Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 22


Buehrle @ Verlander

Sabathia @ Bergesen

Hellickson @ Reyes

Francis @ Holland – Francis off to a good start, but not gambling in TEX

Carmona @ Duensing – Carmona worth a gamble at MIN if you feel bold

Lester @ Haren

Ross @ Pineda – Ross one to watch

Billingsley @ Coleman

Livan @ Karstens – Livan off to a good start but do you trust him?

Saunders @ Pelfrey

Chacin @ An. Sanchez

Figueroa @ Gallardo

Volquez @ McClellan – Can you ditch Volquez in the 1st and pitch after that?

Hamels @ Richard – Richard solid at home, but the Phils are tough

Hanson @ Bumgarner


 Buehrle @ Verlander

Sabathia @ Bergesen *Will CC ever win again?

Hellickson @ Reyes *Hellickson has not been very good this year. This could be bad. I’m not risking it.

Francis @ Holland *Francis not worth the potential blowup start

Carmona @ Duensing *Take out Fausto’s terrible first start and you have 3 ER in 21.2 IP

Lester @ Haren *Tremendous

Ross @ Pineda

Billingsley @ Coleman

Livan @ Karstens

Saunders @ Pelfrey

Chacin @ An. Sanchez

Figueroa @ Gallardo *YoGo looking to bounce back

Volquez @ McClellan

Hamels @ Richard

Hanson @ Bumgarner


Hello 411,

Would you do this trade?
Give Russell Martin and get Drew Storen. If not, who should i target for Martin?
I’m trying to get a closer, as i have Franklyn as my 2nd closer. Martin is my backup Catcher, as i have McCaan.


I’m not totally opposed to that deal but can’t you get back a closer with a little more job security? We’re not even sure who the Nats closer is right now, whether it’s Burnett or Storen or a combination of both. Try for someone like Hanrahan or Putz or even Nunez, guys who as of now are clear-cut closers.


I know Storen is not a closer yet, but i think he might get the job sooner than later.

Surprised to see anabel here…

Will Lowrie or Trumbo get enough at bats or should I pick up Chipper Jones, Espinosa or Orlando Hudson?


Lowrie vs. Espinosa is close but I’d give the edge to Espinosa. He’s an undisputed starter while the Red Sox have a viable alternative to Lowrie in Scutaro. In other words, Lowrie’s leash will be rather short. I’ll pass on Chipper and Hudson.


Sorry i forgot to metion, i’m in a keeper league….so he might be a great keeper for next season.

Bumgarner or A Sanchez for tmrw?


Tough call as both have been struggling, but personally I’d go with Sanchez. I know Colorado is a challenging opponent but I like Anibal’s strikeout upside.


My other options are: Ross, Carmona, or McLellan…any of those seem better than A. Sanchez?

Nah, I still prefer Sanchez.

Very very good call on Sanchez. It helped me secure a 10-2 win and increase my lead in first place…it’s early but it’s always nice to be out front.

Hello 411,

Sorry for posting one question in my last 3 posts.
I have another question.
Would you pick Brandon Beachy and drop one of this SP:
Ogando, E-Jackson?


Yeah, I’d pick up Beachy for Ogando. Beachy’s strikeout rate is better and Ogando’s lack of experience as a starting pitcher is somewhat concerning.


My Closers are in a bad way right now. Franklin is demoted, Burnett looks like he’ll lose his spot to Storen soon, and Hanrahan and Lyon are Average at best.

There’s a guy in 1st place in my league who already has 20 saves with his 7 closers but his total pitching staff only have one win between them.

His closers are:

Huston Street
Leo Nunez
Craig Kimbrel
Johnny Venters
Jordan Walden
John Axford
Andrew Bailey (DL).

I’m thinking of offering one of my SP’s out of Drabek, Big Erv and Colby Lewis.

Which closer/s should I target?


I’m leaving out Venters since he’s not closing so I’d rank them Street, Bailey (when healthy), Kimbrel, Walden, Nunez, Axford.


Could you evaluate my team please:
i am in a 10 team h2h non keeper league.
We start all normal positions plus a 2B/SS slot, 1B/3B slot, and a utility.
C- wieters and soto
1B- cabrera and ike davis
2B- prado and zobrist
SS- alexei ramirez
3B- aramis ramirez
OF- cruz, choo, pence, abreu, snider, fuld
SP- felix, carpenter, oswalt, marcum, jurrjens, e-jackson, arroyo, pineda, morrow
RP- street, k-rod, fuentes

The cats are R,HR,RBI,SB,AVG and W,SV,K,ERA,WHIP
What are your thoughts?
as always Thanks!


A bit light in speed as there are really no 30 SB locks but Fuld is the wild card here. If he continues to receive everyday ABs you’ll be fine. Otherwise, the team looks solid.


Hi guys 10 team H2H weekly AL/NL points league and got a trade question.

SPs: Kershaw, Marcum, Billingley, G Gonzalez, W Rodriguez, E jackson, J Jurgens, J Shields.

I like but dont love my pitching so Im going after a owner that has no pitching depth targeting Cain. I offered billingsley and shields cause both can be wild and question marks and he rejected. But he offerd Cain for Gonzalez and Shields. Im loathe to make this trade cause i think gio is golden. What do yall think? If i swing a 2 for 1 im planning to pick up J Cueto off waivers. Im thinking of offering jackson and shields and see if he bites. Thanks and love the show and blog


First off, I really think your pitching is fine…not sure why you’re worried about it. Secondly, I wouldn’t do that deal. Yeah, Cain is the best of those three pitchers but it’s closer than you think. Is Cain really THAT much better than Gio that you need to give up Shields, who’s looking like a prime bounce back candidate? I’d rather keep the depth than make what may or may not be a small upgrade.



An owner just offered me Pujols and Mcgehee for Tulo and Panda. Should i take it?

In our scoring system im not sure its a fair deal but i dont know its too early too tell i guess.

the scoring is R,H,HR,RBI,SB,BB,K,AVG AND XBH

if i go by the stats thus far the combo of tulo and panda is far outplaying pujols and mcgehee but we all know pujols once he gets going isnt going to stop.



I actually wouldn’t do that one. Tulo’s position places him awfully close to Pujols in overall value and I see the downgrade from Panda to McGehee as being greater than the upgrade from Tulo to Pujols. I think Panda is in for a huge comeback season.


i was offered brett anderson jonathan sanchez and hiroki kuroda for carl crawford john danks and daniel hudson i am weak at pitching


This makes absolutely no sense for you. It would be one thing if you were getting a couple of pitchers without giving any back, but you’re essentially swapping Danks and Hudson for Anderson and Sanchez (a small but not big win for you) while giving up Crawford (still a top-15 player despite slow start) for Kuroda. No way! It’s a mistake to sell low on Crawford and Hudson. They’ll get a lot better.


Zach-I have two questions. First, is it a good idea to trade Halladay for Jered Weaver? Second, I have Joe Mauer and Carlos Ruiz on my roster. With Chooch in my catcher’s sopt and Mauer on the DL, should I drop Mauer in order to pick up someone like Placido Polanco or Stephen Drew. It’s a 10 team H2H daily league.


Just answered those questions on the previous post.



Who do you think has more value in my league BJ Upton or Ethier?


I am thinking Ethier will be better at pretty much everything except SB. Do you agree? Ethier is owner by a guy who really likes Upton and I’m thinking I could do a swap with him.



Yeah, as long as you’re OK in speed, Ethier would be my choice. Upton could really hurt your AVG and he also tends to strike out a lot which further decreases his value in this format.



Also Boesch became available today and given his very similar numbers to Adam Jones last year and his much better numbers compared thus far this year I decided to make the move and Dropped Jones to pick up Boesch.

What do you think I can honestly expect from Abreu going forward? Hes in a really bad slump right now and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I could always go for a guy like Brantley or Coco off the wire but I just think its too hard to drop Abreu this early. What do you think?


Hold onto Abreu. He’s clearly nearing the end but I still think he’ll hit for a higher AVG than last season’s .255 mark and is a pretty safe bet to go 15/20.


Just curious, what about Bumgarners upcoming start makes you think he will have a good outing.

This may be vague but my pitching consists of : Brett Anderson, britton, Dan Hudson, Lilly, mcclellan, de la Rosa, chacin, and beachy. I’m in a 12 team h2h. what would you say is my weakness here if any? and based on the avg waiver wire could you suggest and possible drops/adds? Thanks



The staff lacks an upper-tier guy but that’s OK. All of those pitchers have plenty of room to grow and you’ve got a lot of depth. That said, you’ll need at least two of Britton, Hudson, McClellan and Beachy to be very good, which might be asking too much. You may want to deal a couple of arms for one more established pitcher and/or scour the wire for someone who fits that profile.


What exactly would define ‘established’? There are a few decent names out there (Lohse, Garza, Volquez, Cueto, Floyd) yet some of them are just coming back from injuries and some are inconsistent. Even then, who would I drop? I feel like with a little luck and good production from my hitters, this staff could still hold me for a long time.

Baker is out there too. I’m fine with keeping my staff but if you think there IS indeed a wise move to make then I would be willing.

Alex Rios’ slow start is beginning to worry me. Would you recommend patience here or a trip to the bench?




Although I always preach patience, I’m OK with benching someone for a few days until he shows some signs of life, assuming of course that you have a quality alternate option. Rios is streaky so don’t give up on him yet.


Will Lowrie or Trumbo get enough at bats or should I pick up Chipper Jones, Espinosa or Orlando Hudson?


Addressed this question on the previous post.


Yo guys! Could you advise on a proposed trade? I am really desperate for closers. I only have Marmol and I’m gambling on Rodney, Lindstrom and Batista. I have Beckham and Weeks at 2B. I would give up Beckham in return for Jordan Walden. Of course as soon as I make this deal Weeks will go on the DL, but I am looking to get decimated in SV’s if I don’t act. Are there any other relievers out there you would target? Santos and Boggs have been snatched up already. Thanks for the advice. -Ben


Yes, that trade does make a lot of sense for you. The one issue I’d have with Walden is the risk that Rodney could re-take the job at some point, but since you already have Rodney you don’t have to worry about it. Make the move!


I dropped arroyo to open a PoD spot. i am viewing holland, carmona, bumgarner, and anibal sanchez. Who is best to pick up for todays start.
Thanks as always


I’d lean towards Holland. He’s putting up solid strikeout numbers and I don’t have much faith in the KC offense.


I’m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I’ve been offered Youkilis and Josh Johnson for Wright and Lind. My other starting pitchers are Lester and Kershaw (this league is light on starters and heavy on relievers, most teams have between zero and 5 starting pitchers). I’ll have to pick up a corner infielder off waivers (Lee, Moreland, Adam LaRoche, Loney, or EE) to replace Lind until Utley comes back and I can move Lowrie into my CI slot. Is the Wright to Youkilis downgrade worth getting Josh Johnson? Is it smart to let go of an elite 3B in a 9 keeper league? Thanks

It looks like Alex Gordon just got 1B/CI eligibility in my league, so I could slot him in at CI to replace Lind and move Jonny Gomes from my bench into an OF position.

Zach, I have yet another question for you. Chipper for Polanco, who gets the better side of the deal?


That’s a close one. Both are old and injury-prone and Polanco’s playing out of his mind right now, but I’m giving the edge to Chipper…maybe not as high of an average but more homers and RBIs.


There are some interesting Waiver Wire SP’s in my league right now. I know the whole POD thing is to love em and leave em, but are any of the guys more than a one night stand?

Gavin Floyd
Aaron Harang (dropped on waivers – I can put in a claim but have low priority)
St Louis suprises (Lohse, McClennen)
Scot Baker
Randy Wolf
Kevin Correia
Wade Davis
Brandon Beachy
Jeremy Guthrie
Zach Britton

My top pick would be in order: Floyd (who is underrated for some reason), Harang (if available) and Correia (who WOULD be a POD for me at home against Washington on the 23rd).

Your thoughts?


My top 3 would be Harang, Baker and Floyd and I’d much rather have Baker than Correia. I’ve always liked Baker (outstanding K/BB ratio) and feel that he’s been very unlucky in the ERA department over the past couple of years. I also like the fact that Target Field is much more friendly to pitchers (especially fly ball pitchers like Baker) than the MetroDome was. He’s verry underrated.


Would you do this trade…

Send Shane Victorino,
Send Curtis Granderson,
Receive Logan Morrison,
Receive Alex Rodriguez,

Its a 14 Team-Mixed league. I have Corey Hart coming off the DL soon and don’t have a roster spot for him at the moment so this would free up an OF spot.

Do you think Sergio Santos wil get the closing gig for the Chi Sox, or will Sale or Thornton still be the options?

drop franklin for santos?


Nah, I think there’s still a possibility that the Cards go back to Franklin as their closer at some point in the next couple of months and would be surprised if, from this point on, Santos nets more saves than Franklin. Santos has never done it before while Franklin, despite this season’s woes, has a good deal of experience closing games.


Can these to keep it up?
Buy, Sell, or Hold in a Vanilla 5X5:

Trevor Cahill
Alex Gordon

Can these *two* keep it up?
Buy, Sell, or Hold in a Vanilla 5X5:

Trevor Cahill
Alex Gordon


Cahill has surprised me a great deal but I’m still going to say sell. I don’t see any way that he keeps this up, particularly in the strikeout department. He already has about a quarter as many Ks as he did all of last season. His stock cannot get any higher than it is right now.

Hold on Gordon. I need to see more.



I am going to duplicate Dylan’s question… What are your thought on pitching Bumgarner today? Also I have Livan. He has been solid since the end of last year, do you see him as a big gamble against the buckos?

Thanks as always,


I never trust Livan but if you don’t pitch him here you might as well cut him. All bets are off with this guy. He could toss a shutout vs. the best team in the league and then get hammered by the worst team. As for Bumgarner, it’s not exactly a great matchup but at home I’d give it a try.


I was offered a trade, involving two under performing players. I would recieve Cliff Lee, but trade Carlos Gonzalez. Thoughts on what to do? Thanks in advance

Trade…AJ Burnett for Josh Beckett…Is this a even trade? especially since I hate the Yankees!

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