Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 14


Pavano @ Shields

Arrieta @ Hughes

Fister @ Chen

Coke @ Gonzalez

Reynolds @ Dickey

De La Rosa @ Capuano

Wolf @ Maholm

Lee @ Zimmermann

Nolasco @ Beachy

Moseley @ Norris

J. Garcia @ Kuroda

***ZACH SAYS “Moseley is risky on the road versus a team that scored 11 runs last night but I’m fine with pitching him.”


At what point doing pitch or ditch is it a matter of diminishing returns? Even in the second week of the season, now I have a number of pitchers who have been doing quite well off the waiver wire. At what point do I stop doing pitch or ditch and stick with what I have, being afraid to let guys go since somebody else could pick them up?


Feel free to stick with a PoD pitcher for multiple starts if he gets on a roll. There’s no rule that says you have to drop him after that one start. Matchups are important but if a guy is hot, hold onto him.


My closers are Nathan/Capps, Walden and Hanrahan.

Should I drop Capps now that Nathan appears back and pick up D Aardsma?

OR should I drop J Pierre. My OFs are J Upton, Rasmus, Granderson, T Hunter, Adam Jones. We start 3 and 2 util. spots.



Yeah, I think it’s fairly safe to drop Capps now. Aardsma appears to be inching his way towards a return in a few weeks and Nathan continues to receive all of the Twins’ save chances.


Pineda’s on waivers in one of my leagues, and im sure is hot property now after last nights gem. I have the number 1 waiver priority so could guarantee getting him, it it worth using the claim? He looks to me like he’ll be worth using almost every time out, I would be giving up my POD spot to get him but could create another else where by cutting Stewart if he doesn’t decide to hit soon. Oh and great job getting the 411 chart out Zach, just about to check it out!

Guys, when do I pull the plug on Wandy? He has been shelled twice in three starts.
12 team/mixed. Bought him early though.

Appreciate the advice.


Two bad starts isn’t enough of a reason to dump a guy you probably drafted as your #2 or #3 SP. Sit tight.



Sure, go ahead and pick up Pineda. Like I’ve been saying in some of my answers, the #1 waiver priority isn’t quite as valuable now as it will be later on in the season. There’s plenty of time for you to work your way back near the top of the list, so if you’re looking at a guy who you feel can help you right now, make the move.


In my Dynasty League I have pitching from the darkside including Scott Baker and Jeff Niemann. J.A.Happ and Luke Hochevar are available. Would you pick up one or both and whom would you drop?


Stick with what you have. Hochevar is still very unproven and Happ is extremely erratic. Baker and Niemann have not pitched well at all this year but they have better track records. I own Baker on a couple of teams in deeper leagues and I’m giving him a few more starts before I consider dropping him.


Thanks Zach, I did go out and get Kyle Lohse he has been pitching very well, better than Niemann anyway. I felt with some of those pitchers in the bullpen possibly taking Niemann’s spot, he was the one to drop. Kept Baker.🙂

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