Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 8

Just one start into his big league career, is Britton a Pitch vs. Texas?



Hughes @ Lackey – not worried about Hughes… yet

Davies @ Scherzer

Anderson @ Blackburn

Lewis @ Britton – I think Britton is the real deal

Shields @ Danks

Drabek @ Santana – Drabek is the real deal too

Carrasco @ Vargas – I think Carrasco is legit too, and he gets a great chance to prove it!

Zimmermann @ Dickey – Dickey earned this off last year

Westbrook @ J. Sanchez

De La Rosa @ Ohlendorf

Nolasco @ Wandy

Lee @ T. Hudson

Zambrano @ Wolf

Wood @ Kennedy – this could be a 2-1 game or a 12-11 game

Lilly @ Richard – love Richard at home, the ultimate home/away PoD pitcher



I would love some insight on Lackey, I drafted two players that I wasn’t happy with, one was Beltran whose been dropped, the 2nd is Lackey, obviously a single outing against the rangers is hardly the litmus test I need, but I just wonder what you think his value is in a 14 team 5×5 head to head mixed league.

surrounding staff is as follows
kershaw, cecil, dickey, A sanchez, j. shields, d holland, m. garza, and johan on the DL (snagged off waivers!).

Thanks in advance, appreciate the feedback.


Entering the season, I was actually very high on Lackey as a bounce back candidate and one start hasn’t changed my opinion. While he’s no longer an upper-tier SP, I still view him as a back of the rotation type guy and would definitely not drop him at this point. I think he’ll improve as the season goes along with one year in the rough AL East already under his belt.


I picked up Alberto Callapso after the injury to Aybar, and obviously love what he’s done. How much playing time can I expect him to get when Aybar returns from injury?


Despite not being a full-time player, Callaspo still got plenty of ABs during his half-season with the Angels last year, so I think he’ll put up some useful numbers. That said, his upside is pretty much 12 homers with a solid AVG and he doesn’t run at all. Quality AL-only option? Yes. But I don’t think you can rely on him long-term in a mixed league.


5×5 Roto keeper where we keep 6

My hitters are Montero, Votto, Weeks, D Wright, Rollins, Pierre, T Hunter, Adam Jones, Longoria, Rasmus and J Upton

My pitchers are Gallardo, Haren, Lilly, B Myers, Scherzer, Matusz, Bedard, Pineda, Shields, Jh. Chacin, Walden, Nathan/Capps, Hanrahan.

Jason Bay is on the wire. Is it worth dropping Ad. Jones or a pitcher to pick him up? OR Should I add Wilton Lopez in anticipation of Lyon losing his job?


I wanted Gonzalez, but the guy has come with a very cheeky trade. I give-Teixeira, Stanton (my keeper in draft spot24!..value ++), Capps and get Gonzalez, V Wells and Rollen. He wants someoutfield pop and I also have McCutchen(keeper pick26!), Quentin, Heyward and Smith. Thinking to offer my 3 for Gonzo, Kinsler. I presntly have Hill and Aviles in b/up. Should I up the quality of my outfielder to a Quentin?

Your thoughts?


I wouldn’t even think about doing that deal, particularly in a keeper league. You’re too obsessed with getting Adrian when Tex will post similar numbers. You’re also giving up a prime keeper in Stanton and getting back Wells, who is inconsistent and carries far less keeper appeal. Rolen holds minimal value here. Pass.


x5 Roto keeper where we keep 6

My hitters are Montero, Votto, Weeks, D Wright, Rollins, Pierre, T Hunter, Adam Jones, Longoria, Rasmus and J Upton

My pitchers are Gallardo, Haren, Lilly, B Myers, Scherzer, Matusz, Bedard, Pineda, Shields, Jh. Chacin, Walden, Nathan/Capps, Hanrahan.

Jason Bay is on the wire. Is it worth dropping Ad. Jones or a pitcher to pick him up? OR Should I add Wilton Lopez in anticipation of Lyon losing his job?


Although Bay is a decent speculative pickup, I prefer all of your current players so I’d stand pat. As for Lopez, I really don’t think Lyon will lose his job anytime soon and between Walden, Nathan/Capps and Hanrahan, you’ve already got three closers.


should i pick up richard or drabek to make a start for me tomorrow?


An owner in my league dropped Adam Jones last night and im wondering if now i should be looking to pick him up and drop raburn rather than picking up Asdrubal. Who should i take?

Also Bloomquist is on the wire and hes really having a good first week. Should he be in concideration as well or do you think he will be back on the bench when drew finally makes it back?

My bench guys right now are Martin, Span and Raburn. I dont know if Martin or Span should be dropped for any of those guys but I do like the Depth Martin gives me behind Iannetta. and like any team I can always use the outfield depth.

My current roster looks like this just to give you an idea.

C- Iannetta
OF-B.J Upton
UT-Gaby Sanchez

SP-CC,Weaver,Marcum,J.Sanchez,Gio, and Britton
RP-Broxton,Thornton and Rauch

I know my closers are the biggest issue but i have tried several times to get a deal done and people in my league are just not reasonable with the closers. one guy offered me Feliz for Arod another guy offered me Pap for Tulo..not taking either one.

Offensive categories are R,H,HR,RBI,SB,BB,K,AVG,XBH
Pitching categories are W,L,SV,H,HR,K,ERA,WHIP

thanks again Zach,


Yeah, I’d definitely pick up Jones for Raburn. Maybe this year is finally the season in which Jones reaches his potential…it’s well worth it to find out. Pass on Bloomquist. I don’t consider this anything more than a hot start.


Want to pick up Harrison for some K’s and wonder who you consider my weakest player I should drop. I am leanning towards dropping Jepsen or Frasor.
8 team AL only roto 5×5 vanillia
This week I went with
Gio G
B Anderson
on my RL
I Nova
P Coke
Britton (if does well against Tex, will stay up with Gio and Brett)
have J Nix on RL too but want to keep an eye on him a few days.
I also want to give Cecil and Coke a start or 2 to see what they can offer before I drop.

If it matters, I have Aardsma, Downs, Howell, Matusz and Pineiro on my DL.


I’d drop Frasor. The TOR bullpen situation is such a mess and I doubt Frasor will see time at closer with Francisco and Rauch both ahead of him in the pecking order. Jepsen is still a dark horse for saves in the event that Walden struggles and Rodney continues his inconsistent ways.


Hi guys need some speed and have saves to deal, and was thinking of offering:
Stanton and Soria for Stubbs and Gallardo

Fair deal? My thinking is that Stanton and Stubbs are pretty much awash and Soria and Gallardo are too. Is it too much to ask for Weaver instead of Gallardo?


Big Barry, East End, England

Adam Jones has just been dropped (before yesterdays outburst), should I use my no1 claim on him. I’ve got a solid OF of Car-Go, McCutchen, Stubbs, Snider, Tabata with Crisp on my bench/Util so don’t really need Jones but is he too good to pass up?
Thanks, Timmy


I don’t have much of a problem with you using your #1 waiver priority on Jones. Remember, it’s early in the season so waiver priority doesn’t mean as much now as it will later on. There’s plenty of time left for you to work your way back to the top of the list.


Any chance of putting a small comment/analysis/reasoning for all of the pitching choices? I realize it would be more work … but it might be helpful


We do the best we can with it and of course Mike and Cory talk about the eight featured guys on the show.



Asking for Weaver isn’t too much at all but if you can’t pull that one off I’m fine with the original deal. Soria and Gallardo are fairly close in value.


I was wondering if you guys would have any advice on a Rotisserie league, it’s my first year doing this type of league.
Then what kind of year can I expect out of B. Beachy and should I start him over J. Beckett?


My strategy in roto leagues is to load up on as many power/speed guys as possible as they will contribute in multiple categories. My goal is always to be competitive in all the categories and I never punt any categories. It’s just too risky and not worth it. A balanced roster tends to be even more important in a roto league than in an H2H format.

As for Beachy, I like him a lot but, as with all young pitchers, expect some inconsistency. Last week I would’ve probably said to start him over Beckett but after last night you’ve gotta roll with Josh.

Tune in to today’s show as the guys will discuss Narveson.


Would Chris Narveson be a good pick up and what would you project from him?

Thanks guys for your time,


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