Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 12


Is Esmil Rogers for real?


Wilson @ Penny

Tillman @ Burnett – not trusting Burnett just yet

Price @ Lester

Francis @ Duensing – good matchup for Francis while he’s pitching well

Cahill @ Jackson

Carmona @ Haren

Romero @ Pineda – I’ll roll with Pineda at home

Marcum @ Correia – don’t trust Correia just yet

Blanton @ Livan

Rogers @ Niese – Rogers’ track record of 6+ ERA’s leaves me skeptical

Volstad @ Hanson

Russell @ Myers

Carpenter @ Galarraga

LeCure @ Richard – gotta go with Richard at home, always!

Billingsley @ Lincecum


***SIANO SAYS “I’m saying pitch on Burnett & Rogers. I want to way ditch on Pineda but won’t cause he is home.”


Need some new blood in my pitching staff and I’m doing some speculating. Who do you like most of the following – Dickey, Rogers, Coke. Dickey is on my roster and Rogers and Coke FA, could drop Aaron Crow, but not likely to ditch anyone else to snag Rogers or Coke.

14 team mixed 5X5 head to head, pitchers disappear like Libyan rebel fighters in my league, so if I’m to make a grab I need to do it asap.

Thanks Guys!


Right now I’d lean towards Coke but all three are PoD guys at this point so if possible try to play the matchups.


Hey Zach is the POD chart any nearer completion? Any idea when it’ll be out, it’s a lifesaver for us PODers🙂
Big Barry,
East End, England


The PoD chart is done, just waiting Mike and Cory’s seal of approval. I should have it up by the end of the day today.


Who do you think has the better overall season, I have Thole but thinking about Arencibia?


Definitely Arencibia. Thole doesn’t offer much in the power department while Arencibia is a legit 20 HR threat. He also plays in a much more favorable home park.


Need a solid bench player but would have to drop McClellan or Beachy. Which way would you go?


That’s a tough one. Since it’s just a matter of filling a bench spot, I’ll say hold onto Beachy. While it’s entirely possible that McClellan, with three years of big league experience under his belt, will have the better 2011 season, Beachy is a top prospect with a higher ceiling. I’d gamble on Beachy’s upside.



Was just curious if you would drop Span to pick up Brantley? Brantley is off to a good start and for whatever reason Span isnt running at all yet.



Stick with Span. He’s more of a known commodity and boasts a solid SB track record. I still expect 20-plus steals and a healthy dose of runs from him.


Zach I have Ogando on my minor league team, would you call him up already? My major league rotation is stinking it up at the minute, I’ve got Liriano, Buchholtz, Bumgardner and Hughes…yuk!!! I would only cut a Mitchell Boggs or Ryan TheRiot to make room for Ogando so that’s no issue, but the rules are I can’t demote him once I’ve called him up- do you think Ogando will provide mixed league value from now to the rest of the year, i.e. is he a ‘graduate’?


I don’t consider Ogando a grad just yet but that doesn’t mean he’s not worth promoting. You can still keep a guy with a PoD classification. All PoD means is that he’s not an absolute must-keep. I’d still promote him as you don’t have much to lose by doing so.


I have an open roster spot. I am struggling with runs, rbi, and especially home runs (I’m bottom in that category). Who would you guys pick off the waiver wire out of the following:

Logan Morrison
Josh Willingham
jonny Gomes
Pat Burrell
Matt LaPorta
Jose Lopez


Each of those six come with their own flaws but I’d try to just ride the hot bat. Burrell is hitting homers but doing little else (four of his six hits have been HRs!) Morrison is probably the best overall player but won’t give you much in the power department. If I had to pick one it would be Gomes. He’s the best combination of a favorable home park and power, and he’s not an absolute AVG killer.


Two questions,
I have de la rosa, chacin, Brett anderson, Dan Hudson, livan hernandez, buehrle, britton and Ted Lilly. I can’t tell if the group looks weak in the strikeout department. I was also debating picking up beachy or mcclellan. Who would I drop? Or would you suggest keeping my current rotation?
Also I have Aaron hill. Should I stick it out with him or cut him and pick at the hotter bats on the waiver wire?


I’d definitely dump Livan for one of them (probably Beachy) and would strongly consider swapping Buehrle for McClellan. Currently, your Ks aren’t terribly weak but making these moves would certainly help out in that department.

As for Hill, stick it out for awhile longer. I doubt that there are many more appealing options on the waiver wire at this time.


Hey Dr. Stats. On Rogers, you missed that because of his hit percentage and strand rate his expected ERA last year was about 4.

I picked up Kuo for holds. The Dodgers are not using him, only 3 games and 4 innings so far. I need bench help and was thinking dropping Kuo for Gomes. Good move? I also have Benoit and Capps for holds. Thanks.

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