Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 16-18

Anibal Sanchez has given up 20 hits in just 10 1/3 innings this season.



Guthrie @ Tomlin – I like the matchup for Guthrie, who has been very impressive so far.

Holland@ F. Garcia – Holland working his way towards grad status but I’m sitting him for this one.

King Felix @ O’Sullivan

Reyes @ Beckett – Is Beckett back? We’ll find out.

Chatwood @ Floyd

Baker @ Niemann – Losing patience with Baker but I’ll try him vs. erratic Rays offense.

Verlander @ Braden – Braden a little risky but coming off strong outing.

Gallardo @ Marquis

McDonald @ Volquez – I don’t have a problem if you sit Volquez here.

Pelfrey @ Jurrjens – Let’s see how Jurrjens does in season debut before starting him.

An. Sanchez @ Hamels – I think Anibal will bounce back from slow start but I’m not taking any chances in Philly.

Latos @ Figueroa

Coleman @ Hammel – Starting Hammel a toss-up but we can afford to take more risks early in the season.

Zito @ Saunders

McClellan @ Kershaw



Bergesen @ Talbot

Litsch @ Lester

Duensing @ Hellickson – I like what I’ve seen so far from Duensing.

Haren @ Buehrle – Buehrle so unpredictable but I’ll give him a chance here.

Pineda @ Francis – Francis hot and M’s offense woeful.

Penny @ Cahill

Ogando @ Sabathia – Wouldn’t blame you if you play it safe and bench Ogando for this one.

TBD @ Leake

Volstad @ Blanton

Estrada @ Livan – I follow the bench Livan no matter what approach.

Young @ Hanson – Young to the DL is inevitable but it hasn’t happened yet!

Richard @ Myers – I’ll take a chance on Richard, even on the road.

Dempster @ Al. Johnson – Dempster struggling but still racking up the strikeouts.

Bumgarner @ Enright – I’m letting Bumgarner work out the kinks in unappealing matchup.

Carpenter @ Billingsley



Romero @ Dice-K – Matsuzaka worse than DTM right now.

Jackson @ Price – Maybe Edwin will throw another no-no @ TB. Maybe not.

Liriano @ Tillman – Not concerned about Liriano.

TBD @ Wilson

Carmona @ Davies

Scherzer @ Vargas

Marcum @ Halladay

Correia @ LeCure – This has disaster written all over it for Correia @ Cincy.

Stauffer @ Russell

Lincecum @ Jimenez

T. Hudson @ TBD


I am looking to get some depth at SS/Closer. I have picked up the following guys on the wire over the past few weeks:

Placido Polanco
Lance Berkman
Logan Morrison
Alex Gordon
Grady Sizemore
Kyle Drabek
Sean Burnett

I would like to trade one or a few of those guys. Who should I sell high on? Who is real and a keeper? Which SS and Closers should I target?


Drabek is definitely for real and now is not the time to sell high on Grady since his current stock is not that high. Morrison is someone you might want to consider dealing as his power upside is fairly limited. Also, Burnett is a decent trade candidate. While he seems to have the Nats closer job all to himself, Drew Storen remains the better long-term option for the team. I wouldn’t be surprised if they turn to Storen at some point within the next couple of months.


Zach thank for the advice yesterday. I followed it quickly. I needed SB so i moved Russel Martin for Rajai Davis. Figure he won’t do any worse with the Blue Jays than he did for the A’s and injury was short term problem. Those 30-40 bags would buy me 2-3 points. Did i do good?

Working on another deal. Trading K-Rod or Marmol (Hoping for K-Rod but probably Marmol) for Kendry Morales. Think Kendry will have a bounce back year? I have Ardsma i can slide into my third closer spot. And Morales would replace Adam Lind.


Just answered your question on the other post.


Have got some struggling pitchers on my team in Kennedy, Garza and Wandy. Derek Holland is still available on FA who I have in another league and like quite a lot for this year. Would you cut any of these guys to pick Holland up? Or would you maybe cut Ian Stewart loose whos on my bench (got E5 at 3rd and Smoak at corner) and not hitting at all. It’s the ol’ names over performance conundrum🙂


I would definitely not give up on your pitchers…totally fine with cutting Stewart to pick up Holland. There are some rumblings that Stewart might even be sent to the Minors. 3B is definitely a weak spot for you though. Maybe you can make a deal at some point in the near future…just something to think about!



would you rather have Adam Jones or Vernon Wells at this point?

I currently have Jones who i snagged off the wire but another owner has dropped wells because of his struggles. If i was to pick up wells i would have to drop jones.



I’m not a big Wells fan at all but at least he sports a track record of solid production while Jones has yet to piece together a particularly strong big league season from start to finish. In a non-keeper, I’d lean towards Wells. Things cannot possibly get any worse, can they? I just hope you won’t need to start VW right now.


16-team league, Holds count. Should I trade Liriano & Bard for Edwin Jackson? Or should I try for Ian Kennedy instead???


No way to both! Don’t give up on Liriano after three poor starts. He’s a FAR better pitcher than either Edwin or Kennedy. And on top of that, you’d be parting with Bard. Quite honestly, if I was offerred that trade I’d be insulted and probably make it a point to never have any dealings with that owner again.



Also what Britton is the one we should expect going forward?

the one that shut down the rangers or the one that got smacked around by cleveland?



Probably somewhere in between but closer to the good Britton. Always expect some inconsistency from young starting pitchers. Hitters tend to adjust to pitchers they’ve never seen before so he will simply have to make more adjustments.


Zach, I have a dilema should I start felix hernandez or matt latos?


If you’re constantly forced to bench one of those guys I’d strongly suggest that you make a deal. It’s an absolute waste. That said, Felix is a clear-cut top-5 fantasy SP and really should never be benched.


I’m looking for help with my starting pitching staff. I have:
De la Rosa
I’m thinking about getting rid of McDonald and/or Dickey. There is not much out there I’m on a 12 person league who don’t trade unfairly. I’m looking at Anibal Sanchez, Bruce Chen, and Josh Tomlin. I do use PoD. Any thoughts? I’m willing to not do anything.


I’d do a Sanchez for McDonald swap in a second. Yes, Sanchez has gotten off to a rough start, but he’s definitely a level above PoD and pitched very well yesterday in a tough matchup at Philly.


somebody offered me jose reyes and josh beckett for evan longoria. i need another starter and i can put casey mcgehee at 3b wat should i do?


I never like giving up the best player in any deal but I think you’re getting a solid return here. Reyes is enjoying a fine season thus far and remains an elite option at a thin position while Beckett is pitching very well and could be on the verge of a huge comeback season.


I have an outfield consisting of Crawford, Holliday, and Cruz. I have a relief core consisting of Valverde, Hanrahan, and Thorton/Sale/Santos. What do you think of maybe trying to move Holliday and getting back Jay Bruce and Marmol?


That’s a fair trade but I’d lean towards keeping Holliday. I’m just not sold that Bruce will shake off his inconsistency and finally reach his potential this year. I still view the dropoff from Holliday to Bruce as significant.


12 team, pts league. Can only start 2 RPs. I have Krod, Lyon and Bailey on the DL. I havesoem depth at 1st with Texy, Butler and Gaby. Do you think I should move Butler for Walden? or sit tight until Bailey gets back.

thanks guys


I like the idea of trading Butler for a closer but I’m not so sure that Walden’s the right guy to target if you can instead get someone like, say, Valverde, just to throw a name out there. Right now, I can’t say with 100 percent certainty that Walden will keep the job for the remainder of the season even if he doesn’t lose it due to poor performance.


Hey guys, Someone in my league dropped Thornton. In a vacuum, would you rather have Thornton or Franklin? I have Franklin sitting on the bench right now until he straightens out, and I would likely do the same with Thornton. My other relievers are Soria, Walden, and Contreras. 12 team 6×6 roto. Thanks! Mike


Wow, ideally I’d like to circle “None of the Above” but if I had to pick one it would probably be Franklin. Thornton’s the better pitcher but I think that LaRussa believes in Franklin a bit more than Guillen believes in Thornton. Looks like the Cards might start to give some other relievers chances to close but I still believe that from now until the end of the season, Franklin will rack up more saves than Thornton.


Hey Guys,

I have to activate Ubaldo for tomorrows lineup.
Who should i drop?
Pitchers: Ogando, Hellickson, E-Jackson, De La Rosa, CJ Wilson
Batters: Bloomquist, R Martin (I have McCaan), D Murphy.
I first in the list is Murphy and Bloomquist
Thanks for the advice.


I’d lean towards cutting Bloomquist, especially if you’re OK in SBs. I just can’t see him keeping up his hot hitting much longer. I think Murphy will take advantage of the increased playing time that he’ll receive as a result of the Hamilton injury and post solid numbers.


Should I give up on Angel Pagan for Hafner or Seth Smith?
Also, Pavano’s been doing well but do you expect it to continue? Should I drop him for Masterson or Drabek?


Pagan’s a career .280 hitter so he’s bound to get hot sometime soon. I’m not a big believer in Hafner and he’ll clog up your utility spot. Smith is intriguing but he still has trouble versus lefties and that Rockies’ outfield is very crowded, so everyday playing time is far from a guarantee going forward. Stick with Pagan. He should at the very least hit for a decent average with plenty of SBs and some runs.


Hello Again,

Who would you prefer to have long term, for saves:
Brian Fuentes, Kevin Gregg, Matt Capps?
Also I have Ryan Flranklyn as my 2nd closer. So far he is awful. Who should get the first call, in case Franklyn looses the closer job?
Thanks a lot…..


I’ll say Gregg for the simple reason that he’s the Orioles’ full-time closer right now and has yet to lose the job. Once Nathan gets back on track I think it’s almost certain that he’ll reclaim the job from Capps while Fuentes is merely a fill-in for Bailey, who should be back relatively soon.

As for the Cards’ bullpen situation, it’s really a toss-up between Batista, Boggs and Motte. Siano and Sheehan discussed this on today’s show so check out the podcast!


10 team league where holds count. I have Benoit, Capps, Feliz, Valverde, and Bailey on the DL. Would trading Capps who is now the closer for J Venters be a wise move seeing that now I have 4 closers and 1 holds pitcher? Thanks for any input!!


Nope. It’s a lot harder to find closers than it is to find guys who get holds. There are only 30 closers (maybe a few more in the case of committees) at any given time so the pool is rather limited. Plus, only one reliever can pick up a save in a game. Multiple relievers can record holds. Find holds off the wire. Don’t trade for them.


I asked a question a few days ago but cannot find it. Could someone tell me how I could find my question. See what Fantasy sports does to a grad school grad? Can’t even find my own questions lol.

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