Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 20

Look who's back in a starting rotation!


Buchholz @ Gonzalez *Clay finally gets a team not built to score.

Porcello @ Bedard *Nothing like a Oak / Sea stretch

Humber @ Davis *I’m a Wade Davis fan. Don’t love the 8/6 K/BB but will count on improvement. Humber still just a AL only play. Too unknown.

Blackburn @ Britton * I said pitch on Blackburn in TB and he got roughed up. He’s DTM. Said pitch on Britton @ Clv and he got roughed up. I’ll go back to well on Britton since Tribe lineup is much better than Twins.

Colon @ Cecil *This could be great or ugly. Going to pass but expecting to be entertained.

Weaver @ Harrison *Matt Harrison is 3-0 and has been pretty darn good.

Masterson @ Hochevar

Narveson @ Lee *Narveson stellar at home and mediocre in first road start @ WSH. If you have him already and want to roll dice it’s one thing but I wouldn’t pick him up for this start.

Harang @ Garza *Harangatang is 3-0 and has been pretty darn good. Cubs middle of pack in runs and HR. Why not.

Cain @ De La Rosa

Kennedy @ Arroyo *One really bad start has his ERA skewed. Guess you can say same for Arroyo but I trust Kennedy more.

Norris @ Dickey *Both guys too inconsistent but love Norris upside. Norris worth the risk if you’re in the mood because of the Ks.

Morton @ Nolasco *Charlie Morton has a 6/12 K/BB ratio but is 2-0 w/ a 1.64. Explain that one.

TBD @ J. Garcia

Lowe @ Garland


Hey 411,

Is Asdrubal Cabrera for real? Is 285. 20, 80, 20 a legit projection? Will he be better than J Rollins? Should I move Rollins for an Oswalt, Buchholz?

As always,


That’s not out of the question for Asrubal but consider it his upside rather than expecting that stat line. At this point, I’d still feel more comfortable with Rollins since he’s done all of this before.


Pena is available in my league. His low average scares me. I can drop Ibanez or Beltran? Thoughts?


Picking up Pena for Ibanez could eventually pay off but I’m just not a Pena fan so I’d stand pat. He hurts you more than he helps you, in my opinion.


Is it time to drop I. Stewart or S. Rodriguez in a 12 team dynasty league? Options off the wire aren’t great (Helton, LaPorta, F. Lopez, G. Jones, D. Barney or a POD spot). Thanks.



Answered your question on a previous post.


10 team mixed league lots of availabilty on the waiver wire. What is your order for these available guys?
Adam Jones, Brett Gardner, Nick Markakis. Also should I NOT be dropping Willie Bloomquist for any of these guys.

Hi – Could you evaluate my pitching staff: Floyd, Marcum, Travis Wood, Pavano, Hanson, Britton. Would you remove anyone for Masterson, Drabek, Lohse, Guthrie, or Billingsley?
Thanks, Connie


A lot of upside there but not a whole lot of established guys. I’d definitely make a Billingsley for Wood swap and would try to add Drabek as well…maybe for a bench hitter.


What do you think about Pagan? Was he a one year flash in the pan? He was pretty friggin good last year.

Grady Sizemore is on my DL and screaming to be played He’s like 4 for 7 with a home run).

I like my offence alot, so I’m thinking of losing a pitcher to make room for him.

Who Goes?

SP – Weaver, Cain, Oswalt, Billingsly, E. Santana, C. Lewis, Drabek.

RP – Franklin, Hanrahan, Lyon, S. Burnett.

Also – I’m a Tribe fan from Cleveland – Are these guys for real and sustainable?


Yeah, Grady definitely should be activated but I’d have a hard time parting with any of those pitchers. You sure you don’t have any bench hitters who could be dropped?

As for Morrison, I actually like the guy a lot but I also view him as a sell-high candidate. He’ll hit for AVG and post a great OBP but his current power surge simply isn’t consistent with his Minor League track record. Don’t go out of your way to trade him, but if you stumble across an owner who thinks he’ll hit 35 bombs, don’t be afraid to deal him either.


One more thing – Why all the hating for Morrison? He’s looked great so far.

Long post put in Glossary which seems not to get much action. I know it’s not a top of your head kind of question, But I’ll be patient:
First I want to thank everyone who puts in the work to make 411 what it is now. I was an early listener while living in Europe when it was just radio, and I have yet to find a better source of good fantasy analysis and advice. I won my NL only money keeper league last year and I took a number of suggestions and advice both directly and indirectly to do so. I have now entered for the first time in an in person auction NL only draft money league. 12 teams deep deep rosters FAAB, the works. Very challenging league. I recently traded Mike Stanton at 7$ to pgrade my catcher from I-rod to Molina, my SP from Blanton to Hudson and was able to get Franklin in the deal from an owner who had given up on him. I gave away one good prospect in Singleton, but I think I did well in that trade. Now I am getting offers for Latos to fill the hole in my Ut spot. I’ve been offered Pagan, but I’m not ready to sell low on Latos yet, especially with Greinke on the DL. I trust your judgement. Should I try to trade Latos for a big bat, or should I wait and see if I can trade Wainwright to a rebuilding team later in the year (although I would love to have him at that price next year). The FAAB is garbage with a league this deep unless a player is called up that is not already owned is traded from the AL.

Thanks for all the wisdom and laughs over the years,
Larry (aka Higgs) from France then Denmark now in NYC

C Barajas, Rod
3$ 2012
C Molina, Yadier
11 $ 2012
1B Howard, Ryan
37$ 2013
2B Sanchez, Freddy
3$ 2012
3B McGehee, Casey
10$ 2012
SS Rollins, Jimmy
26$ 2013
MI Tejada, Miguel
15$ 2013
CI Polanco, Placido
13$ 2012
OF Ankiel, Rick
7$ 2013
OF Bourgeois, Jason
1$ 2013
OF Gomes, Jonny
4$ 2012
OF Gomez, Carlos
16$ 2013
OF Soriano, Alfonso
17$ 2012
U Nieves, Wil
5$ 2013
Inj Punto, Nick
1$ 2013
Mi Darnell, James
7$ ML
Mi Gordon, Dee
7$ ML
Mi Neal, Thomas
7$ ML
P Burnett, Sean
1$ 2013
P Hudson, Tim
12$ 2012
P Latos, Mat
10$ 2012
P Lindstrom, Matt
3$ 2013
P Marcum, Shaun
21$ 2013
P Melancon, Mark
3$ 2013
P Nolasco, Ricky
19$ 2013
P Putz, J.J.
21$ 2013
P Storen, Drew
7$ 2012
B Franklin, Ryan
13$ 2012
B Jansen, Kenley
1$ 2012
B Stauffer, Tim
1$ 2012
In Greinke, Zack
28$ 2013
In Wainwright, Adam
11$ 2013
Mi James, Chad
7$ ML
Mi Parker, Jarrod
7$ ML

Just to let you know I was offered this deal:

Pagan 1$ 2012
Gwynn 1$ 2013
McCellen 7$ 2013

for Latos and Gomez


Yeah, you can definitely use another bat but I’m not so sure Latos is the guy to deal. I’d consider moving Marcum ($21 isn’t great value) or even Greinke instead. Your pitching is clearly stronger than your hitting.

Pass on that deal, by the way…doesn’t appeal to me at all.


With the chance dom brown coming up within a month, is he worth a look.


I think the chances are pretty good. He’s reportedly making steady progress in his rehab and I’d be surprised if the Phils don’t call him up soon. Depending on who you would have to drop, I’d definitely consider stashing him, even in non-keeper formats.


Could you evaluate my team? I am in a dynasty league 14 teams h2h. I draft with the idea that I can always find serviceable pitchers off the waiver wire. I own Buchholz, Baker, Arrieta, Nunez, Adams, Santos, Holland, Bumgarner, Joba, Shields, Lyle Lohse (aardsma, Teheran, Strass and Cueto are waiting in the wings.) I drafted Pujols, Beckham, Adrus, Kemp, Bruce, Quentin, Venable,m Borbon, CJohnson and Morse (with Moustakas, Kendry) waiting in the wings. Available players of interest are Fowler, Ruiz, Ian Stewart, Motte, Niemann, Buehrle and Lilly, Joel Peralta and Daniel McCutchen. OBS and Holds are added to the tradition 5×5. style. Where am I hurting the most? Pitching right?

I need a good UTIL hitter and all i could find was Cameron Maybin, who i know isn’t good enough. I have Utley and Morales on the DL so I need to find someone. Also, I need to drop one of my starters for a reliever, here are my starters: Kershaw, Josh Johnson, Britton, Romero, Drabek, Beckett, Gio Gonzalez, Narveson, Masterson. Thanks in advance I really want to win after my crappy auto draft.


Narveson and Masterson are the two guys I’d consider dropping and it’s very close. I’d lean towards keeping Narveson though…more Ks and I generally prefer NL pitchers to AL pitchers (No DH!)


Zach are you and Cory worried about E5 yet? I’ve got him at 3B in one league dude to Ian Stewarts uselessness, and he doesn’t even have 1 homer yet. He couldn’t disappoint us yet again, could he!?


First off, I’m not as big of an E5 fan as Cory (he’s still crazy about the guy!) but I’m still willing to give him a little more time. It’s very tough to find productive third basemen off the wire this year so by all means start to think about possible trades to upgrade at 3B if you’re particularly strong in other areas.


Zach, at the moment i have Cruz, Choo, Pence, Abreu,Snider, and Fuld in the outfield. francoeur , pagan, and a-jack are on the weaiver wire. I was thinking about making a move there. What do you think would be the best way to go? Also at catcher, soto is on the waiver wire. I have wieters, should i drop him for soto?


I prefer all of your current OFs so I’d sit tight. As for catcher, Wieters is starting to heat up but long-term this year I still like Soto a bit more. If there’s a way to either trade Wieters or pick up Soto for someone else and hold the two catchers for awhile, that would be my preference.


In order to pick-up soto, i would need to drop a starting pitcher. I have a surplus of starters (king felix, carpenter, oswalt, marcum, lowe, jurrjens, arroyo, edwin jackson, pineda,and morrow coming off dl on saturday). I am leaning towards dropping arroyo for soto, What is your opinion on that? Also, what would you do regarding the situation with morrow coming off of the dl?


I’d drop either Arroyo or Lowe to pick up Soto and while Arroyo will help out more in the strikeout department, Lowe could very well post the better ratios so I’m fine with you cutting Arroyo. As for Morrow, I know this is kind of unethical, but I’d wait until he makes one start before activating him just to make sure he’s healthy and would then lean towards dropping Lowe as he is definitely pitching a bit over his head right now. I’m not a huge Morrow fan as he still has major control issues but the upside is certainly there.


12 team h2h $ non keeper league, my team lacks power. i am loaded down with under achievers – crawford, gardner, rollins, uggla, cargo. do you think it’s time to sell or hold off.? i expected a lot more production and i’m sitting last in my league right now 20 games out, don’t want to get too far behind and be done before june.. thanks..


It’s way too early to start panicking, though I am a bit concerned about Gardner and his huge number of strikeouts. Still, give him some more time.


I just got sent a trade, and I’m not sure what to do at all. I would send Beltre and Teixera, and recieve Carlos Lee, Prince Fielder, and Morneau. Thoughts on what to do here? Fielder is doing great but Beltre and Teixera have a good amoun of RBIs, and Morneau not doing too well.

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