Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 19 + Hughes Thoughts

Hey everyone,   

Before we get to Pitch or Ditch, some thoughts on Phil Hughes:

Don’t get me wrong, I think Hughes has a bright big league future. He showed that during the first half of last season when he went 11-2 with a 3.65 ERA and 91 strikeouts in 101 innings. That said, I also thought that he was overvalued coming into this season, primarily due to the 18 wins and the Yankee factor. There are a lot of Yankee fans in this world (including myself) and even the experienced fantasy player sometimes makes the mistake of letting their emotional ties get in the way of a well-informed decision. I personally never let my real team allegiance overtake me on draft day. If I end up with a few Yankees, great. But If I don’t, that’s OK too. Don’t forget that Hughes was merely mediocre following the All-Star break last season, and he never looked right this year. His velocity was way down and even the outs he picked up were mostly on hard hit balls. Hopefully, this DL stint will give him the opportunity to get back on track, both physically and mentally. The good news for Hughes owners is that, for the time being, they won’t have to worry about him ruining their ERA and WHIP. He should be back soon enough, and I do expect him to figure things out. But wouldn’t you have rather spent your pick on someone like Jaime Garcia a couple of rounds later? To borrow the cliche, hindsight, of course, is 20/20.




Danks @ Shields – Shields much better last time out.
Pavano @ Arrieta – Would like to see more consistency from Arrieta before starting him.
Burnett @ Drabek – Either sit both or start both…I’ll do the latter.
Palmer @ Lewis
Gomez @ Chen – Chen working on 14 scoreless innings streak…collapse could happen at any moment.
Lackey @ Anderson – If Lackey can’t pitch well here, I’d be extremely concerned.
Coke @ Fister – Did I mention that the SEA offense is pretty bad?
Wolf @ Halladay – I don’t expect the Phils to greet their former SP very kindly.
Galarraga @ LeCure
Wandy @ Niese – Great opportunity for Wandy to get back on track.
Maholm @ Volstad
Moseley @ Russell – Moseley is hot.
Lannan @ Westbrook
J. Sanchez @ Jimenez
Beachy @ Kuroda



My league is a keeper i guess i should have told you that. In a keeper i should keep jones or still go for wells? either way its a bench spot but i do use them to fill holes on days off. also on the wire is figgins. is he worth a look?

Is uggla ever going to pull himself out of this rut hes in? i know hes got 3 hr’s but i keep expecting him to break out at any time and its just not happening..frustrating.

also im looking at a possible deal where i send BJ upton , Ichiro and Britton and get back Justin Upton and McCutchen. you think its worth it?

Basically my team looks like this and the cats are once again


OF-BJ Upton
UT- Asdrubal



Yeah, in a keeper I’d lean towards Jones.

As for Uggla, you know you’re getting 30+ homers but don’t be surprised if he hits no better than .260. Chances are he won’t duplicate last season with respect to batting average. He’s still very valuable though as a power hitting middle infielder.

That deal is an absolute steal for you no matter what your roster looks like!


Ugh forgot again thats me Dmenz

So is this good bye for all Hughes owners, and if so who should I pick up

Clay Buchholz
Kyle Drabek
James Shields
Wade Davis
Gavin Floyd
Aaron Harrang

I do have enough great pitching to get though Hughes or Buchholz struggles

Jon from Texas


No, I don’t think it’s goodbye at all considering that you can just move Hughes to a DL spot and pick up one of those pitchers anyway. Shields, Buchholz and Drabek would be my top three choices.

***UPDATE You know what, pick up Shields for Hughes…that’s assuming Big Game James is still available after last night!


DL is taken up by Mauer

Replace Buchholz with Edinson Volquez and we only get one DL spot

Pavano’s been doing well for me so far but do you expect it to continue? Should I drop him for Masterson or Drabek?

Also – is this Lowrie thing for real? Should I stick with Ryan Theriot or drop him for Lowrie?


I expect Pavano to do pretty much what he did last year…ERA in the mid to upper 3’s, good WHIP and very few strikeouts. I might consider picking up Drabek if your starting pitching is stable enough that you can afford the risk, but there’s nothing wrong with hanging onto Pavano. Hey, you might even be able to pick up Drabek without dropping Pavano. I’d definitely do that if possible.

Lowrie could turn out to be a solid mixed league MI option but I’d personally stick with Theriot. He’s more experienced and has a starting job all to himself. Boston could easily turn back to Scutaro should Lowrie start to slump.


What do you guys think of this trade?

12 6×6 league (walks for batters, and holds for pitchers are the two extra cats)

team A gets

Lance Berkman
Hunter Pence
Jacoby Ellsbury
Luke Gregerson

Team B gets

Carl Crawford
Aubrey Huff
Marlon Byrd
Brian Fuentes


A totally fair trade. Crawford is the best player in the deal while Ellsbury and Pence are clearly #2 and #3. I slightly prefer the A side but that’s mostly because I’m a huge Hunter Pence fan. A real toss-up.


Hey Zach,

10 team H2H mixed…6×6 (R,H,HR,RBI,SB,AVG,W,L,S,K,ERA,WHIP)

Someone just dropped Mike Stanton should I drop either Bourn or Morrison for him?
I know he’s off to a real slow start, think he’ll turn it around?
My OF: Holiday, Cruz, Ellsbury, Victorino, & C Young, Bourn, & Morrison.
We start CF, LF, RF, 2 Utility
Rest of roster:
McCann, Votto, Pedroia, A Cabrera, McGeehee, Alvarez, Kendry Morales (DL)

The obvious choice for me is Morrison but he just keeps hitting…is he for real?
I’m trying to deal an OF but it won’t happen before Stanton comes off waivers.

I can’t see dropping a pitcher: Lester, Carpenter, Scherzer, Beckett, J Garcia, Mariano Rivera, Feliz, & Perez.


If you’re unable to pull off a trade, I think you have little choice but to drop Morrison. None of those pitchers should be dropped and as much as Morrison has impressed me, he’s performing way over his head when it comes to homers. Stanton’s a must-own.


Hey Zach really need to upgrade my ageing OF (keeper league too) so was after Tabata who im told is available and am trying to acquire before he turns into a star and his value goes through the roof. We also count OBP instead of AVG, and I desperately need an improvement there and in steals. The other guys says he’s interested in starting pitching and would rather wait a bit but might be tempted. My question is which who out of Liriano, Gio, Bucholtz and Bumgarner would you send (I’ve got haren too) to try and tempt him but get fair value at the same time? Or I could try and package an aging vet OF like Wells, or El caballo along with a pitcher for Tabata. Thanks


I’d rank those pitchers in the exact order that you listed them and would be fine with trading any one of them straight up for Tabata. I’m also OK with you trying to trade, say, Buchholz/Bumgarner and Wells instead of Liriano, if that’s at all possible.


Hey Zach, a team dropped Anibal Sanchez and he just cleared waivers today. Knowing he is a step above PoD status, was wondering if I should make a move with my other PoD starters to buy-buy-buy? They are: T. Wood, AJ Burnett, Lowe, Guthrie, and Harang-atang. For reference, my other SPs are: Drabek, Myers, Bumgarner, Cahill, Hellickson, and Cain. Leaning towards Guthrie but want your advise. Thanks.



Yep, Guthrie it is. He’s a decent low-end SP but has limited upside due mostly to a lack of Ks. Make that switch ASAP.


Is it time to drop I. Stewart or S. Rodriguez? Not great options on the wire, but Helton, LaPorta, F. Lopez, are out there. 12 deep mixed dynasty league. Thanks.



I’m not too enthused about those other options so I’d sit tight. Stewart and S-Rod still have some value in a dynasty format.


I’m in a 10 man non-keeper league. i was just proposed a trade from another team. i wld give away tulo and get kinsler, torii hunter, and ichiro in return. i’m really itching to accept this, but is it too much of a risk?


That’s a pretty fair return but, to be honest, I wouldn’t do it. I never like to give up the best player in any deal and in this case you’d be giving up arguably a top-3 fantasy option who plays at a very thin position. It’s just an unnecessary trade for you PLUS you’d have to drop two guys to create roster space.


Ervin Santana just hit the waiver wire in my league. I know he hasn’t been perfect thus far especially in terms of his ERA, but I think he will return to dominant form like always. Should I try picking him up to strengthen my pitching roster? (Lincecum, Carpenter, Lilly, Kuroda, CJ Wilson, Shields, De La Rosa). If so, how much of my $1000 budget should I bid on him, and who should I drop? One of my pitchers or another bench player like Nate McLouth or Sean Rodriguez? (The rest of my bench consists of Werth and Encarnacion with Rajai Davis on the DL)

The only reason I ask about bidding amounts is because I have a sinking feeling that he won’t clear waivers because others in my league might catch on and bid on Santana too. I’ve already seen some crazy bids for guys on the waiver wire: Alex Rios=$175, Chase Utley=$477, etc.


I’m not so sure that you really need Erv as you already have 7 quality SPs, but you’re right that he definitely shouldn’t be on waivers. I’m fine with you dropping McLouth for him and would bid somewhere in the 35-40 range. Maybe I’d go 50 but that’s about it.



What do you think in 10 team H2H (non keeper league)…

Who would you rather have Beltre or Bautista? I currently have McGeehee & Alvarez…
Was offered either Beltre or Bautista for Morrison & Perez.
My other CP are: Feliz & Mo
I’d rather keep all 3 CP and deal a CF…which one would you pick to send along with Morrison: Ellsbury, Victorino, Young, or Bourn?



I’d rather have Bautista due to the higher power upside but don’t expect another 50 homers! Bautista for Morrison and Perez is fine but I too would sooner trade a CF than a closer. Try to deal Bourn first but ultimately I’m OK with Young or Victorino…try to keep Ellsbury though.


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