Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 21

Was Scott Baker's last start a fluke or a sign of good things to come?


Floyd @ Niemann – Niemann too fly-ball prone vs. HR-happy ChiSox

Baker @ Guthrie – gambling on Guthrie at home vs. weak-hitting Twins

Tomlin @ O’Sullivan – big gamble that Tomlin stays hot

Beckett @ Chatwood – do you trust Beckett?

McCarthy @ King Felix

D. Hudson @ Leake

Gorzelanny @ Lohse

Jurrjens @ Kershaw

Happ @ Capuano – Capuano intriguing vs. the Astros’ weak offense

McDonald @ Volstad – still like McDonald, but not right now

Oswalt @ Latos



Floyd @ Niemann – Niemann too erratic to trust right now.

Baker @ Guthrie – Both of these guys toss-ups but I’m encouraged by Baker’s last start and Guthrie still has my support…for now.

Tomlin @ O’Sullivan – Need to see more from O’Sullivan

Beckett @ Chatwood

McCarthy @ King Felix – M’s lineup put up 13 runs last night! They’re still awful.

D.Hudson@ Leake – Hudson better be careful. Leake will look to “steal” a win from him.

Gorzelanny @ Lohse – Ride Lohse while he’s hot.

Jurrjens @ Kershaw

Happ @ Capuano – Happ still has more walks than strikeouts.

McDonald @ Volstad – McDonald very disappointing so far.

Oswalt @ Latos


Hey Zach, in our keeper league we base keeper value on the round a player was drafted. This year I took Belt with my 24th pick in the hopes of stealing a great keeper at the end of the draft. of course it was great to see him make the team and homer in his first game, but the reality that’s set in now has me questioning whether I can afford to keep him in one of my 3 available bench spots for the foreseeable future, and still contend this year, which I fully intend to do. Thoughts?

Thanks as always.

J from BG


Yeah, now that he’s been sent down, the decision becomes even more complicated. Honestly, in a mixed league keeper with so few bench spots, I wouldn’t blame you for dropping Belt if you feel that the roster spot can be used to help your team in the short-term. Every year there will always be prospects to snatch in the late rounds. Mike and Cory always say to play to win now, and I’m in full agreement.


thanks dude, as always…

Got another question
(20 team league)

Kevin Gregg looks like isn’t going to have pretty season. Should I drop him or wait it out?

Josh Tomlin
Bruce Chen
Chris Sale
Charlie Morton
Luke Hochevar

Ian Stew…..(never mind)
Yadir Molina
Cody Ross
Reid Brignac
Ramon Hernandez
Feilpe Lopez

Looking for the best overall season
Jon from Texas


I still think that Gregg is the most valuable player of that group for the simple reason that he’s getting saves and saves is a category. He’ll experience his fair share of rocky outings but I’d be surprised if he finishes the year with fewer than 28-30 saves. Chances are he holds onto the job.


I want to drop Nick Markakis, but I’m not sure who to replace him with. Should it be J.D Drew, Seth Smith, or Willie Bloomquist. Any thoughts? League has 10 teams.

Hey Guys,

Vmart went down and i need to replace him at catcher. (Wish i still had Russell Martin) My option are Nick Hundley, Alex Avila, Jorge Posada, Carlos Ruiz, and Kurt Suzuki.

What are your thought on Rios? Still a hold? I been playing him but it has been hurting.

Can start two of three. who do you go with Howie Kendrick, Adam Lind, David Freese?

As always Thanks!


Posada might finish the season with the best overall numbers but he’s been slumping badly of late. For now I’d go with Hundley and ride his hot streak but as a career .249 hitter, expect him to go cold at some point. I also like Ruiz and view him as the least risky option…decent AVG, a little power and, perhaps even more importantly, he plays almost every day. So, Hundley right now, Posada in the long-term and Ruiz a quality fallback choice.

At this point I’d go Kendrick and Freese but be flexible. And yes, I do still view Rios as a hold.


K-rod is frustrating me so far this year. The mets look terrible and i am not sure ow many save opportunities he will recieve. I am looking to win now, is he worth dropping for Gregg or Storen? I have Street and Fuentes as my other closers. Thanks

Would like your opinion of this trade that got vetoed in our league? Lance Berkman & Sam Fuld for Jose Bautista OF & Johnny Gomes OF. Was this a balanced trade or one sided?

Hey guys I am looking for some relief pitching in my 16 man dynasty league and needed some help with possible adds, and a trade. What do you think

Gets: Michael Bourn and Matt Lindstrom
Gives: Johnny Gomes, Joel Pinerio, and Jason Hammell

What kind of FAAB dollars is Jerry Sands worth in an NL-only league with a total budget of $100? FAAB money only for waiver players only not a weekly free agent FAAB.

Hey Zach, what’s the 411 on Colby Lewis? He showed up on my waiver wire this morning and am now extremely curious. Thanks in advance


I had my doubts about Lewis coming into the season since he really came out of nowhere last year and, at 31, isn’t exactly young. That said, depending on who you would have to drop, he’s worth a pickup for his strikeout potential. Still too early to label him a bust.


Hey Zach I’ve got pronk and vladdy at my UTIL spot (picked pronk up). Now I’ve been trying to play the hot hand each day, but it seems every time I put the ‘hotter’ one in my lineup, he does nothing and the other guy has a big game (on my bench…). Same with Wieters and Martin (picked up) at catcher, I’ve probably only counted less than half the home runs these guys have. Should I just pick one guy and stick with him (and therefore cut the other guy if I can’t trade him?), if so which would you expect to be more productive in these 2 positions?


Yeah, that can drive you absolutely crazy, especially this early in the season when we don’t really have enough data to make a very educated guess as to which player will have the better year. I always try to avoid those situations but if I had to choose I’d go Vlad and Wieters. Not sold on Pronk yet and Wieters has been on fire lately…could this finally be the year he breaks out? Maybe.


Hey Zach, I have two questions for you. First, I want to drop Nick Markakis, but I’m not sure who to replace him with. Should it be Willie Bloomquist, J.D. Drew, or Seth Smith? Second, should I trade Halladay for Jered Weaver?

I have one more question. I have Joe Mauer and Carlos Ruiz on my roster in a 10-team H2H league. With Mauer on the DL & Chooch in the catcher’s spot, should I drop Mauer and pick up someone like Placido Polanco or Stephen Drew?

Hey Zack-

Can you please rank these closers for the rest of the year:

Matt Thornton
Sergio Santos
Drew Storen
Mitchell Boggs
Any other Cardinal/White Sox reliever not listed above.


Hey Zach, I have 2 questions. I have Tabata and Morrison as 4th of/ util. Do you think either Boesch or D Murphy are better choices? Also same question at 2b/ss. Have Roberts, Castro, M Izturis, and Escobar. Lowrie is available (probably not for long). Thinking Lowrie over Escobar? Thanks for your input.


Definitely hold onto your current outfielders. As for SS, if the Escobar is Yunel, I’d keep him. If it’s Alcides, I’d make the move for Lowrie.


Hi- SP staff is Floyd, Marcum, Billingsley, Pavano, Hanson, Britton. You advised me to try to add Drabek…should I swap him out for Pavano? You think Drabek will thrive despite being in the tough AL East? Do you not trust Masterson despite the hot start? Would you swap De la Rosa in there anywhere?


I don’t think Drabek will be dominant but he’ll have a solid season nonetheless (better than Pavano, in my opinion). That said, I prefer De La Rosa over both of them…pitches in the NL and is a high strikeout guy.


Came up with another. I drafted Ellsbury 6th round because of all the talk that he’d be a top 30 draft next year. He’s rotting on my bench! What do you see from him this year?


I wasn’t quite as high on Ellsbury as Siano was, but I definitely think he could earn the 6th round investment. Be more patient. Hey, he even has four homers! The overall upside is still tremendous.


Do you think Dunn is a good buy low candidate? And not just cuz he is ICE COLD right now, think he’ll get it together and be a better option than Kendry Morales(. I have Votto at 1B…I’m just trying to assemble best possible team.

Thanks, as always


Yes, I’d most definitely go with Dunn over Morales. We don’t even know for certain when Kendry will come back. Sure, he’ll hit for a higher AVG but Dunn, regardless of how he gets there, slugs about 40 homers on an annual basis. Something has to be said for that kind of consistency.


Zach-I have two questions for you. First, is it a good idea to trade Halladay for Jered Weaver? Second, I have Mauer and Carlos Ruiz on my roster. With Chooch in the catcher’s spot and Mauer on the DL, should I drop Mauer in order to pick up someone like Placido Polanco or Stephen Drew?


As dominant as Weaver has been thus far, Halladay has dominated the opposition for close to a decade, so no, I wouldn’t make that trade. Simply put, Halladay is the safer one to own. As for Mauer, I don’t care how long he’ll be out. The guy shouldn’t be dropped, particularly for a players who will likely just sit on your bench. When healthy, Mauer is arguably the #1 fantasy catcher.


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