hammel, Stauffer, Leake, Anibal Sanchez, McDonald, Nova, Holland, Wells, Lackey, Westbrook, Cecil, Wolf, Vazquez.

Just for reference, my other SPs are Carpenter, Lincecum, Lilly, De La Rosa, Kuroda, and CJ Wilson


Although I’m not a big fan of Werth now that he’s in Washington, I’d still take him over Quentin. He’s simply the more complete player and is less of an injury risk. Sit tight with Werth and the added bonus is you get to keep Shields.


Thanks for the tip. Just out of curiosity, when can we expect the first PoD chart for this season? Those charts really helped a lot with my pitching last year.

Just picked up Aaron Crow, who has looked awesome so far. Can we expect high strikeout numbers for him as the season goes on? And how are his chances at becoming a starter in KC?


Crow definitely has a bright future but as long as he remains in a middle relief role, he’s more of a deep AL-only option. Last year was his first Minor League season and he struck out 143 in 163 1/3 innings…solid numbers but not jaw-dropping. I think there’s a good chance KC makes him a starter eventually, but I don’t see it happening this year.


Someone dropped Papelbon which is unexplainable but happened. It’s our first year using FAAB and my first time too – how much should I bid for him? I’m already loaded at closer – Rivera, Wilson, Street, Thornton – but I figured it’d be good value to trade. So how much should I bid?


I drafted Raburn as a bench player this year and I have needed him a couple times already when other players had days off, but he hasn’t been playing. Did Leyland already take his job and hand it to boesch? Asdrubal Cabrera is on the wire and i was thinking about picking him up and dropping Raburn. would you do this or wait and see what happens in Detroit?



I am concerned about Raburn’s PT status at this point and would lean towards making that move. You would be taking a hit in homers but since we know that Cabrera will be in the lineup every day, I think it’s worth it. Asdrubal has yet to live up to his potential but let’s remember that he’s still just 25.


Regarding Myers against Cincy…

i’m on the fence as to whether or not I should send him out. His first start was so mixed (was he on after a lousy spring) or did he run into an anxious philly team? the line was great but the no Ks troubles me. Should’ve been a very quality W but the pen imploded and Cincy has a more dangerous lineup top to bottom. Also, statistically, he’s been underwhelming against the Reds in the past. Reds are hot, Astros don’t score much and have a lousy pen.

Only real reason i’m considering him is because it’s a H2H 12 team league and I need innings and FA and waiver wire list is very depleted. if Jimenez wasn’t on the DL, i wouldn’t be as bothered skipping a turn with Myers.

thoughts? thanks for the help!

When are you guys back on T.V.?


The show is already back on TV! 2:30 PM ET on MLB Network. If you miss it at 2:30 we always have audio and video podcasts available on iTunes.


Hi guys,
I am in the weeds with a bunch of possible closers or my roster. I’m trying to figure out who to drop and who to pick up (and who to keep). I have Chris Sale, Sergio Romo, Joel Peralta and Luke Gregerson. Some guys that are available are Wilton Lopez, Kenley Jansen, Jonny Venters. Who is worth ditching, holding, picking up? Thanks! I’m definitely going to adjust my draft strategy going forward and nail down top closers. Ugh.



If saves (not ERA and WHIP) is your main focus, the one move I’d make is to pick up Lopez for Gregerson. The only way that Gregerson becomes a closer is if Bell gets traded, and that won’t even happen for another few months. Not to mention that Mike Adams could very well assume the role. Lopez has a more realistic chance of picking up some saves. Romo is worth holding onto for now in case Wilson encounters further injury issues.


Hi guys closer question please. H2H cbs weekly league. 2 RPs

I didnt get a jump on the other draftees and missed out on the elite closers so I ended up with J. Axelford and R. Franklin as my guys. I picked up C. Kimbal hoping he be named the guy in Atlanta and so far so good, but J. Walden out there and am wondering if i should have him on my roster instead of one of the other three. I cant see carrying 4 RPs on my roster so that isnt an option Thanks guys, love the show and the Blog.

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