Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 26


Buchholz @ Britton – Yes, ditch Buchholz
Floyd @ Nova – Floyd risky vs. Yankees but solid enough to get a shot
Hochevar @ Masterson
King Felix @ Coke – Have a Coke and a smile; he will bounce back vs. M’s
Litsch @ Harrison
Davis @ Liriano
McCarthy @ Chatwood – not buying on Chatwood yet
Young @ Zimmermann
Cain @ Morton
Kershaw @ Volstad
De La Rosa @ Russell
J. Garcia @ Norris
Leake @ Estrada – Not convinced yet on Leake vs. slugging Brewers
Oswalt @ D. Hudson – Hudson’s K rates and other stats say don’t give up
Jurrjens @ Harang – Harang Hot at Home

***SIANO SAYS “I would think most who already own Buchholz and Britton plan to pitch. Risky but not unreasonable. I said ditch on Norris due to his inconsistency and the fact that Cards are best hitting and scoring team in MLB. Leake and Nova are non-mixed plays but highly volatile in mixed right now.”


I get: Prince Fielder, Francisco Cordero
I Give: Pablo Sandoval, Shaun Marcum, Heath Bell

Pull the Trigger?


I answered your question earlier on the other post. In short, I didn’t like either of those trades.


Daniel Hudson is available on waivers and I had a question on who you would drop to pick him up. Considering dropping J. Zimmerman or C. Zambrano, who would you drop of those two?


Zambrano is a back of the rotation SP in mixed leagues while Zimmermann has the potential to be more. I’d cut Zambrano to pick up Hudson. Big Z has been very inconsistent thus far and you can almost certainly find comparable production off the waiver wire should Zimmermann start to struggle.


We have one DL spot and I have utley and hill. Is it worth it to drop one of them to pick up a hot hitter off the wire? If so, who? Otherwise I would be playing without a utility spot until hill comes back.


I’d be hesitant to drop either one of those second basemen so I’d first see if there’s any other way to add the utility guy. Maybe drop a pitcher? There has to be an alternate option, no? I really don’t like the idea of leaving a starting spot open.


Yeah I could drop a pitcher for the week. I have lilly, mcclellan, Dan Hudson, de la rosa, chacin, Anderson, beachy, and britton. Who would u suggest I drop?

Can you take a look at my reply to your answer in the previous post concerning Rajai Davis? I’d like to get that squared away for when Davis comes off the DL over the next day or two. Much appreciated.


Werth is simply not a guy you should drop. Why drop him when you can still get a decent return in a trade? Yeah, he was overvalued coming into the year but he’s far from waiver wire material. If you can deal Werth to upgrade at another position, I’m all for it. But my immediate move would be to drop Sean Rodriguez in order to activate Davis. Rodriguez has done very little this year and doesn’t exactly have an accomplished track record. He’s definitely expendable.


Alright would you consider dropping G. Beckham for either O. Cabrera, J. Herrera or D Espinosa


Not yet. Beckham still has the biggest all-around upside of that group and deserves some more time to figure things out.


Which is the better overall catcher for the rest of the season

Geovany Soto or Alex Avila

Jon from Texas

And the 2 Closers with the more stable job
Ryan Madison, Mitchell Boggs, Jonathan Broxton, or Kevin Gregg


At this point, I’ll say Gregg and Broxton in a close call but all that can change in a hurry. Yeah, Broxton’s been inconsistent but last night’s blown save really wasn’t all his fault (terrible defense) and the Dodgers don’t have many other viable closing options. Same goes for Gregg as he’s basically the closer by default. I think it would take several meltdowns for him to lose the ninth inning job. Madson and Boggs make for great pickups as well though.



Despite Avila’s hot start, I’ll take Soto and his more proven track record. You can pretty much pencil in 15-plus homers and a .275 AVG for Soto. The same cannot be said for Avila.


5 for 1: should i give up jacoby, asdrubel, brian wilson, drew storen, and jaime garcia for tulowitzki? all my offensive positions are solid except for catcher and ss, i would be losing some solid closers but is it worth it?



As much as I love Tulo, that’s an awful lot to give up. I’d try to negotiate a little more, but ultimately I have to admit that I’d make the trade. Remember that you’d be picking up four guys to fill the empty roster spots so you have to factor them into the deal as well. So in reality, this isn’t a 5-for-1!


Hey Big Z, decided to try and trade one of Wieters and Martin as a solution to the 1C spot prob (Martin 2 homers on my bench other night!). I’ve found a guy interested in Wieters, heres the possible offers we’ve come up with so far, which do you think is best:

Wieters and Car-go for Bruce and Francoeur

Wieters and Car-go, for Bruce and Gardner

Wieters and Car-go for Bruce and a prospect (Franklin, Sano or J Sale).

Am I right in thinking I should be getting a little more in return? If I got Frenchy or Gardy id have to bench another OF too. How would you come back at him? Seems hes the only guy whos interested in a catcher atm.

Thanks, BB, ENG


I prefer the second trade but still think that you’re selling way too low on Car-Go. Remember, this guy was an undisputed first-rounder heading into the season, and aside from homers and AVG (which tends to be fluky this early in the year), he’s actually putting up solid numbers. I’d simply stick with Martin at catcher for the time being while continuing to explore other trade scenarios.


Ok ill ask for more as I thought.

Though Car-Go’s hitting .217 with 1HR and 3SB…wouldn’t say they are solid, hes been a big dissapointment thus far.


Bottom line is that it’s still way too early to deal him for 50 cents on the dollar!


Hey Zach, I have two trades that are on the table for me right now.
#1: I get brandon phillips, curtis granderson, and daniel hudson
I give carpenter and abreu.

#2: I get mauer, pedroia, bautista, torii hunter, putz
I give wieters,prado,aramis ramirez, nelson cruz, and derek lowe

May I have your thoughts on both trades. I greatly aprreciate your advice so i am waiting to pull the trigger


I love both of those trades but prefer the first one. You’re taking a hit at SP from Carpenter to Hudson but getting a significant upgrade at OF PLUS Brandon Phillips, who happens to be an upper-tier power/speed 2B. You’re also buying low on Hudson, which is a very good idea.


I have three SPs that you recommended on my roster: king felix, harang, and harrison. Which two should I play?


King Felix is a must-start regardless of the matchup and I’ll pick Harang over Harrison. He’s at home and is striking hitters out at a higher rate than Harrison. Plus, the Blue Jays can hit.


In a 12 team NL only league, SP gets pretty thin. The only guys on the waiver wire are Nelson Figueroa, Wade LeBlanc, and Greg Reynold. So I’m going to ask how you rate the following pitchers for both this year and 2012:

Mike Pelfrey
Tim Stauffer
Mike Minor
Kevin Correia
Brandon Beachy
Chris Narveson
Dustin Moseley
Kyle McClellan



Factoring in 2012, Beachy, Minor and Stauffer would be my top three with Narveson fourth. I’m not sold on Narveson yet as he is already 29 and kind of came out of nowhere this year. Also, his K rate last season was significantly lower than it has been this season. Not really sure yet what to think of McClellan. This is the first time he’s ever started in the big leagues so I need to see a larger body of work.



I have two questions. With Corey Hart coming off the DL who should I drop on my team, Ibanez? Also someone in my league just dropped Madison Bumgarner. I know he isn’t a good season but is he worth picking up and dropping another player. My team:
C: McCann
1B: Huff (1B, OF)
2B: Pedroia, Espinosa
3B: Alvarez
SS: H. Ramirez
OF: Stubbs, McCutchen, Beltran, Ibanez, Hart (DL), Morrison
UTIL: Cuddryer (1B, 2B, 3B, OF), Prado (2B, 3B, OF)
SP: Anderson, De La Rosa, Myers, Scherzer, Big Evr, Anaibal,
RP: Bell, Marmol, Nunez



Yeah, I’m fine with you dropping Ibanez to activate Hart. Raul is definitely your worst outfielder and is expendable.

As for Bumgarner, I like him and do think he’s worth a roster spot despite his struggles. That said, I prefer all of your current pitchers and you already have a deep rotation, so I’d stand pat.


Hey guys big question here.. I recently traded Mat Latos for Joe Mauer and i have Arencibia playing till Mauer comes back. Was this a good deal? My other SP include Lincecum, hanson, oswalt, anderson(OAK), De La Rosa, and Buchholz


I’m totally fine with that, despite Mauer’s health situation. Your staff is still very good even without Latos so I don’t really see any downside in making this deal.


Hey Guys,
10 team 5×5 (no keepers)
Coco Crisp and Ryan Roberts are sitting on waiver wire.

I am dropping backup catcher (Carlos Ruiz) so i have one spot to pick one of these guys up. But do i make a move one with one of the following.

Carlos Ruiz
Howie Kendrick
Dustin Pedroia
David Wright
Troy Tulowitzki
David Freese
Ian Kinsler
Álex Ríos
Chris Young
Bobby Abreu
David Ortiz
Jed Lowrie
Víctor Martínez
Adam Lind
Desmond Jennings
Rajai Davis



If I had to choose one to pick up it would be Crisp. I think Roberts is simply playing over his head right now (already 30 years old and a career backup). Aside from the Ruiz for Crisp swap, I’d leave the rest of the team intact.


I have been offered C . Quentin, C. Beltran, ChipperJones and Carlos Lee for Adrian Gonzales in a 12 team Dynasty league. Your thoughts please

In a 10 Team Mixed league that requires a DH slot, which side of this trade do you like?
Hanley and Juan Rivara for Ethier and Jimmy Rollins?

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