Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 27

Despite a terrible 7.08 ERA, Jeff Niemann might be worth consideration.


Beckett @ Guthrie

Buehrle @ Colon

Francis @ Tomlin *Francis coming off a beating by Texas and could get another one here.

Ross @ Haren

Bedard @ Verlander

Reyes @ Holland

Niemann @ Blackburn *Niemann’s only good start this year was vs Twins so he is a blue plate special if you’re looking for one.

Billingsley @ An. Sanchez *You flirt with a no-no you go again. Anibal is on a roll.

LeCure @ Gallardo *Gallardo scuffling a little bit and Reds can hurt you but you drafted him fairly high so hang in there.

Chacin @ Coleman

Hanson @ Latos *Super Terrific.

Hamels @ Saunders

Dickey @ Gorzelanny *I’m holding off on R.A for now. A good start here he probably gets back on radar.

Bumgarner @ McDonald

Lohse @ Happ

***Cory says “Agreed on all, though Guthrie is a little bit aggressive.”


Hey 411,
I have 2 questions:
1) Would you drop E-Jackson for Shields?
2) Would you trade Pedroia for BJ-Upton and Mariano?


(1) Without question. Shields appears to be on his way towards a career season. And of course, after years of owning him, this is the year I decided I’ve had enough of his inconsistent ways!

(2) If you’re going to trade Pedroia, that’s the kind of return you should be getting. Do the deal but hopefully you have a viable 2B alternative.


Hey Zach,
Ok I have De La Rosa in what used to be my PoD slot…he’s been on waivers for most of year and I’ve been able to pick him up for each of his starts.
I’d like to hold onto him but don’t feel it’s necessary cuz no one has had any interest in picking him up.
So my question:
If De La Rosa blows up I plan to drop him till next week so replacement options for PoD for tmrw are:

Tomlin, Bumgarner, & Holland.

Would you rank them for me?
Thank you sir


I’d go Holland, Bumgarner, Tomlin. I still don’t trust Tomlin.

As for your other question, I wouldn’t be all that concerned about the #1 waiver priority but would be hesitant to drop Sanchez or Boesch, so ultimately I’d decide to pass.


Different league: #1 waiver priority in 12team H2H vanilla mixed league…
Either Logan Morrison or Jed Lowrie worth it for dropping Gaby Sanchez or Boesch? Which would you pick?

Currently have:
Napoli, A Gonzales, B Phillips, P Sandoval, N Walker, Alexi Ramirez, Fuld, McCutchen, Stanton, Ortiz, Crisp, G Sanchez & Boesch.


We start 3 OF and 2 Utility…

Anibal Sanchez is available in my H2H 12Team League.
Should i pick him up and drop Lilly?


I’d be hesitant to drop Lilly but Sanchez definitely deserves a pickup. See if there’s anyone else you can drop for him. Although Lilly might be in the twilight of his career, I still think he has another solid year left in him and I do expect him to turn things around.


Wandy rodriguez and Adam LaRoche for Trevor Cahill, even trade or giving too much for cahill?

im new to fantasy… anyones advice would be greatly appreciated


You can’t argue with Cahill’s results so far but personally I’m not a fan. Some of last year’s sub-3 ERA can be attributed to luck as he benefited from the lowest opponent BABIP of any qualifying starting pitcher. I’m also not buying the huge strikeout rate increase from last season. It’s a reasonable trade if you’re a Cahill believer but I prefer Wandy.


If you had to pick between these 2 guys who would have better upside at this point in the season?

Alex Rios or Delmon Young?


Both have been dreadful so far and I’m not a big Rios guy (very streaky and frustrating to own) but I’d still give him the edge over Young. He adds the speed element (assuming he ever gets on base again this year), hits in a better lineup and in a more favorable home ballpark. Plus, a good chunk of Young’s value last year can be tied to his RBI total which, as we know, can be very unpredictable from year to year.



I have two trades pending and was wondering what you thought of each.

In the first deal I would receive Rasmus and give BJ Upton. The owner of Ethier pulled out last second with the Upton deal I had going.

In the second deal I Receive Bell and J.Garcia and I would give Broxton and CC. Giving up CC is alot for me to swallow but Garcia is off to a hot start and Bell is a huge upgrade from Broxtons inflated numbers and lack of intensity.

My closers are currently Broxton,Kimbrel and Farnsworth.
My outfield is currently BJ Upton, Ichiro and Boesch

Thanks again


If you’re OK in speed, I’m fine with the first deal…not sure if it’s much of an upgrade but it’s a fair trade. Absolutely love the second trade but this is after learning of Broxton’s (at least temporary) demotion. I’m not even sure if the other owner would do it now but it’s worth a shot. Maybe he’s not paying attention!


I’m in a 16-team H2H Dynasty league where we also have minor league keepers.

What do you think:

Youkilis for Butler, Hosmer and Gordon.

I’m not really sold on Gordon but I like Butler and I think Hosmer will be a great player.

Thanks, Galil


That’s an OK deal for you but one I wouldn’t make until later in the year if you decide that you’re out of contention. Why take an immediate hit to trade for the future when the season is only a month old? Play to win now!


Whats your take on Jeter? I’m at the point of dropping him, the same could be done with Alverez but I have a little more faith in him than I do Jeter at the moment.


Jeter hasn’t looked good at all so far but I’m willing to give him some more time, and you cannot possibly drop him! Who exactly are you going to replace him with at such a shallow position? I’m fine with you benching him and picking up a temporary replacement, but dropping him? That’s a no-no.


carpenter and fuld for dan hudson, brian roberts and granderson
carepenter and fuld for hudson, brandon phillips, and damon

I think i like number one better but im not sure
Thanks as always


Love both deals but I agree, number one is slightly better. Banking on Roberts to stay healthy is somewhat of a risk, but I see the difference in value between Damon and Granderson as being greater than the difference between Roberts and Phillips.



I am hurting in HRs in a 5×5 mix 12 team. My lineup is
V-Mar (DL)

Bloomquist (DL)
Longoria (DL)

Any thoughts on who I should go after and who to maybe offer up?

Thanks for any help,


Totally depends on your league and who might be available via trade but I can see how you’re weak in power. Outside of Dunn, there are really no 30 HR locks. Still, Dunn is underperforming so I do expect him to pick it up. But I agree that you need to make a deal here. Maybe dangle Castro or Lowrie while their stock is relatively high? Just something to think about.


Zach, you have given me some good advice so naturally I’m asking for more. My outfielders are Bautista, Holliday, Ellsbury, Tabata, S Smith, Berkman, Huff, and L Morrison(DL). #1-Who would you ditch when Morrison comes off the DL? #2-I have my eye on Coghlan, Crisp, and Bourjos. Would you drop anyone to get 1 of these guys? Bautista, Holliday, and Berkman are untouchable of course. Thanks again!!


I see Huff and Berkman as your two weakest links in the outfield and I’d lean towards keeping Berkman as he’s been hot while Huff is struggling. Berkman does carry some injury risk but Huff is simply too prone to long slumps and the Giants’ lineup is below average.

And yes, I would drop Huff to pick up Coghlan.


Should I pick up Ryan Madson? Drop who? Sean Burnette, D Oliver?


Yeah, I’d drop Burnett for Madson at this point. Burnett was being phased out of the closer role even before yesterday’s blowup while Madson is the clear-cut Phillies’ closer right now and could keep the job for awhile.


Jeremy Hellickson just appeared on the Wire in my league. Is he worth picking up? I’d probably drop Ryan Raburn.


Yes, do it!


Billingsley or Volquez?

Hello, I am in a standard 10 team leauge and wondering if i should release Matt Cain for kyle lohse who is on the waiver wire


Absolutely not!! Cain is the FAR superior fantasy pitcher, and it’s not even close. Just check out their year-to-year stats.


Hey guys,

I need saves BIGTIME as my only closer was Joe Nathan, so I traded Kevin Youkilis and Carlos Zambrano for Mariano Rivera and Andrew Bailey.

Good deal?


You gave up the best player in the deal but I’m fine with it. Youkilis vs. Rivera is still very close and if Bailey comes back 100 percent healthy this could be a steal for you!


Week 6 SP dilemma… do I start Beachy v Nats or Weaver @ Tex? Sounds crazy but Weaver has been human the last 2 starts and Beachy is due for a win no? Did I just answer my own question. Probably. 😉

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