Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 13

James Shields has served up 37 homers over his past 35 starts dating back to last season.


Bush @ Scherzer

Davies @ Liriano

Anderson @ Danks

Drabek @ Vargas

Carrasco @ Big Erv

Tillman @ Burnett – not trusting Burnett just yet

Shields @ Lackey – not sure either are trustworthy right now

Wood @ Stauffer – last chance for Stauffer, let’s see some K’s

Halladay @ Lannan

Marcum @ Correia

Johnson @ T. Hudson

Rogers @ Niese – Rogers’ track record of 6+ ERAs leaves me skeptical

Zambrano @ Wandy

Westbrook @ Kennedy

Lilly @ J. Sanchez


Someone in my league just dropped Derrek Lee. Is it worth dropping Ben Francisco, Alex Gordon, or Carlos Beltran for him? Francisco is currently on my bench with Gordon and Beltran starting. Thanks, Damon in Seattle

Sorry for repost: thought it better on current day!

10 team mixed 6×6 (include whip&hits).Non keeper league, Limited to 5 adds/drops per week. Looking to make a deal to add 3rd closer to help with whip&era and open roster spot for D. Jennings or use for second PoD.

Get Mariano and give up D Hudson & logan Morrison.
Other gm would drop C Narveson so I could add him to make it 2for2.

I currently have Lester, Scherzer, Beckett, Morrow, D Hudson, & C. Richard (PoD) along with Feliz & Perez as CP.

OF must have LF, RF, & CF also have 2Utility Spots….I have Holliday, N Cruz, S Victorino, C Young, M Bourn, Beltran, Hart (DL) & Morrison.
Also have Pedro Alvarez/Casey Mcgehee splitting time @ 3B/Utility & Kendry Morales on (DL)

What do you think? Can I do better? I have a lot of bats and not so much roster flexibility.
Appreciate the feedback!


The deal is a good one for you (getting the best player without giving up too much) so I’d probably do it, but I’m still a little concerned about your lack of SP depth. You’ll need to go real heavy in PoD now.


Is keeping hudson and dealing another bat with Morrison a better option?
Heavy into PoD is hard w/ 5 transactions per week…any update on PoD ranking list I asked about last week?
Thanks again, blog & show make the 162 games less stressful!


I’d be a lot less inclined to trade a bat so in a non-keeper I’m OK with the original deal. I think it’s a risk worth taking.

I was hoping to get the POD chart up today but still waiting on Mike and Cory to give it the final seal of approval so it might not be posted until tomorrow.



A Francisco for Lee swap is tempting but ultimately I’d stand pat. Lee simply isn’t producing while Francisco is getting everyday ABs and putting up decent numbers. Lee is clearly approaching the finish line to his career, and he’s stumbling to that finish line! I’d definitely hold onto both Gordon and Beltran.


Hi guys , closer question cbs H2h WEEKLY POINTS LEAGUE 2 RP slots.

R. Franklin is absolutely driving me crazy, Hes now firmly placed on my bench but my other 2 relievers are C. Kimbrel and J. Axford. K McCellen (with RP eligibility) and J. Walden are sitting there as free agents. Would you drop Franklin for either of them or wait out his funk and expect better days? Thanks love the blog and show.


I’d pick up Walden immediately but why do you need to drop Franklin? Find someone else to drop as the Cards say they’re still committed to Franklin as their closer. Having depth at closer isn’t a bad thing. You might even be able to trade a closer at some point down the road to address another need.


Unfortunately my whole rotation is in sync (and not the band). I have T.Hudson, Danks, B.Anderson, Big Erv and Wandy all on the same day. Am I really starting all 5 of them tomorrow in my points league?
I was leaning towards benching BA and Danks. Thoughts?


Why does the day matter? All of those guys are definite starts until further notice. Throw them out there!


I agree with Zach. If you’re worried about the number of innings going against your total….don’t! It’s a long season and you can easily balance it out over the long haul.

Hey Zach,
I got ichiro,werth,rios,jay bruce, BJ upton as my outfield and cuddyer who is OF/1B/3B and Mcgehee at 3rd. I also have Castro/asdrubal at SS. I can start one 3B,one SS, 3 OFs and 2 utility who do i play and who do i bench?


I’d go with the first five outfielders (put two at utility), Asdrubal at SS and McGehee at 3B. But try making a trade if you can to clear out some of that depth. Assuming that this is a 12-team league, all of those guys are starting worthy, so it’s a waste to have some of them sitting on your bench.


I want to sell high right now on Bloomquist? What should I expect in return from the 3B position, which is what I need with Longoria on the DL? Or at SS with Ian Desmond manning that position for me right now?


Not a bad idea to trade Bloomquist but the return depends on how highly the other owners in your league value him. See what offers you can get. Maybe start out asking for someone like a McGehee and settle for E5.


Weiters isn’t cutting it for me at C. Avila is available. Do I give up on Weiters already? Or should I be patient with him? Why was he so hyped a couple of years ago? He’s not shown anything in his time in the bigs to justify the hype.


Wieters is frustrating me too! Spent $10 for him in a keeper league thinking it was a steal and he’s done very little so far. I’m fine with you temporarily benching him but by no means drop him. Eventually he’s going to wake up.


Hey Guys,

I am debating who on my pitching staff to rotate out for the PoD options that I want to bring in on a daily basis. Any advice on who to drop for a solid PoD option. Bumgarner is terrible right now. will he turn it around?
Joakim Soria
Heath Bell
Jonathan Broxton
Chris Sale
Jonny Venters
Kyle McClellan
Jaime García
Ricky Nolasco
Josh Beckett
Madison Bumgarner
Zach Britton

Thanks for the help (since I am a sox fan I need all the help I can get),


Definitely hold onto Bumgarner. He’s too talented to continue pitching this poorly. I wouldn’t drop any of your SPs to use for a PoD spot but if I had to pick one of the relievers it would be Venters. Kimbrel’s been absolutely lights out so I don’t see Venters picking up saves anytime soon. Sale is no guarantee either but with the White Sox bullpen a mess right now, he’s in a much better position to get some save opportunities.


Ok trade twist in my 10 team H2H league…

Give Cano/Beltran/D Hudson
Get Pedroia/M Rivera/Jaime Garcia

What do you think? It seems almost like a no-brainer but Im nervous I might be putting too much stock into Pedroia and the Red Sox uniform. The only part Im worried about is Cano for Pedroia…the other players seem like a steal for me.


Absolutely a no-brainer. Yeah, you’re taking a small hit at 2B but you’re getting an elite closer and the Hudson for Garcia swap is at worst a wash and probably an upgrade. I wouldn’t worry about dealing Beltran. He still carries a lot of risk.


Wandy Rodriguez & Madison Bumgarner are available which you would pick up to keep for year?


Definitely Wandy. He’s already a very proven big league pitcher with a significantly higher K rate than Bumgarner. In my opinion, it’s not even close. I have no clue why Wandy is available in this league.


In a competitive 6×6 10-man league, 10 moves/week limit. Two questions: (1) is it too early to bail on carlos pena? i can drop him and pick up derrick lee, or slide gaby sanchez from utility to 1B and address my speed issues or take a flier on someone (david murphy?). (2) I have cano at 2B, astrubal in flex, and utley in the only DL slot. With Zimmerman going down I need the roster spot for spot starts, which are big in this league. Drop utley or bite the bullet?


Benching Pena is fine but I wouldn’t cut ties with him after just two weeks. He still has huge power upside and you’re not going to find a 40 HR threat on the waiver wire. I’m not that high on Lee this year anyway. As for Utley, I think you have to hold onto him. See if you can drop a pitcher instead to open up that roster spot. As long as Utley isn’t done for the year, you just can’t drop him.


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