Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, April 23-25


Price @ Morrow *I’d leave Morrow on DL and see what happens

Carrasco @ Liriano

Jackson @ Penny

F. Garcia @ Tillman

Davies @ Ogando

Matsuzaka @ Big Erv *Dice-K on the road to redemption or done by the 4th?

Cahill @ Vargas *Vargas’ ERA is deceiving off one terrible start and he can get some Ks, blue plate special.

Lilly @ Dempster

Enright @ Gee

T. Hudson @ Lincecum

Wood @ Carpenter

Marquis @ Correia *Very hard to say ditch until he gives more reasons why. Has a sub 1.00 WHIP.

Rogers @ Vazquez

Myers @ Marcum

Blanton @ Stauffer *If you are ever going to pitch Blanton it’s here. I have no idea which Stauffer is showing up.


Danks @ Scherzer

Shields @ Romero – Good test for Shields. Can he keep this up?

Nova @ Arrieta – Arrieta worth watching but no way do I pitch him here.

Gomez @ Pavano – Pavano tough to figure out this year. Two 7 ER starts but a combined 1 ER over other two starts.

Chen @ Wilson – Time for Chen’s ERA to normalize.

Lackey @ Palmer – Lackey hoping for triumphant return to SoCal.

Anderson @ Fister

Galarraga @ Niese

Jimenez @ Johnson – Outstanding pitching duel here!

Lannan @ Maholm – Might want to consider rolling the dice on Lannan if you’re feeling lucky…I’m not.

Wandy @ Wolf – Zero ER allowed by Wolf over his last two starts.

Kuroda @ Zambrano – Have to go with Big Z coming off gem.

Beachy @ J. Sanchez

Halladay @ TBD

LeCure @ TBD


Humber @ Burnett – I still refuse to own Burnett but he’s been decent.

Drabek @ Lewis – I’ll say yes on both though I wouldn’t blame you for sitting both.

Gonzalez @ Weaver

Garland @ Nolasco

De La Rosa @ Garza – Nice to see Garza finally doing more than just striking guys out.

Arroyo @ Estrada

Lee @ Kennedy – Dangerous matchup for Kennedy but he’s been solid in three of four starts.

Lowe @ Moseley – Appealing matchup for both.


Hey guys,

I’m trying to pin down pitching matchups for next week. Which 3 matchups do you like the best?

Lilly vs SD
Kuroda vs SD
CJ Wilson @ Oakland
Shields vs LA Angels
Ervin Santana @ TB

I have room to start 6 SPs a week and the other 3 slots went to Lincecum, Carpenter, and De La Rosa who has 2 games next week.



The way Shields is pitching right now, you simply cannot sit him, so my three would be Shields, Lilly and Wilson. Tough to bench Kuroda but he doesn’t have the strikeout upside of the other three guys.


Thanks for the advice. Here’s another one. Rajai Davis is due to come of the DL soon. Sources project him coming off as soon as Tuesday so I have to clear a spot from my roster. My 4 starting OFs are Bourn, Bruce, Torii Hunter, and Jonny Gomes. My Util is Gaby Sanchez, and my bench consists of Encarnacion, Werth, and Sean Rodriguez. Who would you recommend? I’m thinking Werth since I already have plenty of OFs and Werth probably won’t put up the same numbers as in Philly. Alternatively, would you even consider just cutting Davis altogether? Or doing a 2 for 1 trade with Davis or Werth and a pitcher of mine (Lilly, Kuroda, CJ Wilson, Ervin Santana, De La Rosa, or Shields) for a power-hitting OF? I mainly drafted Davis for his speed, but Bourn and Andrus seem to be doing a good enough job in that department on their own, and even Gomes has a few SBs. I feel that I should devote the rest of my OF to producing more power, especially since I went through a sort of power outage this week with my offense (Montero, Fielder, B. Roberts, A-Rod, Andrus, Reynolds, Bourn, Bruce, Gomes, Torii Hunter, Gaby Sanchez). The first week was an extended week, but I started off hitting 53 Runs, 14 HRs, 58 RBIs, .342 OBP, .478 SLG, and 7NSB. Last week, I had 40 Runs, 8 HRs, 28 RBIs, .319 OBP, .419 SLG, 10 NSB. This week as of today, I have only 19 Runs, 2 HRs, 18 RBIs, .363 OBP, .357 SLG, and 2 NSB. I’m just getting by each week because my pitching is good, but I think I can afford to part with one starter to boost my lineup’s power so that I can really dominate on both fronts each week. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Can these two keep it up?
Buy, Sell, or Hold in a Vanilla 5X5:

Trevor Cahill
Alex Gordon


Answered your question on the previous blog post.


Need an opinion on an offer I’m thinking of making. League is 16-team, 29-man roster, very deep. 7×7 roto with batter K’s, OBP, Holds, QS as the extra stats. Salaries set at auction with escalators. Keep as many as you want subject to $260 cap, going to $300 after draft. 10-man minors roster; call-ups are at $1-$2-$3 their first three years and sicounted for 2 more, so are very valuable. My team is a very strong contender, but I’m looking light on RS and SB. One new owner’s team is out of it and he is dealing vets for prospects. I’m thinking of offering the following:
Pedro Alvarez, $2 minors + Chris Heisey $1 + Martin Perez and maybe Todd Helton $4
Colby Rasmus $3 minors (big esclation next year) + Ellsbury at $11
I’m covered position-wise. What do you think? Is it reasonable both ways?
Allan in San Anotnio


It’s a fair offer but also a great deal for you. Yeah, the Alvarez for Rasmus swap is a downgrade considering their contract situations but you’re getting Ellsbury at a very good price while at the same time addressing a need.


Yesterday I had asked for basically an evaluation of my pitching staff and today I was wondering if basically you could do the same for my hitters. My team consists of:
Carlos Santana, Mark Texiera, Kinsler, Aramis Ramierez, Tulo, Kemp, Jay Bruce, Rasmus, Rollins, Aaron Hill, plus Utley on the DL. Where would you say I’m weak? And if you could make any type of suggestions for the type of players I could drop and possibly look for? Thanks!

Also if theres time, I responded to your response on yesterdays post with the pitching. If you had any other input to give there I’d appreciate it.

Was just offered brandon phillips and daniel hudson for zobrist and e-jackson. What are your thoughts on that?


Do that immediately! You would be buying low on Hudson, which is a pretty good idea, while upgrading at 2B.


I’m in a 10 team 6 (OBP) x 7 (batting average against, holds) head to head 9 keeper league. I’ve been offered Youkilis and Josh Johnson for Wright and Lind. My other starting pitchers are Lester and Kershaw (this league is light on starters and heavy on relievers, most teams have between zero and 5 starting pitchers). I can move Gordon into my CI slot and move Gomes from my bench into an OF slot. Is the Wright to Youkilis downgrade worth getting Josh Johnson? Is it smart to let go of an elite 3B in a 9 keeper league? Thanks

P.S. This is a reposted question from early this morning. My original question is still awaiting approval from the moderator.


Yes, I’d do that trade in a second. You’re losing an elite 3B in Wright but getting an almost elite one in Youk. Outside of SBs, I really don’t see the drop-off as being that steep. Johnson is a bona fide ace and Lind isn’t exactly a deal-breaker.


Thanks for the feedback. It’s very much appreciated. I pulled the trigger on the trade.

Also, do you think it is time to sell high on Sam Fuld? I find it very hard to believe he continue at a pace even close to the one he is on currently. I was thinking that i could package him with someone like abreu or snider and get a above average OF in return? I appreciate your advice.

Fuld has really come out of nowhere so I’m all for selling high on him in hopes of landing a player with a more established track record. Do it while you can.



pick two for tomorrow, considering wins, k’s and ratios:

carrasco, big erv, vargas, lilly, correja and blanton.

inclined to go w/ carasco and correja, but would love your opinion, as always.


one more…team in my league (10T 5×5) with crawford, also has jeter, figgins, heyward, pagan, prado, ellsbury, papi, etc., and just renamed their team ‘we suck!’

want to swoop in and make a buy low offer, and looking to upgrade my already sick, 411-style squad (esp OF). have mccann, votto, uggla, sandoval, m. izturis (MI), fielder (CI), bruce, sizemore, tabata, t. hunter, granderson, and braun (util)

think of any good offers (2-1’s, etc). For example, was thinking of offering Bruce and Izturis for Crawford.
any super-fine suggestions? thanks (again)!


Izturis and Bruce for Crawford is definitely a low-ball offer but it’s not an insulting one, so worth trying. How about something like Tabata and Hunter for Crawford? He might go for that.


WHich starting pitcher you think i should give up on:
Edwin jackson, Bronson Arroyo, Justin Masterson, Matt Harrison, Bruce Chen, Alexi Ogando.
Options in the free agency is:
Jorge De La Rosa, Josh Tomlin, Kevin Correia, Mike leake, Brandon McCarthy, Carlos Zambrano


I’d dump Chen due to his track record of mediocrity and low K rate and grab De La Rosa immediately.


Ok, Ive made a few trades and now my team is almost settled. I’d like to make one more deal for now, a 2 for 1 deal in order to get a PoD roster spot open. I have only 5 SP and I have 3CP: Lester, Beckett, Carpenter, Scherzer, Garcia, Rivera, Feliz, Perez.

My bats are very deep, esp. OF, and I’d like to exchange 2 bats in return for 1 good bat.

Of the following which combination of 2 players would you be most likely to deal and which 2 do you think would bring me back the most?

C Young, Victorino, Bourn, McGehee or Alvarez, Stanton, & Morales.

Im trying to target Kemp (his gm wants SP), 3B(longoria?, pablo, youkilis),or SS (reyes, tulo(doubt its possible), hanley?) setting my sights too high?

Appreciate the feedback Zach as always
my other bats are McCann, Votto, Pedroia, Asbubal Cabrera, Matt Holliday, Ellsbury, & Cruz

Im trying to evaluate the weaknesses in my team and pitching depth seems to be my number 1 concern but I want to address that with PoD daily..limit 5 transactions per week.

Appreciate it as always Zachand show is great too!

PoD or I’d like to add Jorge De La Rosa…what are your thoughts & projections for him going forward?

Stanton & Alvarez for Bautista? McGehee instead of Alvarez too much to pay?


Walks have always been De La Rosa’s main obstacle but he’s doing a great job limiting free passes so far this year, plus he continues to rack up the Ks…definitely a PoD grad in my opinion.



I think a Victorino/Stanton combo would probably bring you back the best return with Young being a close third. Any package consisting of two of those three OFs would be a very attractive offer for Kemp, and if I were you I’d ultimately do it. But first try something like Bourn plus Stanton OR Victorino for Kemp. Who knows? Maybe that would be enough.



Would rather do either of the Bautista deals than the OF packages.


Hey guys,
Anthony Rizzo is available in my 20 team mixed league. Would you recommend dropping any of these guys for him?
Wilson Valdez
Here is my team in case you want to see the roles those players play on it:
The Manoman


Yeah, I think I’d drop Melancon for him. Rizzo’s off to a great start in the Minors this year and even if he comes up in June he’ll be a worthy addition to your team. Melancon is a quality middle reliever, but even in 20-team mixed leagues those guys aren’t extremely difficult to find. There’s not much downside here.


What do you guys think of Jed Lowrie going forward? I’m tempted to drop Jeter and use him but it seems risky with his playing time not assured.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Lowrie puts together a solid season but no way am I dropping Jeter for a guy who isn’t even assured everyday playing time. Sounds like a panic move to me. Four hits for Jeter yesterday, by the way.


zach, please disregard pick ’em question above and riddle me this, for Sunday, pick two:
pavano, beachy, carrasco, correja, wolf

I offered Josh Tomlin for Daniel Hudson in my dynasty h2h dynasty league and he counter-offered with this: I get Travis Wood and give up Tomlin. Is this good or should I look for more?


By all means first try for more, but I like this deal for you. Even though Wood has been erratic this year, I’d easily take him over Tomlin in a dynasty format…more upside, particularly in the strikeout department.


again disregard, please. ultimately need to decide between blanton today, or volquez or correja tomorrow. sorry, and thanks!

Should i drop Alex Rios for Starlin Castro to play as my utility player? I am in a 8 team H2H 7×7 categories league. I already have decent speed but average power.


Absolutely not! Rios is a streaky player but when he’s going well he’ll help you in every category. A lot of Castro’s value is tied to the position he plays and his speed contribution, so if you don’t need speed and if you’d be using Castro at utility, there’s no reason to make that move. In an 8-team league, Castro isn’t even worth a roster spot.


I have Colby Lewis, Ervin Santana and Kyl Drabek filling out my SP staff.

I am worried by Lewis’s drop in velocity, Santana’s poor pitching and drabek’s general rookie growing pains.

Who out of those three would you cut to open up a POD spot?


Without knowing who’s available on the wire, I honestly wouldn’t cut any of them. Those three are simply not waiver wire material at this point.


Hey in a 10man league, i was offered Latos for Bruce. i have depth at OF, Werth,Ichiro,Rios,BJ Upton,Bruce,Cuddyer. I have CC,JJ,T Hudson,D Hudson,Hellickson, Pineda. Should i do it?


I’m fine with that. Latos is an ace-level pitcher while the jury is still out on Bruce as to whether he can take that next step forward this year. That said, your pitching would be very deep after making this deal so I might then consider dealing a starting pitcher (maybe T. Hudson?) for a bat (maybe even an OF). In a 10-team league, there will always be quality pitchers available on the wire so it’s not that necessary to have a deep staff.


Hey 411 is Big Erv ditch material right now?

10 team H2H Redraft.
Stat Cats: AVG, HR, RBI, R, SB, OBP and W, IP, K, SV, ERA, WHIP

Trade 1:
I get: Prince Fielder, Ryan Dempster, Brandon Lyon, Jair Jurjens
I Give: Pablo Sandoval, Ted Lilly, Heath Bell, Shaun Marcum

Trade 2:
I get: Fielder, Bucholz, Jurjens
I Give: Sandoval, Marcum, Bell, Pineida.

Thoughts on both trades..Trade 1 is what he proposed to me… Trade 2 is what i countered him with.


I don’t like either of those. The only upgrade you’re getting is Sandoval to Fielder and you’re giving up an elite closer in the process. Pass.



I’d hold onto Erv. It’s really only been two bad starts and he’s still posting strong strikeout numbers. But if you want to bench him for a couple of starts, I’m OK with that.


Hey Guys,
I am holding strong in all of the pitching categories right now in a 12 team 5×5 mix. I need to improve on my bats though. I was thinking of trying to get some guys that are slumping (esp OF) now but can expect to step up. My OF now is
Zobrist (use him at 1B as well Since Dunn is hurting)
Would like to trade a pitcher for a bat. Pitching I have Soria, Bell, Broxton, Sale, Venters, Nolasco, Becket, McClellan, Garcia, Britton, Lackey and picked up Dice-K after Saturdays outing. Thoughts on what might be good to go after?

Also do you think Sale will get another chance at the closer role as the season progresses?



McClellan is someone you might want to consider trading as he’s gotten off to a hot start but has zero big league starting experience prior to this year. We don’t really know how he’ll handle the increased innings heading into the summer months. See what you can get for him right now, either in a 1-for-1 or as part of a package deal (maybe add in a bat but get an offensive upgrade?). As for Sale, the White Sox situation is a disaster but I think he will have chances to close games. The question is how many. He’s been erratic so far but so has Thornton. The funny thing is that Sale has the club’s only save this year. I guess you have to hold onto him if you’ve got the roster space but the best approach is probably to avoid the mess altogether!


Thanks for the quick feedback. So what would your thought be on be bundling McClellan and Fowler for Rios? It would be a short term downgrade with the expectation Rios pulls it together sometime soon.



Not a huge Rios fan (a bit too streaky for my liking) but I’m OK with that trade. But before pursuing it any further, I’d try to find out if there are any other under-performing outfielders I could get for that package. Rios is a good example but personally, I’ve been burned by him too many times!


Trying to set my Week 4 lineup and can’t decide between four decent guys. Help me pick two please: Ubaldo vs PIT, Masterson vs KC & vs DET, Scherzer @ CLE, Nolasco vs LAD & @ CIN. I am leaning towards the two start guys but Cincy scares me and I hate to sit my #1 Ubaldo even at home. Any insights?


That decision would drive me crazy too. Honestly, I’d have a hard time benching my best starter (who happens to have a great matchup) just so that I can play an additional two-start pitcher. I like Scherzer a lot too but ultimately I’ll take Nolasco’s two starts over Scherzer’s one start as the two pitchers are comparable in value. So my choices would be Ubaldo and Nolasco.


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