Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 9-11

When will the Red Sox bats erupt?



Nova @ Buchholz *Nova gets through this one he will be on the graduate radar but a very risky start.

Chen @ Coke *Coke some sleeper potential and a decent bet at home but his first start of the year so not sure what to expect. In AL-only I trot him out.

W. Davis @ Humber

Harrison @ Arrieta

Gonzalez @ Blackburn

Cecil @ Kazmir

Masterson @ Fister

Oswalt @ Beachy *Beachy a graduate if you pitch him here. I’m waiting and seeing.

Reynolds @ Morton

Vazquez @ Wandy *If you don’t pitch Vazquez here just cut him.

Garza @ Narveson

Gorzelanny @ Capuano

Arroyo @ D. Hudson *Arroyo coming off very solid start vs. Brewers. I’m like Dusty right now…high on vets.

Kuroda @ Moseley

J. Garcia @ Cain *Still care about Garcia’s spring stats?


***CORY SAYS “Pitch on Narveson, who has good K potential, and Nova, because the Red Sox really are awful right now. Agreed otherwise.”




Hochevar @ Porcello

Holland @ Guthrie – Guthrie still questionable here, ditch him even if he starts

McCarthy @ Baker – it’s early, so I’ll gamble on Baker at home

Niemann @ Floyd

Reyes @ Weaver

Tomlin @ Bedard – enjoy Bedard while he lasts!

Sabathia @ Beckett – that’s correct, ditch Beckett

Marquis @ Young

Hamels @ Lowe – cash in your profits on Lowe

Chacin @ McDonald – I’ll gamble on McDonald for a few starts this early

An. Sanchez @ Happ

Coleman @ Gallardo

Kershaw @ Harang

Lohse @ Zito

Leake @ Saunders



Ogando @ Verlander

Hellickson @ Matsuzaka

Braden @ Buehrle – Buehrle at home vs. the A’s early in the season, go for it

Talbot @ Haren

Litsch @ Pineda – Pineda was impressive his first time, go for it at home

Hammel @ Pelfrey

Dempster @ Figueroa

McClellan @ Enright – McClellan very impressive first time, roll with it

Volquez @ Stauffer – the leash is getting short on Stauffer, but he’s home…

Billingsley @ Bumgarner



-I can’t endorse Bedard, momma didn’t raise me that way.

-The Harangatang earned a start at home vs. LA after shutting down SF.

-Agree on rest for Sunday. Lots of ditches on name guys, should be interesting to see who gets back in the good graces of the 411.

-For Monday, I agree on all except Stauffer. Not sure which guy will show up so ditch. Ogando a sleeper but Tigers lineup kind of better than M’s, no?


I picked up both Lowe and Edwin Jackson after my draft and they have been outstanding. Of the two, which is more likely to have a harder fall back to reality? I would rather sell high on Lowe right now and hold on to E-Jack. Your thoughts?


Yeah, I’d sooner keep Jackson. More Ks and higher upside.


Why shouldn’t we pitch Chris Young and Harang at home on Saturday? Both had great first starts, both have good k/9 rates, and both are pitching in pitchers parks against questionable offenses.

Anyone feel free to give advice on this.

I’m in a 12 team, mixed, 5×5 roto league and was just sent this trade offer:

I give Mauer (C) for Posada (C) and Josh Johnson (SP)

My other catcher is Iannetta and my SPs are Scherzer, Billingsley, C. Buchholz, and C.J. Wilson. I have an open roster spot so I wouldn’t have to drop anyone to make this trade.


Thanks in advance.

I say do it…… You need the rotation help …your 2 best pitchers are kind of unpredictable and you need a true ace like that anyway

These are now the offers on the table. I would be the one giving up Mauer:

1. Posada and Josh Johnson for Mauer; or
2. Martin (C) and Garza for Mauer

Any advice at all would be much appreciated.



I’d do the first trade. No on the second one.


And late last night I also received this trade offer in the same league:

I give Adam Dunn and Luke Scott and get Derrek Lee, Kyle Drabek, and Francisco Liriano.

(There is a variation on this trade too: Dunn for Lee and Liriano) I’m much less inclined to accept this trade than the one mentioned above because much of my team’s power rests with Dunn. Still, I’m open to improving.


Yeah, if you do the Johnson deal, there’s absolutely no reason to entertain this one. Johnson is definitely more valuable than Liriano and Dunn is a 40 HR lock as long as he’s healthy.


Thank you sir!

Hello 411,

You think S-Rod will finally get everyday playing time, now that MAnny is out? I know he is now playing 3B until Longoria comes back. But maybe he will get the everyday job in the OF once Longoria is back. Do you think is worth dropin E5 for him? (Sorry Cory, maybe i can get him back when he is hot) Other options to drop are: Figgins, Bloomquist, R Martin (I have Mccann)


S-Rod is already getting fairly regular ABs and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. That said, I still need to see more from him before I become a true believer. Unless you’re desperate for a 2B, I’d sit tight for now.


I am really just looking for another outfield to fill a spot. Which of these do yall think is going to have the best overall season?

David Murphy (being a Rangers’ fan I love him, but he may not get enough starting time)
Willie Bloomquist (I have Ellisberry and Frowler [worried about Dex starting time to] as main Stealers, you never know)
Raul Ibanez (haha without the line above the N, his name is a famous guitar company)
Brennean Boesch (Detroit…how exotic)
Ben Francisco

Jon from Texas

Never mind on Bloomquist he got taken. Add Johnny Gomes, Josh Willingham, and Cameron Maybin instead


Definitely Gomes. He’s coming off a solid season, is playing every day and, aside from AVG, is off to a great start this year.


Zach-Attack and the 411 crew. got my first-ever AL-ONly Auction draft on Sunday, any last minute pointers? links to good online resources? etc?

didn’t see the reply option…

BG.. I loved having the tout wars roster and prices the players went for.. somewhere here on the blog. Just adjust based on how many teams you have and if your cap is different.
Tout is also scratch (every owner starts with a empty roster and the same amount of money to spend) So if your league is a keeper league it will skew the spending owners will pay in the draft for the stars or the hyped.

Pineda was impressive but Litsch doesn’t even get a pitch on monday? In their last games they had the same earned runs but litsch threw 1/3 inning more and had more K’s.. sure it was against OAK but this game is in SEA.

My main league is a weekly and I am scared of Litsch @BOS later in the week.. otherwise I would start him.

BG.. I loved having the tout wars roster and prices the players went for.. somewhere here on the blog. Just adjust based on how many teams you have and if your cap is different.

Tout is also scratch (every owner starts with a empty roster and the same amount of money to spend) So if your league is a keeper league it will skew the spending owners will pay in the draft for the stars or the hyped.


After yesterdays collapse by Thornton and the D behind him and then today seeing Sale get the save I started to panic a bit and sent an offer to another owner and he accepted. Do you think I made a bad decision or do you think I’ll be alright?

I gave Thornton and received Kimbrel

Kimbrel is off to a good start and has a good k/9 ratio thus far not to mention hasnt given up a run.


If you don’t mind another opinion, I’ll throw my two cents your way. First, I think–at least right now–the trade is a good one because Kimbrel is consistently getting getting saves for ATL and, at this moment. we’re not sure how Ozzie is going to react to Thornton and whether Sale is going to see more opportunities. Having said that, now that you have Kimbrel, is there any way for you to pick up Venters as a ‘handcuff’? If so, I’d recommend doing it.



Thanks for the opinion. As for Venters hes currently rostered by another owner so there is no way of handcuffing Kimbrel.


Although I’m not overly concerned about Thornton yet, I think you made a good trade. The chances of Thornton losing his job at some point this season are greater than the chances of Kimbrel losing his job, especially with Kimbrel getting off to such a dominant start. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kimbrel is a top-12 closer by year’s end.


Is Desmond Jennings worth a roster spot right now even though he won’t get called up til June 1 probably at earliest..
I could drop either Sean Rodriguez or Coco Crisp.


Depends on how deep your league is, but I’d seriously consider picking up Jennings for S-Rod assuming S-Rod is just sitting on your bench. There are rumblings now that Jennings might get called up before June and the Manny retirement could very well accelerate the timetable.


Hey Zach im a guy who likes ‘chasing saves’ – it is kinda fun honestly! After another blown save by Franklin last night (watched it as had Garcia…killin me!) would you pick up Mitchell Boggs (better option?) or Jason Motte? I always like to try and guess ‘the guy’ before he is announced, to avoid missing out on him. If so my only real cuttable options are Aardsma or Stewart (horrible and ill right now), would you dump one of those guys? Thanks


Unless you’re desperate for a closer, I wouldn’t go out of my way to use up a roster spot on one of those guys as LaRussa has said he’ll stick with Franklin. Of course that could change but if you already have 2-3 solid closers, sit tight. If I had to pick one though it would be Motte.


Fantasy 411 experts: need advice!
Non-keeper: Pujols/Hamilton for H.Ramirez/Youkilis… Everyone is off to a slow start. What are your thoughts? Thanks guys!


A lot of people might disagree with me on this but considering the lack of elite options at the SS position, Hamilton’s injury-prone history and Youkilis’ newly found 3B eligibility, I’d do the deal.


I have been negotiating a trade with a manager in my rotisserie league.

I give Posey, Putz, Infante.

I receive Choo, Eithier.

I already have hanrahan, lyon, burnett and frankin as closers in addition to putz.

My starting ss is jose reyes, who seems to be bouncing back.

My outfield is very thin. My starters are kemp, omar infante and Manny Ramirez. I dropped Manny for Alex Gordon so I still need help.

Losing Posey would be a loss but I do have Carlos Santana catching, who is looking look and playing everyday so far.

How do you rate the Trade?


An absolute no-brainer, especially considering your roster situation. Do the deal immediately!


In an effort to plan for week 2 in my 10team H2H Mixed League I have a few questions…appreciate it zach!
What do we think of Narveson after this weekend? I picked up Britton for his Tex gem…do I hang onto him or pick up Narveson or use it as PoD still? Its only real spot I have until injuries settle themselves out. Holiday back, do I keep Logan Morrison or wait n see first?
I have 4CF Bourn, Victorino, C Young, Beltran…any worth dumping for PoD or best return for trade? K Morales & C Hart will be off DL at some point hopefully within the month, need space.
Current Rotation: Lester, Scherzer, D Husdon, Beckett, Morrow, & Britton.

Appreciate all the time you put in!

In a PoD nightmare…
Won my 10 team mixed H2H (12×13) 8 keeper league the past 2 years… the last thnx to your advice on both the MLB network and here on the blogs. With all the odd illnesses and injuries this early in the season, I found myself picking up 11 SPs while still maintaining 2 bench spots for batters. I know eventually this will backlash due to the missing bats on Mondays and Thursdays and need advice on where to rank the following SPs so I can fine tune once everyone is healthy again:
Cain (k), Cahill (k), Bumgarner, Hellickson, Lowe, Guthrie, Drabek, T. Wood, AJ Burnett, Myers, and Narveson

The rest of my team consists of in case you need reference:
Mauer (k), Dunn (k), Roberts, Tulo(k), A-Rod (k), Braun (k), Crawford (k), Ichiro, Ellsbury, Logan Morrison, Polanco, Francisco, Overbay (until Dunn returns), and Nishioka (DL)

Chris Perez, Sean Burnett, Fuentes, League, Kuo (Holds), Bailey (DL), and Lidge (DL)

Thank you in advance


Right now, Lowe and Guthrie would be my bottom two of that SP group mainly due to their lack of Ks, but let’s see how Narveson does in his next few starts before we get all excited about him. He may eventually turn out to be a cut candidate.


12 team h2h points. Who should get the nod this week at SS, Asdrubal or Yunel Escobar?

Thanks as usual guys!

Hey Zach. Would you drop Belt for either Derrek Lee or Logan Morrison? Just a bench spot but my lineup is a little weak in stolen bases and average so I’m having a hard time deciding who of the three I believe in. Thanks.


I’d rather have Morrison than Belt. There’s a chance Belt will be sent back down should his struggles continue and the Giants could move the defensively challenged Huff back to first base. Morrison is here to stay and can be relied upon for strong numbers in both AVG and Runs.


10 team mixed 6×6 (include whip&hits).Non keeper league, Limited to 5 adds/drops per week. Looking to make a deal to add 3rd closer to help with whip&era and open roster spot for D. Jennings or use for second PoD.

Get Mariano and give up D Hudson & logan Morrison.
Other gm would drop C Narveson so I could add him to make it 2for2.

I currently have Lester, Scherzer, Beckett, Morrow, D Hudson, & C. Richard (PoD) along with Feliz & Perez as CP.

OF must have LF, RF, & CF also have 2Utility Spots….I have Holliday, N Cruz, S Victorino, C Young, M Bourn, Beltran, Hart (DL) & Morrison.
Also have Pedro Alvarez/Casey Mcgehee splitting time @ 3B/Utility & Kendry Morales on (DL)

What do you think? Can I do better? I have a lot of bats and not so much roster flexibility.
Appreciate the feedback!

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