Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 15

From Cy Young contender to DTM in just two years.


Britton @ Masterson

Harrison @ Nova

Cecil @ Buchholz *Cecil scuffling right now

Blackburn @ Davis *Not a huge Blackburn fan b/c of lack of Ks but he’s been very good and rays lineup is awful.

Weaver @ Humber *Humber just an AL only play right now.

Bedard @ Hochevar

Porcello @ McCarthy *McCarthy has been decent so far and those were road starts now he gets to pitch at home. Blue plate special.

Narveson @ Gorzelanny

Vazquez @ Oswalt *Vazquez couldn’t handle Astros so he’s pretty much DTM.

Morton @ Arroyo

TBD @ Lowe

Harang @ Happ *I can’t recommend Happ but Padres are lowest scoring team in NL so it’s at least enticing, He also has more walks than strikeouts.

Garza @ Chacin *I admit I’m chasing the Ks here with Garza. 20/3 K/BB but 20 hits in 12.2 IP.

Cain @ D. Hudson

Lohse @ Garland *Lohse has been very good, cost me a win in NL only H2H when I went up against him last week so he owes me one.


Hey guys,

14 team h2h league.

I have a choice between Jeter, Desmond, Drew. Which SS would you prefer till the end? Thanks guys.



Call me a Yankee homer but I still have to go with Jeter. Drew and Desmond hold promising futures, but I think that Jeter, despite his current struggles, will finish this season with the better across the board numbers. I refuse to believe that he’s done!


Is it time to dump D. Lee? Best options on the wire are M. LaPorta, Branyan, Helton or Betemit. Also, S. Smith, J. Willingham, Boesch or Gomes for a bench OF? Deep 12 team Dynasty league. Thanks.


I’m not too high on Lee this year but I still prefer him to all of those other 1B options who are either old, unproven or hold mediocre track records. Lee is old as well but at least I can see him hitting 20-plus homers. The same cannot be said for Helton. Since this is a dynasty league, LaPorta’s the one to keep an eye on. You might want to pick him up anyway if you’ve got the roster space.


As for the bench OF spot, Gomes is hot, so he would be my choice for now.

Anyone, feel free to respond!

Guys, I’m terrible at trades and need some advice please. This is a 12-team, mixed, 5×5 roto league.

I give up Alex Rios and receive Brett Anderson, Kyle Drabek, and Austin Jackson

Here’s my roster:
C-Iannetta, Posada, Montero

1B-Bulter, Dunn



3B-Alvarez, C. Jones, Moustakas


OF-Ellsbury, Rasmus, Rios, Scott, Swisher

SP-Billinglsley, C. Buccholz, J. Johnson, Scherzer, C.J. Wilson

RP-Rivera, Chapman, Benoit, Collins, M. Adams, Saito

Thoughts please!?!


I am not the best at fantasy baseball and im here all the time asking question of zach myself. but looking at your team it looks like your rotation doesnt need the help as much as maybe your bullpen does. you actually have a pretty good 5 man rotation. i personally wouldnt give up rios for those guys. if you want to deal rios deal him for a closer. just my 2 cents.

DMenz, There’s not doubt that my bullpen is the weak point of my team. I’m in a league where closers are highly valued and I lost out this season. So did they guy who made me the above trade offer so asking him for a closer is really not an option. As a result, I’m probably going to have to improve the other areas and live with my lack of saves or I thought maybe making this trade then turning some of the starters over for a closer if possible, But your assessment is dead on and I appreciate your advice. Thanks!


That’s a fair value trade but I agree with Dmenz that it doesn’t really serve a purpose for you. Also keep in mind that by making a 1-for-3 trade you will need to drop two players, so those guys should be considered part of the deal as well. That’s why I always like to be the owner who gives up the 3 players as opposed to the owner who receives the three players. With only one closer, your bullpen is definitely an issue. I’d hold onto Rios and see what the market is like for him. Who says you have to trade him to this owner. Try dealing him to a team that can afford to give up a closer. Let us know how it goes!


Hey fellas,
I was wondering if there was an ideal number of pitchers to have on your line up.. Roto 7×7 keeper with 3xSP, 4xRP and 2xP positions, 11x fielding postion and 7xbench spots.
The reason I ask is I want to drop a SP-James Shields, Carlos Carrasco and Zach Britton. My Others are Edwin Jackson, Ricky Romero, Tim Hudson, Daniel Hudson and David Price.

Ideally I would like to drop 1 in place of a position player (I only have 2 on the bench, and maybe pick a spare RP or rotating door for POD match ups. I already have Bell, Soria, Nathan, Moylan and Mike Adams in RP spots.

Also, was drinking too much of Corey’s cool aid, and picked up “THE” Edwin Encarnacion…is he about to explode, or implode!?…

Cheers for the assist guys,


There’s no set rule but I usually go with a 6 SP/3 RP lineup, particularly if your fourth reliever isn’t even a closer. It just gives you a little more of an advantage in Wins and Ks. I’d probably drop Moylan (very little chance that he will get save opportunities) and either use that spot for PoD OR use it for an extra hitter and, based on matchups, routinely start either Shields, Carrasco or Britton. In a keeper league, Carrasco and Britton should not be dropped.

As for Encarnacion, I’d give it some more time but quite honestly my patience is wearing thin.


Playing in a WCoFB league which is 14 team 5 x 5 roto. Some one just released Ben Zobrist what would be a valid FAAB amount to spend. I have Pedroia and Walker at 2B. My OF is Venable, Nelson Cruz, Chris Young, McLouth, Hunter, with Snider on the bench. Should I pick him up and what is max bid? Loney was also dropped and I currently have Moreland and LaPorta as 1B with Reynolds at CI. What should I bid on Loney?


I discussed Zobrist in more detail under a different recent post but with Pedroia and Walker already on your roster, I don’t think you really need him. That said, it might not be a terrible idea to pick him up and use him for possible trade bait down the road. Not sure what your FAAB max is for the year, but if it’s $1000 I’d bid somewhere around $80. I think Loney would actually be a better fit as the first base position seems to be a weak spot for your team.


Hey 411,

I was sent another trade offer in my 10team H2H mixed league that is tough for me to evaluate…
GIVE Hart & Morrow and GET Ellsbury & Carpenter.

Both Hart&Morrow are on DL. In order to accept trade I’d have to drop one of: Morrison, Bourn, or Alvarez.
Neither McGehee or Alvarez are producing yet, Morrison just keeps hitting, and Bourn has been ok.
Other options to ask for would be Cahill, Anderson, Pineda, or Britton.
Ultimately I’d like to make a 2 for 1 deal to free up a roster spot. Any suggestions?


That trade is an absolute no-brainer but the decision on who to drop is a tough one. Why can’t you just drop a pitcher? If I had to pick one of those hitters to drop, it would be Morrison due to his lack of a track record and the fact that Alvarez plays at a very thin position. Another option to think about that might solve this problem is to trade Morrison (while his stock is very high) instead of Hart.

***I don’t have a problem with you cutting Narveson and playing without a PoD spot for the time being. I think that rotation is pretty strong as is.


If I was to drop pitcher it would have to be my PoD spot (Narveson) My rotation would be: Lester, Carpenter, Scherzer, Jaime Garcia, & Beckett.
Thinks that’s enough to carry me for a while? I’m gonna have to make another deal or move when kendry morales comes back.


Whats your take on Hererra in Colorado? Hes playing lights out and stealing like a madman. any chance he keeps this up and becomes a steal off the wire?



Despite the hot stretch, I refuse to think of Herrera as anything more than an NL-only guy or short-term mixed league option. He hits for virtually zero power and has just 111 games of big league experience under his belt. Also, I wouldn’t get too excited over the steals as he was a good but not great SB guy while in the Minors. Plus, the crowded Colorado infield will give him little margin for error.


Brandon Beachy was just dropped in my 12 team league. Should I drop Mark Buehrle to pick him up, or is Brandon just PoD material now?


Absolutely make that move. Buehrle carries little upside and sports a poor strikeout rate while Beachy should only get better. Although Beachy is PoD for the time being, he has a good chance of becoming a grad sooner rather than later. The same cannot be said for Buehrle, who is far from a grad.


I have Ben Zobrist in a 12 team mixed league, I was hoping for a strong bounce back but so far he has been mired in a slump. I have been offered Astrubal Cabrera for Zobrist and I have recently lost Rafael Furcal. Keep Zobrist and hope he turns it around or trade him now while he has some value?


I think you would be selling too low on Zobrist by trading him now. I’m pretty certain that he’ll bounce back to a degree, and when he does you’ll be able to do better than Asdrubal.


Zach thank for the advice yesterday. I followed it quickly. I needed SB so i moved Russel Martin for Rajai Davis. Figure he won’t do any worse with the Blue Jays than he did for the A’s and injury was short term problem. Those 30-40 bags would buy me 2-3 points. Did i do good?

Working on another deal. Trading K-Rod or Marmol (Hoping for K-Rod but probably Marmol) for Kendry Morales. Think Kendry will have a bounce back year? I have Ardsma i can slide into my third closer spot. And Morales would replace Adam Lind.


I love the Martin for Davis deal. As for Morales, he’s definitely making progress in his rehab but might not return for another month. Do you really want to trade an elite closer for 4 1/2 months of Morales? I wouldn’t. I’d do it for K-Rod but not for Marmol.


i have kurt suzuki for my catcher, and am wondering if i should keep him or go for an available catcher.
available is
russell martin
nick hundley
if not them any others i should look for? or should i stick with the struggling Suzuki?


I’m all for dropping Suzuki for Russell Martin. Martin’s already coming back down to earth but I still think he’ll finish with better overall numbers than Suzuki…more favorable home ballpark and much better supporting cast.


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